Listening task 1: I wouldn’t ask that!

A Listen. People are meeting for the first time. What are they talking about?
Number the topics from 1 to 6. (There are two extra topics.)

___ age

___ hometowns

___ likes and dislikes

___ where they are right now

___ politics

___ relationships

_1_ salaries

___ the weather

Answer & Audioscripts

1 salaries

2 where they are right now

3 likes and dislikes

4 relationships

5 age

6 the weather

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Are the people comfortable with the topics of conversation?
Check (✓) yes or no.










Answer & Audioscripts

1 no   2 yes   3 yes

4 no   5 no   6 yes



Will:   Hi, I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Will.

Liz:   I’m Liz. Nice to meet you, Will. I saw you outside when you arrived. Nice car! You must make a lot of money!

Will:   Uh… Well, I, um, I guess you could say that.


Lauren:   This is a beautiful house, isn’t it?

Dan:   It sure is. Do you know how long they’ve lived here?

Lauren:   I’m not sure. More than ten years, I think.

Dan:   Really nice place. By the way, my name’s Dan.

Lauren:   Nice to meet you, Dan. I’m Lauren.


Emily:   Have you tried the shrimp? It’s so good.

Luke:   Actually, I don’t care for seafood.

Emily:   Really? What kinds of food do you like?

Luke:   Anything but seafood!

Emily:   You’re funny. By the way, my name’s Emily.

Luke:   Great to meet you, Emily. I’m Luke.


Luis:   Hi there. Have we met?

Yumi:   I don’t think so. I’m Yumi.

Luis:   Hi Yumi. My name’s Luis.

Yumi:   Oh! Isn’t this a great song?

Luis:   Oh, not really. This song reminds me of my old girlfriend. She broke up with me last month.

Yumi:   Oh… I’m… uh, sorry to hear that.

Luis:   Yeah, sad story. So, how about you? Are you single?

Yumi:   Well, … um… uh …


Carmen:   So, Luis said you’re new in town. I’m Carmen.

Tony:   Hi Carmen. My name’s Tony. I just moved here last month. I’m a professor at the university.

Carmen:   Whoa! You don’t look old enough to be a professor. I thought you were a student! How old are you, anyway?

Tony:   Um… uh… I guess I’d rather not say.


Greg:   What a day, huh?

Kelly:   Yeah, it’s so warm. I was worried it would rain, and we’d have to stay inside.

Greg:   We were lucky, I guess. It’s been so rainy lately.

Kelly:   It sure has. I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Kelly Chang.

Greg:   I’m Greg Rogers.

Listening task 2: Friends or strangers?

A Listen. Are these people talking to friends or strangers? Write F (friends) or S (strangers).

Answer & Audioscripts

1 F   2 S   3 F   4 S

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. How did you know? Write the words that gave you the hints.

1   _________________

2   _________________

3   _________________

4   _________________

Answer & Audioscripts

1 long time, married, remember

2 haven’t seen you before, Are you new here?, Where are you from?

3 got a new job, You can tell me

4 don’t think I know you. My name’s …



Woman:   Hey! I haven’t seen you for ages!

Man:   Yeah, it’s been a long time! What’s new?

Woman:   Well, married life is great.

Man:   What? When did you get married?

Woman:   A few years ago. I married my boyfriend Ryan. Remember him?

Man:   Oh, sure, I do. I remember him. That’s great news.


Man:   Excuse me. Is anyone sitting here?

Woman:   No. Go ahead and have a seat.

Man:   So, I haven’t seen you in classes before. Are you new here?

Woman:   Yes, this is my first day here. I’m a little nervous.

Man:   Oh, don’t be nervous. This teacher’s great.

Woman:   Oh. That’s good. So, uh, where are you from?

Man:   Brazil.

Woman:   Brazil! Oh, wow! I’d love to learn more about Brazil. Do you have time for a cup of coffee after class?

Man:   Why not?


Woman 1:   I hear you got a new job. I’m really happy for you.

Woman 2:   Thanks. I really like it.

Woman 1:   So, how are you doing? Making more than at the old place?

Woman 2:   I guess I’m doing fine.

Woman 1:   Come on, you can tell me.

Woman 2:   Well, uh… It’s enough, I suppose.


Man:   Uh, I wish someone would change this music.

Woman:   I’m so happy you said that. I thought I was the only one who didn’t like it.

Man:   Don’t worry. You’re not. I think it’s a little strange and a little loud, too.

Woman:   Very strange and very loud. So, I don’t think I know you. My name’s Claire…

Listening task 3

Listen. Circle the correct answers.

1   Morgan and Josh are

    a. friends.

    b. strangers.

    c. husband and wife.

2   The party is at

    a. Josh’s house.

    b. Morgan’s house.

    c. a restaurant.

3   Morgan likes

    a. dancing.

    b. jazz music.

    c. eating.

4   Morgan asks Josh about his

    a. relationship.

    b. religion.

    c. salary.

5   Morgan’s question makes Josh

    a. happy.

    b. uncomfortable.

    c. comfortable.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 b   2 a   3 a   4 c   5 b


Morgan:   Hi, I don’t think we’ve met.

Josh:   No. We haven’t! I’m Josh. Josh Miller.

Morgan:   Oh, so this is your party! It’s great to meet you. I’m Morgan Stern. I came with Kevin.

Josh:   Nice to meet you, Morgan. Glad you could come.

Morgan:   This is a great house! It’s so big. Lots of room for dancing!

Josh:   Thanks. We’ve lived here for about a year.

Morgan:   A big house like this must have been expensive. Do you make a lot of money at your job?

Josh:   Well, uh, you know, I, uh, don’t really … um …

Morgan:   Hey, that’s my favorite song. I think I’ll go enjoy the party.

Listening task 4

A Listen. People are meeting for the first time. What are they talking about? Circle the correct answers.

 a. jobs

     b. hometowns

     c. the weather

 a. salary

     b. age

     c. relationships

 a. likes and dislikes

     b. relationships

     c. salary

 a. hometowns

     b. where they are right now

     c. jobs

 a. age

     b. personal decisions

     c. religion

Answer & Audioscripts

1 c   2 b   3 a   4 b   5 b

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Are the people comfortable with the topics of conversation? Check (✓) yes or no.









Answer & Audioscripts

1 yes   2 no   3 yes   4 yes   5 no



Jessica:   Brrr! It’s really cold out there!

Joshua:   Yeah, it sure is. And the wind makes it even worse. I’m ready for spring.

Jessica:   Me, too. By the way, my name is Jessica.

Joshua:   Nice to meet you. I’m Joshua.


Pete:   Excuse me. Aren’t you Sarah Sato, the artist?

Sarah:   Yes, that’s right.

Pete:   Wow. I had no idea you were so young! How old are you?

Sarah:   Uh, you know, um, I’d prefer not to say. I’m sorry.


Ann:   Would you like some nuts?

Thomas:   No, thanks. I’m not a big fan of nuts.

Ann:   You don’t like nuts? Oh, I love them!

Thomas:   I can see that!

Ann:   Um, I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Ann O’Malley.

Thomas:   I’m Thomas Wong. It’s nice to meet you, Ann.


Marc:   Hello. Have we met?

Lisa:   I don’t think so. I’m Lisa.

Marc:   Hi, Lisa. My name’s Marc.

Lisa:   Isn’t this house amazing?

Marc:   Yeah. Did you know they built the place themselves?

Lisa:   Wow. No, I didn’t know that.


Dave:   Hi. My name’s Dave.

Emily:   Hi. I’m Emily.

Dave:   I see you’re wearing a wedding ring. How long have you been married?

Emily:   Almost three years.

Dave:   Do you have any children?

Emily:   Uh, no, we don’t.

Dave:   Really? Why not?

Emily:   Well, um … uh … We’re not … um …

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