Exercise 1   

People are talking about sports and exercise. Listen and number the pictures.

Answer & Transcript


A:        Do you play sports on the weekend, Rita?

B:        No, I hate sports.

A:        Really? So what do you do on the weekend?

B:        Uh, I watch my favorite programs on TV.

A:        Well, that’s not too tiring!


A:        Do you like sports, Rod?

B:        Sure. I play a lot of sports.

A:        So, what sports do you play?

B:        Well, everything. Baseball, volleyball, swimming—but my favorite sport is tennis.

A:        Oh, yeah?

B:        Yeah, I play every day after work.


A:        You’re in great shape, Martha.

B:        Thanks.

A:        So, how do you do it?

B:        Well, I go to the pool about three times a week, and I swim for about two hours.

A:        Two hours? Are you practicing for the Olympic Games or something?


A:        How do you keep in shape, Ron?

B:        Me? I travel.

A:        What do you mean, you travel?

B:        Well, I ride my bike about 20 miles every weekend.


A:        Wow! What happened?

B:        I went skiing.

A:        Gee. That looks pretty bad.

B:        Yeah.

A:        Do you often go skiing?

B:        No. It was my first time.


A:        Do you get much exercise, Joe?

B:        Yes, I do. I walk a lot.

A:        Where?

B:        To McDonald’s. Yeah, I walk there about four times a week to get a hamburger and fries.

Exercise 2

Task 1

Which sports or activities is the person talking about? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  swimming

     b.  going to the gym

     c.  jogging

2.  a.  playing volleyball

     b.  playing golf

     c.  playing soccer

3.  a.  playing baseball

     b.  playing football

     c.  playing tennis

4.  a.  playing tennis

     b.  watching TV

     c.  reading

5.  a.  swimming

     b.  jogging

     c.  windsurfing

6.  a.  diving

     b.  riding a bicycle

     c.  walking

Task 2

Listen again. What do you think each person says next? Circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  Yes, about three times a week.

     b.  Yeah, I’m getting lazy.

     c.  Yeah, I’m tired.

2.  a.  Yeah, I’m very busy.

     b.  Yeah, I’d love to.

     c.  Yeah, you’re right.

3.  a.  Volleyball is tiring.

     b.  Volleyball. It’s my favorite.

     c.  Tennis is expensive.

4.  a.  I know, but I’m lazy.

     b.  No, thanks. I’m tired.

     c.  Yeah, reading is fun.

5.  a.  It’s too hot.

     b.  I enjoy skiing.

     c.  I don’t like the cold.

6.  a.  In the car.

     b.  In the morning.

     c.  In the park.

Answer & Transcript


A:        Your muscles are so big, Dave. What do you do to get them so big?

B:        Well, I go to the gym every day after work, and on Saturdays, too. I love it. Do you work out?


A:        Do you play a lot of sports?

B:        Yes, I do.

A:        Do you like volleyball?

B:        Yeah, I play volleyball during the week.

A:        Want to play with me and my friends tonight?


A:        You’re in good shape, Ken. Do you play a lot of sports?

B:        Yes, I do. I love sports. I play volleyball on Thursdays, and on Saturdays and Sundays I play tennis.

A:        Which one do you like the best?


A:        Do you like playing sports?

B:        Nah, not really. I don’t like exercising at all. But I do watch a lot of baseball on TV!

A:        You really should get some exercise.


A:        What kinds of sports do you play?

B:        Let’s see. Well, in the summer I enjoy windsurfing. But I don’t do anything in the winter.

A:        Why not?


A:        So, do you get any exercise?

B:        Well, not much. I don’t have a lot of free time, but about once a week I walk for an hour.

A:        Oh. Where do you walk?

Exercise 3

Task 1

Listen to people talking about how they spend their free time. Check the correct information about each person.


Exercises a lot

Exercises a little

Never exercises

1.   Bill

2.   Liz

3.   Victor

4.   Maria

5.   David

Task 2

Listen again. Match the people on the left with the activities on the right.

1.   Bill …..

2.   Liz …..

3.   Victor …..

4.   Maria …..

5.   David …..

a.   golfs

b.   bicycles

c.   plays baseball

d.   takes walks

e.   plays video games

Answer & Transcript


I think exercise is so important to good health. There is a really good sports club near my school. During the week, I play tennis there for an hour before school starts. On weekends, I usually work out at the gym near my house for a few hours. I also play baseball with some friends from school. It’s so much fun!


I don’t like jogging or doing anything too energetic. I prefer taking walks. I like to take a short walk every day through the park across from my house. Sometimes my boyfriend goes with me. It’s nice to talk and look at the flowers and trees. On Sunday, I like to swim, but for only about a half hour. I sleep the rest of the weekend.


I am a big football fan, but I only watch it on TV. I can’t stand playing it! There are great games to watch on the weekend. I also enjoy watching tennis. I’d like to learn someday, but I don’t like to sweat. I love chess and often play with my younger sister. She’s really good at it and usually wins. On the weekends, I love to play video games with some of my friends.


I just love to exercise! I like many different sports. Let’s see…. I like swimming a lot. I get up very early, around 5 a.m., and swim for two hours from Monday to Friday. I also enjoy basketball and play with a group of friends from work every Tuesday night. And I’ve also started playing golf this year. Before playing, I go jogging to warm up.


I enjoy exercise, but I don’t do it as much as I should. I meet a friend every Wednesday and we play tennis. I’m not a very good player, but it’s fun and we usually play for an hour. On weekends, I like to bicycle in our neighborhood. I guess I spend an hour or two doing that. Oh, and I love baseball, but only watching it while sitting on the couch eating popcorn!

Exercise 4

People are talking about sports. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.




1.   George’s favorite sport is swimming.

2.   Mari loves windsurfing and water-skiing.

3.   Bill loves to play soccer these days.

4.   Jody likes jogging, but she can’t jog now.

5.   Joe loves watching baseball.

Answer & Transcript

1 True   2 True   3 False   4 True   5 False


1.   Ever since I was a little kid, I loved the water and went swimming all the time. Now that I’m retired, I swim every day and I feel like a kid again. Swimming is definitely my favorite sport.

2.   I love water sports, especially fast ones like windsurfing and waterskiing. Swimming and diving are okay, but not as exciting.

3.   My favorite sport is soccer. I don’t play it anymore, but I watch it almost every day. And I’m not alone – millions of people all over the world watch soccer every day.

4.   I like to jog. I’ve gone jogging almost every day for the last three years. But I can’t jog now. My knees are bad and my doctor said I shouldn’t jog for two months.

5.   I love playing baseball. It’s probably my favorite sport – but just to play, not to watch. If I try to watch baseball on TV, I fall asleep?

Exercise 5

Listen to a student’s report about how young people spend their free time. Check how often people do these activities.


Every day

Once or twice a week

Once a month

1.   taking walks


2.   playing soccer

3.   bicycling

4.   playing video games

5.   watching sports on television

Answer & Transcript

1.   Every day

2.   Once a month

3.   Once or twice a week

4.   Every day

5.   Once or twice a week


Young people in the United States are spending more time doing sports and other activities in their free time. According to a recent survey, the average person takes a walk very often, usually once every day! Soccer is the sport that is growing the most in popularity. Now people play soccer about once a month. More and more people are bicycling also. On the average, young people bicycle once or twice a week. Another common activity is playing video games. Many people like to do this every day. Watching sports on television is very popular, too. Most people watch sports once or twice a week. It’s not a very good way to get enough exercise, though. I hope young people don’t forget how important exercise is for good health.

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