Getting Ready

Task 1

Find each item in the picture. Write the number in the correct box.

 a plant

 the skis

 the bed

 the computer

 a book

 the newspaper

Task 2

Write the number of each item next to the location.

…… behind the TV

…… next to the bookcase

…… between the bedside tables

…… on top of the bookcase

…… next to the window

…… under the bedside table


Task 1

4, 2, 6, 3, 5, 1

Task 2

 on top of the bookcase

 behind the TV

 between the bedside tables

 next to the window

 on the floor

 under the table

Listening 1

People are asking where items are. Listen and check (✓) the correct picture.

Answer & Transcript

1 b   2 b   3 b   4 a



A:   Mom, have you seen my magazine?

B:   I think it’s in the living room next to the TV.


A:   Now where’s today’s newspaper? I can’t find it anywhere.

B:   Oh, I was reading it. It’s on the sofa, between the cushions.


A:   Do you know where the remote control is?

B:   Look in the living room. I think I saw it in front of the TV.

A:   Oh, yeah.


A:   Where’s my tennis racket? Did Dad borrow it again? I wish he’d ask me.

B:   I saw it in your bedroom, under your bed.

A:   Oh, yeah. That’s right.

Listening 2

Task 1

Tess is helping Tom decorate his new apartment. Listen and write the number in the location she suggests.

 the magazine rack

 the coffee table

 the plant stand

 the bookshelf

 the chair

 the end table

 the TV

 the dinner table


(from left to right)

Top row: 7, 5, 3, 1

Middle row: 8, 2

Bottom row: 4, 6

Task 2

Listen again. What do you think each person says next? Circle the correct answer.

1   a   Yes, it is.

     b   Yes, I agree, it will.

     c   Yes, it does.

2   a   Yes, they are.

     b   Yes, it can.

     c   Yes, I think so, too.

3   a   Okay. Try that.

     b   Of course not.

     c   No, I don’t.

4   a   Yes, it will.

     b   No, the other one.

     c   Yes, it will look good there.

5   a   Yes, I will.

     b   Yeah. That’s right.

     c   Yes, it does.

6   a   Yes, it can.

     b   Yes, that’s perfect.

     c   Yes, it does.

7   a   Yes, it will.

     b   Yes, it does.

     c   It looks fine.

8   a   Yes. That’s right.

     b   Of course it can.

     c   No, it doesn’t.

Answer & Transcript

1 b   2 c   3 a   4 c   5 b   6 b   7 c   8 a



A:   Do you think I should put the magazine rack next to the window?

B:   No. Not next to the window. I’d put it in the corner next to the sofa. It will look nice there.


A:   Where do you think I should put the coffee table? Should I put it next to the sofa?

B:   I think it will be better in front of the sofa. It’ll be more useful there, I think.


A:   What about the plant stand? It might be nice next to the window.

B:   Yes, next to the window, either on the left or on the right.

A:   I think I’ll put it on the right.


A:   Now what about the bookshelf? It’s so big!

B:   Hmm. What do you think?

A:   How about next to the door, against the wall?

B:   To the left of the door?


A:   Now I need to find a place for this old chair that my mom gave me.

B:   How about over there?

A:   You mean in front of the window?


A:   We still have to find a place for this end table.

B:   Yes, where can we put it?

A:   How about next to the sofa, in the corner near the door?

B:   Yes, good. Is that okay now?


A:   Where is a good place for the TV?

B:   How about in the far left corner, to the left of the window?

A:   Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll put it there. There. How does it look?


A:   What about the dinner table?

B:   Maybe we can put the dinner table against the wall, across from the sofa. In the middle of the wall.

A:   Across from the sofa, against the wall. Is that what you mean?

Listening 3

Task 1

Tony is helping Meg clean the house. Where should he put the items? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1   the magazines

     a   on the bookshelf on top of the dictionary

     b   on the bookshelf next to the dictionary

     c   in the dictionary

2   the remote control

     a   beside the TV on the TV program guide

     b   on top of the TV next to the TV program guide

     c   beside the TV program guide in front of the TV

3   the keys

     a   in a box on top of the desk

     b   inside a drawer next to a box

     c   in a box inside one of the desk drawers

 the baseball cap

     a   on the hook behind the door

     b   on the doorknob

     c   on the floor behind the door

 the glasses

     a   inside the case on the coffee table

     b   on the coffee table next to the papers

     c   on top of the papers on the coffee table

 the belt

     a   on the sofa in front of the window

     b   on the floor next to the window

     c   on the chair next to the window


1 b   2 a   3 c   4 a   5 b   6 c

Task 2

Listen again. Are the statements true or false? Check (✓) the correct answer.




1   Tony hasn’t read the magazines.

2   The remote control has a new battery.

3   The keys are for the office.

4   The baseball cap belongs to Meg’s brother.

5   Meg needs glasses for reading.

6   Meg’s brother is always very neat.

Answer & Transcript

1 True   2 False   3 False   4 True   5 True   6 False



A:   Do these magazines go on the bookshelf?

B:   Yes. Put them on the bookshelf, please. On the top is fine.

A:   Should I put them beside the dictionary?

B:   Yes, next to the dictionary will be fine.

A:   I’d like to read these magazines later. They look interesting.


A:   What about the remote control for the TV?

B:   Put it beside the TV.

A:   There’s a magazine there, the TV program guide. Should I put it on top of the magazine?

B:   That’s fine. And remind me to get a new battery for the remote when we go downtown.

A:   Okay.


A:   These look like your car keys. Where do you usually keep them?

B:   They’re my extra apartment keys, actually. Just put them in one of the drawers in the desk.

A:   The top two drawers are already full of stuff, so I’ll put them in the bottom drawer for you. They’ll be inside an empty box.

B:   Okay.


A:   Do you want me to put this baseball cap away?

B:   Yeah. Just put it behind the door.

A:   Where? Should I hang it on the doorknob?

B:   No, on the hook behind the door. It will be fine there, thanks.

A:   I didn’t know you wore a baseball cap.

B:   It’s not mine. It’s my brother’s.


A:   Do you need these glasses?

B:   Not right now. I only use them for reading. Do you see the case they go in?

A:   I don’t see it.

B:   Oh, never mind. Leave them on the coffee table, next to those sheets of paper.

A:   Okay.


A:   There’s a belt lying on the floor here.

B:   Oh yes, that’s my brother’s. He leaves his clothes everywhere. It drives me crazy!

A:   Should I put it somewhere?

B:   Leave it on the chair. He always sits there.

A:   Okay. The chair next to the window?

B:   That’s right.

Conversation Corner: Describing locations

Task 1

Listen to the conversation. Write the missing words.

A:   Why ………………… anyone ever clean up this mess? Have you seen my purse?

B:   ………………… ………………… usually keep it in the desk drawer?

A:   Yes, but it isn’t there now.

B:   Oh, there ………………… …………………, on the table.

A:   Oh, great. Thanks. Okay, now… do you know where my keys are?

B:   Well, I know ………………… ………………… on the hook where they belong.

A:   Wait a minute… uh, I think I left them in the car. But I ………………… ………………… where the car is!

Task 2

Practice the conversation with a partner. Be sure to contract not.

Answer & Transcript

A:   Why doesn’t anyone ever clean up this mess? Have you seen my purse?

B:   Don’t you usually keep it in the desk drawer?

A:   Yes, but it isn’t there now.

B:   Oh, there it is, on the table.

A:   Oh, great. Thanks. Okay, now… do you know where my keys are?

B:   Well, I know they aren’t on the hook where they belong.

A:   Wait a minute… uh, I think I left them in the car. But I don’t know where the car is!

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