Making small talk

1. Mrs Woods is showing Paula around the house. Listen and write the letter (a-h) of each room in the correct place on the plan.

a   bathroom

b   toilet

c   lounge

d   Mr/Mrs Woods’ room

e   Abigail’s room

f   kitchen

g   Paula’s room

h   dining room

Answer & Transcript

2 h         3 c          4 b         5 d         6 e         7 g         8 a


OK, so let me show you around. This is the hall, of course. On the left is the kitchen … and on the right is the dining room. And then along here, if you follow me, on the right is the lounge. This is where we spend most of our time. OK, so that’s the downstairs. Oh, I nearly forgot, there’s a toilet here just at the bottom of the stairs. So, let’s go upstairs now … On the left is our room, that’s my husband Kevin and me. And opposite is Abigail’s room. This is your room, along here next to Abigail’s. It’s quite big. Oh, yes, and the bathroom is at the end. Right, I think that’s everything … Do you want to unpack?

2. Now listen to these sentences. Write true (T) or false (F) for each sentence.

a   ……    b   ……    c   ……    d   ……

e   ……    f   ……     g   ……    h   ……

Answer & Transcript

a   True                b   True

 False (The lounge is opposite the kitchen.)

 False (The toilet is at the bottom of the stairs.)


f   False (Abigail’s room is opposite her parents’ room.)

 True                 h   True


a   The kitchen is downstairs, on the left.

b   The dining room is downstairs, on the right.

c   The lounge is next to the kitchen.

d   the toilet is at the top of the stairs.

e   Mr and Mrs Woods’ room is at the top of the stairs, on the left.

f   Abigail’s room is next to her parents’ room.

g   The bathroom is at the end.

h   Paula’s room is next to the bathroom.


Understanding rules

1. Listen to Mrs Woods explain some rules to Paula. Number each topic she mentions in order (1-6).

……   house key

……   washing clothes

……   using the phone

……   bathroom

……   meal times

……   Paula’s room


1   meal times    2   bathroom      3   Paula’s room       4   washing clothes

5   using the phone          6   house key

2. Listen again and tick True or False for each rule.

  True False
a   You don’t have to be on time for breakfast.
b   In the morning, you can’t use the bathroom until seven o’clock.
c   You don’t have to wash your towels and sheets.
d   You can do your washing on Saturdays.
e   You can’t use the phone to call anyone.
f   You have to come back home before 12pm.

Answer & Transcript

 T (Anytime is OK.)

 T (Please go in at seven.)

 T (I’ll wash your towels and sheets once a week.)

 F (You can do your washing on Sundays.)

 F (You can use the phone for local calls but not international calls.)

f   T (Please come back before midnight.)


OK, so breakfast is from 7.30. Anytime is OK. You can have cereal and toast, and make yourself a cup of tea. We always have dinner at 6.30, though, so please don’t be late. We don’t have a bath, but you can have a shower every morning. The bathroom is busy, so please go in at seven and try to finish by twenty past. I won’t clean your room, so you have to keep your room tidy, but I’ll wash your towels and sheets once a week. You’ll have clothes to wash, so you can do your washing on Sundays. You don’t have to do it yourself. I can do it, but it’s an extra €10 a week. Er, let me see. What else? Oh, you can use the phone for local calls but not for international calls, OK? There’s a pay phone at the end of the street. You can use that to phone home. Oh, and here’s your key. You can keep it with you while you’re here, but please come back home before midnight. We like to sleep well in this house! OK, I think that’s everything. You can always ask if you’re not sure …

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