Exercise 1   

People are talking about health problems. Listen and number the pictures.

Answer & Transcript


A:        What happened to your foot, Joanne?

B:        Oh, I hurt it when I was playing soccer.

A:        Wow. Can you walk on it?

B:        Yes, but it’s really difficult.


A:        What happened to you?

B:        Oh, I didn’t have my glasses on so I walked into a door.

A:        No!

B:        It’s true. Isn’t it crazy? Now I have a splitting headache.


A:        Did you cut yourself?

B:        Yes, I was cooking and I cut myself with a knife.

A:        You should be more careful.

B:        I know, and now it’s difficult for me to eat, because I’m left-handed.


A:        How did you do that?

B:        I fell down playing basketball. I put out my arm to stop myself, and this is what happened.

A:        Is it broken?

B:        Yes.


A:        How’s your back?

B:        Terrible.

A:        Why don’t you lie down and rest? Would you like a massage?

B:        Great idea. Thanks.


A:        Hey, what happened to your ear?

B:        Huh?

A:        What’s wrong with your ear?

B:        Sorry, I can’t hear you. I hurt my ear at the gym.

Exercise 2

Task 1

Listen to people talking about health problems. What is each person’s problem? Write the correct letter.

1.   Rick …..

2.   Judy …..

3.   Nancy …..

4.   Tom …..

5.   Renee …..

a.   a twisted ankle

b.   a cut

c.   a stomachache

d.   a backache

e.   the flu

Task 2

Listen again. When did the problem start? Circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  last weekend

     b.  yesterday

     c.  two days ago

2. a.   yesterday

     b.   two days

     c.   ago

3.  a.  yesterday

     b.  last week

     c.  a few days ago

4.  a.  today

     b.  last night

     c.  a few days ago

5.  a.  last week

     b.  last night

     c.  today

Answer & Transcript


I have an awful backache. I was lifting heavy weights at the gym yesterday and I think I must have pulled a muscle. If it doesn’t get better soon, I’ll have to see the doctor.


I was hiking up a mountain yesterday and I slipped and twisted my ankle as we were going down a steep path. It’s so painful I can hardly walk. I bandaged it, but it still hurts. If it isn’t better tomorrow, I’ll go to the doctor.


I flew back from Australia last week and I think I caught the flu from someone on the plane. The only time I get the flu is after a long flight. I’ve been taking pills for it, but I still feel sick.


I went out to dinner a few days ago with a friend. We went to a very good seafood restaurant, but I think there was something wrong with the fish because my stomach really started hurting. I had to go to the hospital to get some medicine for it because it hurt so much. It’s much better now.


I was working in the garden last week and I cut my leg. It was a pretty deep cut, so I had to go to the doctor. She put some stitches in it. They’ll be in for another week.

Exercise 3

Task 1

Listen to people describing a health problem to a friend. What phrase completes each statement? Circle the correct answer.

1.   Lately, she ……………. .

a.   easily falls asleep

b.   can’t fall asleep

c.   sleeps all night

2.   Lately, he doesn’t ……………. .

a.   take any vitamins

b.   feel tired

c.   have any energy

3.   She gets very bad ……………… .

a.   backaches

b.   headaches

c.   pains in her eyes.

4.   He’s getting a lot of …………….. this year.

a.   toothaches

b.   stomachaches

c.   colds

Task 2

Listen again. Circle what the friend suggests for each problem.

1.  a.  get something from the drug store.

     b.  get up and do something

     c.  take sleeping pills.

2.  a.  get more sleep

     b.  see the doctor

     c.  take vitamins

3.  a.  buy a new computer

     b.  sit in a different way

     c.  stop using the computer

4.  a.  take vitamin C

     b.  go to the doctor

     c.  get more exercise

Answer & Transcript


A:        I’ve really been having trouble sleeping lately.

B:        That’s too bad.

A:        Yeah, I go to bed, but I often can’t fall asleep. Do you ever have that problem?

B:        Yeah, I sometimes do, too, especially if I’m feeling very worried or stressed out.

A:        So what do you do for it? Do you take sleeping pills?

B:        I don’t like the idea of sleeping pills, so I usually get up and watch TV or read until I feel tired. Then I go back to bed. Why don’t you try it?

A:        Yeah, I will.


A:        I’ve been feeling very tired lately, like I have no energy.

B:        Really? I used to have that problem.

A:        Oh, yeah? Do you think I should see the doctor?

B:        It may not be anything serious. Have you tried taking vitamins?

A:        No, I haven’t.

B:        Taking vitamins always helps me when I’m tired.


A:        I’ve been getting really bad backaches.

B:        Is that right?

A:        Yeah. Sometimes the pain is so bad I can hardly move.

B:        Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer?

A:        Yes, I do.

B:        That’s probably causing it. I used to get that problem, too.

A:        So did you stop using the computer?

B:        No, I didn’t need to. But I changed the way I sat, and that made a difference. Here. Let me show you.


A:        I’m getting a lot of colds this year.

B:        Really?

A:        Yeah! About once a month.

B:        That’s too bad.

A:        I’ve been taking vitamin C, but it doesn’t help.

B:        Well, maybe you should go to the doctor.

A:        Maybe you’re right. Can you recommend a good one?

Exercise 4

People are talking about health problems. What is each person’s problem? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1. a.   a broken leg

    b.   a toothache

    c.   a broken arm

2. a.   a toothache

    b.   a sore knee

    c.   a sore throat

3. a.   a backache

    b.   a headache

    c.   a cold

4. a.   a broken leg

    b.   a bad headache

    c.   a bad cut

5. a.   a sore throat

    b.   a twisted ankle

    c.   a stomachache

Answer & Transcript

1 c   2 c   3 a   4 c   5 b



A:   How did you do that?

B:   I was water-skiing. I guess the boat was going too fast. Anyway, I fell.

A:   Does it hurt?

B:   Not too much. But I’m having trouble in school because I can’t write now.


A:   You sound terrible.

B:   I feel terrible. It really hurts, and I can’t swallow anything.

A:   Where did you get it? At work?

B:   No. From my niece. I was babysitting her, and she has it, too.


A:   Why are you walking like that?

B:   Because I’m in pain! I pulled a muscle when I was working out at the gym. I can’t sit down. It hurts!

A:   I think you need an X ray.


A:   When did that happen to your hand?

B:   When I was making dinner the other night. I was watching TV and cutting some vegetables. There was this funny show on TV and … I guess my hand slipped.

A:   What did you do?

B:   I held it under cold water, and then I put this bandage on it.


A:   What happened to you?

B:   I fell down playing soccer. I was running to kick the ball and I tripped.

A:   Can you walk on it?

B:   No. It really hurts.

Exercise 5

People are describing a health problem to a friend. What does the friend suggest? Write the correct letter.

1.   The man should        …….

2.   The woman should …….

3.   The man should        …….

4.   The woman should  …….

5.   The man should       …….

a.   get a massage.

b.   exercise more.

c.   get some sleeping pills.

d.   see the doctor.

e.   take some vitamin C.

Answer & Transcript

1 d   2 a   3 e   4 b   5 c



A:   I have a terrible headache.

B:   You get a lot of headaches. Maybe you should see the doctor.

A:   I’ll just lie down. You know I don’t like going to the doctor.


A:   I overdid it today. I have a really bad backache.

B:   Let me give you a massage. That always works for me.

A:   That sounds wonderful


A:   My cold is getting worse. I’m going home.

B:   Why don’t you take some vitamin C? That’s what I do when I have a bad cold.

A:   Good idea. I’ll buy some on the way home.


A:   I ran 10 kilometers yesterday, and today my whole body hurts.

B:   Of course it does. The best cure is more exercise.

A:   No way! I can’t move!


A:   I’m so tired. I’ve been really stressed out because of my job, so I can’t sleep at night.

B:   I have that problem sometimes, too. Why don’t you call your doctor and ask for some sleeping pills?

A:   Oh, no! I don’t like the idea of sleeping pills.

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