Exercise 1   

People are describing other people. What are they describing? Listen and check the correct answer.




Answer & Transcript


A:        So is your boss young?

B:        He’s in his thirties, I guess. About 35.


A:        It’s quite long.

B:        What color is it?

A:        It’s light brown. And it’s a little curly.


A:        He’s really not very tall, about 175 centimeters.

B:        Oh yeah. That’s not so tall.


A:        He looks about 17.

B:        No, he’s older than that. He’s almost 25.

A:        No, I don’t believe it. He doesn’t look that old.


A:        She likes to wear it really short.

B:        Yeah? And is it straight or curly?

A:        Curly. Really curly. You can’t miss her when you see her.


A:        Is she short?

B:        No, she’s really tall. About 180 centimeters.


A:        Is she in her teens or her twenties?

B:        I think she’s in her twenties. She’s really nice. Do you want to meet her?

A:        Yeah, sure.


A:        It’s not really long but it’s very straight. And it’s sometimes green!

B:        Green!

A:        Yeah. He sings in a rock band, I think.

Exercise 2

Task 1

Listen to these descriptions of people. Check the correct picture.

Task 2

Listen again. Are these statements true or false? Check the correct answer.



1.  Cindy isn’t so tall.
2.  Bob is in his teens.
3.  Anne is 29.
4.  Paul’s cousin has blond hair.
Answer & Transcript


A:        What does your girlfriend look like, Tony?

B:        Cindy? Oh, she’s tall. And she’s got long, dark brown hair.


A:        Tell me about your boyfriend, Anne.

B:        Well, his name’s Bob. He’s 17. Let me see…. Well, he’s got curly blond hair. He’s not very tall—about average. But he’s really good-looking.


A:        So, Bob, what’s the new girl in class like?

B:        She’s pretty tall, about 170 centimeters. She’s got glasses and short curly hair. I think she’s about 20.

A:        What’s her name?

B:        I can’t remember. Anne, I think.


A:        So tell me about your cousin, Paul.

B:        Well, she’s very pretty.

A:        Really! Is she blond?

B:        No, she’s got dark brown hair. Everybody likes her. She’s an actress.

A:        Really? I’d like to meet her.

Exercise 3

Task 1

Some parents are looking for their children in a department store. Listen and write each child’s age.

1.  …..7…..

2. …………..

3. …………..

4. …………..

5. …………..

Task 2

Listen again. Which child is being described? Number the pictures.

Answer & Transcript


A:        It’s my little boy! We were looking for some pants for my husband. Now I can’t find him.

B:        Don’t worry, ma’am. We’ll find him. How old is he?

A:        He’s seven.

B:        I see. And what color is his hair?

A:        It’s light brown.

B:        Don’t worry. We’ll find him for you.


A:        My little girl was here a minute ago, and now I can’t find her.

B:        She’s probably in the toy section. Can you describe her?

A:        Yes, she’s five years old.

B:        And what color hair does she have?

A:        Brown. And it’s very curly.

B:        All right. Let’s go to the toy section and see if she’s there.


A:        Has anyone seen a young kid?

B:        How old, sir?

A:        He’s ten. He’s always getting lost. Drives me crazy.

B:        Where did you last see him?

A:        Over by the video equipment.

B:        What color is his hair?

A:        Blond, and pretty long. Too long!


A:        Excuse me. I’ve lost my little boy. We were looking at some microwaves and he was bored and…

B:        Calm down, sir. Can you describe him?

A:        Yes. He’s eight. Really cute.

B:        And what color is his hair?

A:        Dark brown.

B:        Okay. Let’s see where he is. Just sit down and relax.


A:        Excuse me. I’ve lost my daughter!

B:        Is she around 13, about average height, with short blond hair?

A:        Why, yes.

B:        She’s looking for you—over there, in the shoe department.

A:        Thanks a lot!

Exercise 4

A grandmother is showing her friend a photograph of her grandchildren. What is she describing? Listen and check the correct answer.





1   James



2   Billy




3   Jessica




4   Catherine




5   Melissa




Answer & Transcript

1 Age   2 Hair   3 Height   4 Hair   5 Age


1.   Here’s a picture of my five grand-children. Aren’t they darling? Here’s James. He’s 16 now, and he’s the oldest.

2.   His brother Billy has the most beautiful dark brown hair. It’s really long in this picture.

3.   And here are the three little girls. Jessica is getting so tall. I think she’s over 160 centimeters already.

4.   Catherine has the most beautiful blond hair. It’s very straight and looks like gold!

5.   And the there’s little Melissa. She just had a birthday last week. She’s three years old now. Have you ever seen such beautiful children?

Exercise 5

People are describing other people at a party. What does each person look like? Listen and write the correct letter.

1.   Alicia         ……… a.   handsome, about 18
2.   Sally          ……… b.   wearing glasses, about 38 or 39
3.   Amy          ……… c.   long red hair
4.   Thomas    ……… d.   short curly hair
5.   Stefano    ……… e.   tall, about 180 centimeters
Answer & Transcript

1 c   2 d   3 e   4 b   5 a



A:   If you see Alicia, let me know. You’ll recognize her right away because she has beautiful long red hair.

B:   How long?

A:   Just about down to her knees!


A:   Which person is your friend Sally?

B:   She’s the one over three with the short curly hair.


Did you see Amy yet? She looks just like her sister Sally, but she’s tall, about 180 centimeters.


A:   I don’t know about you, but I think that guy over there is really attractive.

B:   You mean Thomas, the old guy with glasses?

A:   He’s wearing glasses, but he doesn’t look that old. I’d say he’s about 38 or 39.


A:   Did you see that gorgeous guy who just came in?

B:   You mean Stefano?

A:   Yeah, how old is he?

B:   About 18, I think.

A:   Wow, he’s so handsome!

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