Getting Ready

Match each word with the body part in the picture.

1   hand

2   ear

3   mouth

4   nose

5   eye

6   foot

7   back

8   teeth

9   arm

10   head

11   leg

12   stomach

13   finger

14   toe


1 j   2 b   3 e   4 d   5 c   6 n   7 m   8 f

9 i   10 a   11 l   12 g   13 k   14 h

Listening 1

People are talking about health problems. Listen and number the pictures.

Answer & Transcript

A 6   B 4   C 1   D 5   E 3   F 2



A:   What happened to your foot, John?

B:   Oh, I hurt it when I was playing soccer.

A:   Wow. Can you walk on it?

B:   Yes, but it’s really difficult.


A:   What happened to you?

B:   Oh, I didn’t have my glasses on so I walked into a door.

A:   No!

B:   It’s true. Isn’t it crazy? Now I have a splitting headache.


A:   How did you do that?

B:   I fell down playing basketball. I put out my arm to stop myself, and this is what happened.

A:   Is it broken?

B:   Yes.


A:   Did you hurt yourself?

B:   Yes, I was rollerblading in the park. I fell and landed on my wrist.

A:   You should be more careful.

B:   I know, and now it’s difficult for me to eat, because I’m right-handed.


A:   How’s your back?

B:   Terrible.

A:   Why don’t you lie down and rest?

B:   Great idea. Thanks.


A:   Hey, what happened to your ear?

B:   Huh?

A:   What’s wrong with your ear?

B:   Sorry, I can’t hear you. I hurt my ear at the gym.

Listening 2

Task 1

What is each person’s health problem? Listen and match.

1   Nick ……

2   Julia ……

3   Pete ……

4   Lisa ……

5   Ron ……

 a twisted ankle

b   a cut

 a stomachache

d   a backache

 the flu


1 d   2 a   3 e   4 c   5 b

Task 2

Listen again. When did the problem start? Circle the correct answer.

1   a   last weekend

     b   yesterday

     c   two days ago

2   a   yesterday

     b   two days ago

     c   today

3   a   yesterday

     b   last week

     c   a few days ago

4   a   today

     b   last night

     c   a few days ago

5   a   last week

     b   last night

     c   today

Answer & Transcript

1 b   2 a   3 b   4 c   5 a



I have an awful backache. I was lifting heavy weights at the gym yesterday and I think I must have pulled a muscle. If it doesn’t get better soon, I’ll have to see the doctor.


I was hiking up a mountain yesterday and I slipped and twisted my ankle as we were going down a steep path. It’s so painful I can hardly walk. I bandaged it, but it still hurts. If it isn’t better tomorrow, I’ll go to the doctor.


I flew back from Australia last week and I think I caught the flu from someone on the plane. The only time I get the flu is after a long flight. I’ve been taking pills for it, but I still feel sick.


I went out to dinner a few days ago with a friend. We went to a very good seafood restaurant, but I think there was something wrong with the fish because my stomach really started hurting. I had to go to the hospital to get some medicine for it because it hurt so much. It’s much better now.


I was working in the garden last week and I cut my leg. It was a pretty deep cut, so I had to go to the doctor. She put some stitches in it. They’ll be in for another week.

Listening 3

Task 1

People are describing health problems to a friend. What phrase completes each statement? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1   Lately, she …………………. .

     a   easily falls asleep

     b   can’t fall asleep

     c   sleeps all night

2   Lately, she doesn’t …………………. .

     a   take any vitamins

     b   feel tired

     c   have any energy

3   He gets very bad …………………. .

     a   backaches

     b   headaches

     c   pains in her eyes

4   She’s getting a lot of …………………. this year.

     a   toothaches

     b   stomachaches

     c   colds


1 b   2 c   3 a   4 c

Task 2

Listen again. Circle what the friend suggests for each problem.

1   a   get something from the drug store

     b   get up and do something

     c   take sleeping pills

2   a   get more sleep

     b   see the doctor

     c   take vitamins

3   a   buy a new computer

     b   sit in a different way

     c   stop using the computer

4   a   take vitamin C

     b   go to the doctor

     c   get more exercise

Answer & Transcript

1 b   2 c   3 b   4 b



A:   I’ve really been having trouble sleeping lately.

B:   That’s too bad.

A:   Yeah, I go to bed, but I often can’t fall asleep. Do you ever have that problem?

B:   Yeah, I sometimes do, too, especially if I’m feeling very worried or stressed out.

A:   So what do you do for it? Do you take sleeping pills?

B:   I don’t like the idea of sleeping pills, so I usually get up and watch TV or read until I feel tired. Then I go back to bed. Why don’t you try it?

A:   Yeah, I will.


A:   I’ve been feeling very tired lately, like I have no energy.

B:   Really? I used to have that problem.

A:   Oh yeah? Do you think I should see a doctor?

B:   It may not be anything serious. Have you tried taking vitamins?

A:   No, I haven’t.

B:   Taking vitamins always helps me when I’m tired.


A:   I’ve been getting really bad backaches.

B:   Is that right?

A:   Yeah. Sometimes the pain is so bad I can hardly move.

B:   Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer?

A:   Yes, I do.

B:   That’s probably causing it. I used to get that problem, too.

A:   So did you stop using the computer?

B:   No, I didn’t need to. But I changed the way I sat, and that made a difference. Here. Let me show you.


A:   I’m getting a lot of colds this year.

B:   Really?

A:   Yeah! About once a month.

B:   That’s too bad.

A:   I’ve been taking vitamin C, but it doesn’t help.

B:   Well, maybe you should go to the doctor.

A:   Maybe you’re right. Can you recommend a good one?

Conversation Corner: Health issues

Task 1

Listen to the conversation. Write the missing words.

A:   How …………. …………. …………. your leg, Craig?

B:   Oh, I tripped and fell when I was playing soccer.

A:   Ouch. …………. …………. …………. to the hospital?

B:   Yes, I did. My leg really hurt, so I got x-rays.

A:   Really? …………. …………. …………. your leg?

B:   No, it’s just a sprain. But I won’t be able to play soccer for the rest of the season.

A:   Oh, no. That’s too bad.

Task 2

Practice the conversation with a partner. Be sure to reduce did you.

Answer & Transcript

A:   How did you hurt your leg, Craig?

B:   Oh, I tripped and fell when I was playing soccer.

A:   Ouch. Did you go to the hospital?

B:   Yes, I did. My leg really hurt, so I got x-rays.

A:   Really? Did you break your leg?

B:   No, it’s just a sprain. But I won’t be able to play soccer for the rest of the season.

A:   Oh, no. That’s too bad.

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