Listening task 1: Information

A Listen. People are talking about Malaysia. Which places are they talking about? Number the pictures from 1 to 4. (There is one extra picture.)

Answer & Audioscripts

1 Kuala Lumpur

2 Batu Caves

3 Penang

4 Cameron Highlands

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Circle the correct answers.

1  This place is famous for its

    a. shopping centers.

    b. restaurant.

2  Tourists can see

    a. monkeys

    b. waterfalls.

3  At night, this place is

    a. quiet.

    b. crowded.

4  In the nearby jungle, there are many

    a. butterflies.

    b. tigers.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 a   2 a   3 b   4 a



Woman:   Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia. Part of Malaysia is on the Asian mainland, and there are also two states on the island of Borneo. This city is Malaysia’s capital. It is clean and modern, and famous for its shopping centers and markets. The Petronas Towers are located here. Built in nineteen ninety-eight, the towers are eighty-eight stories high and have thirty-two thousand windows. Underneath the towers is a large shopping mall, with shops, places to eat, an art gallery, and a concert hall.


Man:   Just north of Kuala Lumpur is this famous site. These were found in a mountainside in eighteen ninety-two. To get there, take a bus from Kuala Lumpur. You will have to climb two hundred and seventy-two steps to reach the entrance from the bus stop! Don’t forget to buy some bananas and peanuts from the stalls near the stairs so you can feed the many monkeys you will see on the way in.


Woman:   This is a small island off the west coast, just south of Thailand. The warm weather and tropical waters mean that you can swim all year. Even though many tourists come here to enjoy the beaches, you can still find beaches on the northwest side with very few people. However, if you enjoy crowds, you’ll love the nightlife here. The island is also famous for its nightclubs, restaurants, and shops. It’s a wonderful place for a relaxing vacation.


Man:   When you want a break from Malaysia’s hot weather, head for this cool spot, in the center of the island. This area’s high elevation helps it stay cool all year. Visitors enjoy taking tours of the nearby tea plantations, where tea is grown and then shipped all over the world. If you take a walk in the nearby jungles, you’ll probably see some of Malaysia’s famous butterflies.

Listening task 2: Night market

A Listen. A man is talking about the Kuala Lumpur night market. What items did he buy? Check (✓) the items. (There are two extra items.)

Answer & Audioscripts

All but the leather bag and the jeans are checked.

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. There is one mistake in each sentence. Cross out the incorrect words. Then write the correct information.

1   The market is open at night, but there are lot of lines.

2   They sell leather jacket at the night market, too.

3   They sell many expensive ones.

4   The man spent fifty minutes bargaining at the night market.

5   The man also recommends fried rice.

6   The man’s daughter helped choose the gift.

Answer & Audioscripts

1   lines   lights

2   jacket   shoes

3   expensive   cheap

4   fifteen   fifty

5   rice   noodles

6   daughter   son



Interviewer:   So, Seng Yeow, where is your favorite place to shop in Kuala Lumpur?

Seng Yeow:   My favorite place is the night market.

Interviewer:   What’s that like?

Seng Yeow:   It’s a big outdoor area with a lot of tables and stalls all selling different things. It’s only open at night, but there are lots of lights, so you can see everything. The market is very popular, so it gets pretty crowded.

Interviewer:   What can you buy there?

Seng Yeow:   Oh, almost everything! I usually go there to buy T-shirts. They’ve got all kinds of T-shirts at great prices. I bought a great purple one there last week.


Interviewer:   So, what else can you buy at the night market?

Seng Yeow:   Well, let’s see. I bought this great belt there.

Interviewer:   That’s a nice one. Is it leather?

Seng Yeow:   Yes, it is. They sell lots of nice leather shoes, too.

Interviewer:   Great.


Interviewer:   I like your watch. Did that come from the night market, too?

Seng Yeow:   Yes, actually it did. Lots of markets sell watches. Many look similar to very expensive brands, but they are very, very cheap. All watches are cheap at the night market.

Interviewer:   I see. A good price, but still fashionable!

Seng Yeow:   Yes, exactly.


Interviewer:   So, is everything cheap at the night market?

Seng Yeow:   Well, that’s up to you!

Interviewer:   What do you mean?

Seng Yeow:   At the night market, you bargain for prices. The seller tells you one price, then you offer a lower price. He lowers his price a bit, then you raise your price. If you can agree on a good price, you buy the item.

Interviewer:   It sounds difficult!

Seng Yeow:   But it’s worth it. For some of the more expensive things, like jewelry, you can get a great price. I spent fifteen minutes once bargaining for a silver ring for my mother. I got it for a very good price, and she was very happy.


Interviewer:   Fifteen minutes to buy one ring! I think that’s hard work.

Seng Yeow:   Well, if you get tired, you can get something to eat.

Interviewer:   Oh? They sell food there, too?

Seng Yeow:   Yes, all kinds. Malaysian food is a mix of Chinese food, Indian food, and of course, there are Malay specialties.

Interviewer:   Is there anything special you recommend?

Seng Yeow:   Oh, yes. I got some fresh fruit there yesterday. Pineapples and mangoes are delicious this time of year. Oh, and I also recommend the Chinese fried noodles. Mmm, they’re my favorite.

Interviewer:   Stop! You’re making me hungry!


Seng Yeow:   Well, I’d better get home. My family’s celebrating tonight.

Interviewer:   Oh, really? What’s the occasion?

Seng Yeow:   It’s my wife’s birthday. Actually, I bought her gift at the night market.

Interviewer:   Oh, what did you get her?

Seng Yeow:   She really likes jewelry, so I got her this.

Interviewer:   Wow! That’s a beautiful necklace.

Seng Yeow:   Yes, and it’s twenty-four carat gold. My son helped me pick it out.

Interviewer:   Well, I’m sure your wife will love it.

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