Listening task 1: Who’s that?

A Listen. People are at a party. Who are they talking about? Number the people from 1 to 6. (There are two extra people.)

Answer & Audioscripts

1 tall, thin woman with the ponytail next to the couch

2 short woman with long, straight black hair and glasses

3 heavyset man with a beard and mustache

4 woman with wavy, red hair

5 short man with glasses

6 tall man with curly, blond hair and mustache

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. How do the speakers know the people? Circle the correct answers.

1  a. They’re friends.

    b. They work together.

2  a. They’re from the same hometown.

    b. They go to the same school.

3  a. He’s the man’s friend.

    b. He’s the man’s boss.

4  a. They met in school.

    b. They met in the park.

5  a. He was their teacher.

    b. He was their neighbor.

6  a. He’s the man’s friend.

    b. He and the man work together.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 b   2 a   3 b   4 a   5 b   6 a



Man 1:   Hi, Kate. Enjoying the party?

Kate:   Oh, yeah, I’m having a great time! Thanks for inviting me.

Man 1:   Sure! Oh key, I’d like to introduce you to someone. Have you met Sara?

Kate:   Who’s that?

Man 1:   She’s the tall, thin woman over there next to the couch. She works with me at the school.

Kate:   Which one?

Man 1:   The one with the black, curly hair – in a ponytail.

Kate:   Oh, yeah. Sure. I’d love to meet her.


Woman 1:   Hey, Paul – good to see you!

Paul:   Boy, am I glad you showed up! I don’t know anybody here.

Woman 1:   You know Naomi, don’t you?

Paul:   Naomi? It doesn’t ring a bell. Which one is she?

Woman 1:   That’s her standing by the food.

Paul:   The short woman?

Woman 1:   That’s right – with the straight hair and glasses.

Paul:   Oh, yeah! She’s from my hometown.

Woman 1:   I thought so.


Woman 2:   Who’s that kind of heavyset man with the beard?

Man 2:   Oh no, that’s my boss!

Woman 2:   What’s the matter?

Man 2:   I have to give him a big report tomorrow. If he sees me at a party… Oh, I can’t believe he’s here.

Woman 2:   Uh oh, I think he saw you. Here he comes.


Man 3:   Do you know the woman with the wavy, red hair?

Woman 3:   Wavy, red hair? Sure, that’s Rita. We met in school. We take classes together. Actually, you two have a lot in common. Want to meet her?

Man 3:   Sure, I’d love to.

Woman 3:   Hey, Rita!


Man 4:   Kaz has been looking for you.

Woman 4:   Who’s Kaz?

Man 4:   You don’t remember him? He was our next door neighbor.

Woman 4:   No, I don’t remember him.

Man 4:   Sure you do. He’s over there – short guy, glasses.

Woman 4:   Oh, yeah – now I remember


Woman 5:   This tastes great.

Man 5:   Mmm. Nick made it.

Woman 5:   Nick? Who’s that?

Man 5:   You know, my friend Nick. He’s right there – the guy with the curly hair and mustache, pretty tall.

Woman 5:   Curly hair… Oh yeah, I just met him. He’s really funny.

Listening task 2: Different looks

A Listen. A woman is talking about how the actor Johnny Depp looks in different movies. Number the pictures from 1 to 5. (There is one extra picture.)

Answer & Audioscripts

(top row) X, 5, 3

(bottom row) 2, 4, 1

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Do the women agree or disagree about the movies? Check (✓) the correct answers.









Answer & Audioscripts

1 agree   2 disagree   3 disagree

4 agree   5 disagree



Woman 1:   Hey, did you hear? Johnny Depp has a new movie out. I can’t wait to see it!

Woman 2:   Oh, yeah? I like him. He’s a really great actor.

Woman 1:   And he’s very good-looking, too.

Woman 2:   Yeah, usually – but he changes the way he looks in every movie. In one movie he’ll have short hair and glasses, and in the next he’ll have long hair and a mustache.

Woman 1:   Oh, like in Pirates of the Caribbean! He had really long hair and a little pirate beard and mustache. I loved that movie!

Woman 2:   Yeah, I’d definitely like to see that again.


Woman 1:   What about that one where he plays a writer… Oh, what was the title? His hair was lighter, not exactly blond. It was kind of straight, and he had glasses. What was it? Oh, yeah, Secret Window! That’s it.

Woman 2:   Oh, that was so scary! But I loved it!

Woman 1:   Really? Actually, I didn’t think the movie was very good.

Woman 2:   Hmm. I thought it was really good.


Woman 1:   He can look pretty strange in some movies, too.

Woman 2:   Oh, I know. What’s that movie where he had straight hair, not real short, but not very long?

Woman 1:   Oh, yeah, that was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He had no bread or mustache and his face was almost white. He looked so thin!

Woman 2:   Not Johnny’s best look – but I thought the movie was excellent.

Woman 1:   Mmm. I’m not so sure about the movie. I liked the book a lot better.


Woman 2:   There was another movie where he looked even stranger.

Woman 1:   Which one?

Woman 2:   You don’t remember? I’ll give you a hint. He had long, really wild, wavy hair. His eyes looked really big and dark. Lots of makeup, red lips, and then there were his hands.

Woman 1:   Edward Scissorhands!

Woman 2:   You guessed it! How could you forget?

Woman 1:   I don’t know! That was one of my favorite movies!

Woman 2:   Mine, too.


Woman 1:   We’ve really seen a lot of his movies. By the way, what’s your favorite Johnny Depp movie?

Woman 2:   Oh, I think my number one favorite is the one where he plays a schoolteacher in that little town.

Woman 1:   Sleepy Hollow?

Woman 2:   That’s it! Johnny’s hair is short and wavy. He’s very clean cut – no mustache or beard. He’s not so thin either. I mean, he looks just a little more heavyset than in his other movies. He really looks great.

Woman 1:   That was your favorite? I didn’t think it was very good at all.

Listening task 3

Listen. Circle the correct answers.

1  The women are at

    a. a party.

    b. school.

    c. an airport.

2  The woman has

    a. long, dark hair.

    b. short, blond hair.

    c. dark, curly hair.

3  Jin is the woman’s

    a. sister.

    b. neighbor.

    c. friend.

4  Jin’s brother

    a. teaches English.

    b. studies Korean.

    c. teaches Korean.

5  Jin’s brother has

    a. glasses

    b. long, dark hair.

    c. short, dark hair.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 a   2 a   3 b   4 c   5 a


Woman 1:   Who’s that woman you were just talking to?

Woman 2:   Which one?

Woman 1:   The woman next to the food table – with the long, dark hair.

Woman 2:   The tall, thin one wearing blue jeans?

Woman 1:   Yes. That’s the one.

Woman 2:   Oh, that’s Jin. She’s my new neighbor. She’s really nice. And you should meet her brother. He teaches Korean. You’re studying Korean, right?

Woman 1:   Yes, I am. That’s him over there, with the glasses, right?

Woman 2:   Yeah! How did you know?

Woman 1:   He’s my Korean teacher!

Listening task 4

A Listen. People are describing other people they know. Circle the two correct words in each sentence.

1   The girl has short / long, blond / black hair.

2   The woman is short / tall and has brown / red hair.

3   The man wears / doesn’t wear glasses and has a beard / mustache.

4   The woman is short / tall, and she has brown / blond hair.

5   The man has a bread / mustache and wavy / straight, black hair.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 long, blond

2 tall, red

3 doesn’t wear, beard

4 tall, blond

5 mustache, wavy

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. What are the speakers’ relationships to the people they describe? Check (✓) the correct answers.

1    He’s her father.

      He’s her uncle.

      He’s her neighbor.

   He’s her husband.

      He’s her boyfriend.

      He’s her brother.

3    She’s his student.

      They’re old friends.

      They’re neighbors.

4    They’re cousins.

      They’re brother and sister.

      They’re best friends.

5    They’re classmates.

      They’re friends.

      She’s his new teacher.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 He’s her uncle.

2 He’s her husband.

3 They’re old friends.

4 They’re brother and sister.

5 They’re classmates.



Man:   Do you want to see some of our vacation pictures?

Woman:   Sure.

Man:   OK. Here we are at the beach.

Woman:   Is that your daughter, with the long, blond hair?

Man:   Oh, no. That’s my niece, Vicki. She comes with us every year.


Woman:   Hey, Mike. Do you know that woman over there?

Mike:   The tall one standing by the table?

Woman:   Yeah, with the red hair and glasses.

Mike:   Yes, I know her.

Woman:   I think I’ve seen her before, but I don’t know where.

Mike:   You’ve probably seen her picture on my desk at work. She’s my wife!


Jake:   Kelly? Kelly Sawyer?

Kelly:   Jake? Wow, I haven’t seen you for a long time!

Jake:   Not since college. You look great.

Kelly:   Thanks. So do you. But you look different! No glasses?

Jake:   No, I wear contact lenses now.

Kelly:   You didn’t have a beard in college either. It looks good on you. You look like a professor or something.

Jake:   Actually, I am a professor. I teach chemistry.


Man:   Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Woman:   Yes, I have a twin brother.

Man:   Really? Do you look a lot alike?

Woman:   No, we’re completely different. He’s short – a lot shorter than I am. And he has brown eyes, not blue like me.

Man:   Does he have brown hair?

Woman:   No, we both have blond hair.


Woman:   Is that a new student?

Man:   Where?

Woman:   That guy sitting in the second row … with the mustache and the wavy, black hair.

Man:   Hmm. He must be new. I don’t think I’ve seen him in class before.

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