Exercise 1   

A flight attendant is giving instructions. Listen and number the pictures.

Answer & Transcript


A:   Could you put your seat forward now, sir? We’ll be landing shortly.

B:   So soon? Great!


A:   Could you fill out this customs form before we arrive, please?

B:   Sure.

A:   Thank you.


A:   I’m sorry, sir. Please put out your cigarette. There’s no smoking.

B:   I’m sorry, I forgot. I’ll put it out right away.

A:   Thank you, sir.


A:   Could you fasten your seat belt, sir?

B:   Excuse me?

A:   The pilot’s turned on the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign. We may be having some turbulence.

B:   I hope it doesn’t get too bumpy.

A:   I’m sure it will be fine. Whoops!


A:   I’m collecting the headphones. We’ll be landing in a few minutes. Would you mind passing them to me, please?

B:   No problem. Here you go.


A:   Excuse me, ma’am?

B:   Yes?

A:   Let me put that bag in the overhead compartment for you. It’s too big to leave under your seat.

B:   Oh, okay. Thanks.

Exercise 2

Task 1

Passengers are discussing a problem with a flight attendant. Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  There’s no sound coming through the headphones.

      b.  The sound from the headphones isn’t clear.

      c.  The passenger didn’t get headphones.

2.  a.  There’s nothing in the seat pocket.

      b.  There’s no safety instruction card in the seat pocket.

      c.  There isn’t a magazine in the seat pocket.

3.  a.  The seat is uncomfortable.

      b.  The seat is too close to the TV screen.

      c.  The seat is too far away from the TV screen.

4.  a.  Two passengers have the same seat number.

      b.  The passenger should be in a different seat.

      c.  The passenger wants to move to a window seat.

Task 2

Listen again. Will the flight attendant help each passenger now or later? Check the correct answer.

1.   now


2.   now


3.   now


4.   now


Answer & Transcript


A:   Excuse me. These headphones don’t seem to be working properly.

B:   Really? Are you hearing any sound at all?

A:   Yes, but it isn’t very clear.

B:   Let me check them for you. You’re right. I’ll get another set of headphones for you after I finish serving the meals.

A:   Sure. That’s fine.


A:   Excuse me, I can’t find the safety instruction card.

B:   Oh, there should be one in the seat pocket in front of you.

A:   Yes, I looked, but there isn’t one there. There’s just the menu and the magazine.

B:   Oh, I’m sorry. Let me get another one for you right away.


A:   I wonder if I could change my seat.

B:   Oh, is there something wrong with it?

A:   Well, I can’t see the TV screen very well from where I’m sitting. I’m too far away.

B:   Oh, I see. Do you mind waiting until all the passengers have boarded the airplane? After everyone is on board, I’ll see if I can move you to a different seat.

A:   That’s fine. Thanks very much.


A:   Excuse me. I think there’s a problem with my seat number.

B:   What’s wrong?

A:   I should be in business class, but this seat number is for a seat in economy class.

B:   Could I check your ticket, please? Yes, I see the problem. You should be in seat 2A, not in seat 22A. I’m so sorry. Come with me now and I’ll find your correct seat in business class.

Exercise 3

Task 1

People are talking about flights. Listen and check their opinions about each flight.




Not good

1.  the airport

      the  flight

      the food

      the service

2.  the airport

      the  flight

      the food

      the service

3.  the airport

      the  flight

      the food

      the service

4.  the airport

      the  flight

      the food

      the service

Task 2

Listen again. What phrase completes each statement? Write the correct letter.

1.  Next time, she won’t ……

2.  Next time, he’ll ……

3.  Next time, she’ll ……

4.  Next time, he won’t ……

a.  try a different airline.

b.  fly if the weather looks bad.

c.  get a seat near the front of the plane.

d.  travel during spring break.

Answer & Transcript


The airport is far away from the city and it’s a pretty horrible place. It’s very crowded and there are not many facilities there. You know, like stores or restaurants. Anyway, my flight was okay. It was a bit bumpy, but it left on time. The food was awful, though. It was dry and tasteless. The service was fantastic. The flight attendants did their best to make everyone feel comfortable. The worst problem was the other passengers. The plane was full of loud college students on their way to spring vacation in Florida. Next time I won’t travel during spring break!


It must be one of the best airports in the world. It’s full of stores and restaurants, and they even have a gym and a swimming pool there. The flight was great, too. It was very smooth. The food was so-so. I thought they would serve better food. The service wasn’t good. The flight attendants were really impolite. Next time, I’ll try a different airline, maybe Goldstar Airlines.


The airport is okay, I guess. It’s really small, but it’s near the city. The flight was great – nice and smooth. I had my own TV screen and I could choose my own movies. The food was fantastic. It was a spicy meat dish with some very nice vegetables. The only problem was the service. It was very slow because I was sitting right at the back of the plane and it took the flight attendants a long time to reach me. They weren’t very friendly, either. Next time I’ll try to get a seat near the front of the plane.


It isn’t one of my favorite airports, but it’s okay. The airport is always very crowded and it takes a long time to check in and go through immigration. Other than that, it’s all right. The flight was pretty awful. As soon as we took off, we ran into bad weather and it became very bumpy. The food was great. They served a really nice chicken dish. The flight attendants were really nice. I think the next time I fly I’ll check the weather report before I leave. If the weather looks bad along the route, I won’t fly.

Exercise 4

A flight attendant is making announcements. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.




1.   It will take twelve hours for the flight to get to New York.

2.   Passengers don’t have their headphones yet.

3.   The list of beverages and movies can both be found in the entertainment guide.

4.   After dinner, people will receive customs forms.

5.   The seatbelt sign is off right now.

Answer & Transcript

1 True   2 False   3 True   4 False   5 False


Welcome aboard Goldstar Airlines flight 67 with nonstop service to New York. Because this flight is twelve hours long, we will be showing four movies today. Those movies are listed in the entertainment guide in the seat pocket in front of you. You can use the headphones in the seat pocket to listen to the movie and many kinds of music. In a few minutes, we will be serving you beverages. A list of those beverages can be found at the back of the entertainment guide. Also, we will be passing out the customs forms before dinner. One form must be completed for each family. If you need help with anything on today’s flight, please ask a flight attendant. The seatbelt sign is on right now, but as soon as we turn it off, you can walk freely about the airplane…

Exercise 5

Fred had a terrible flight. What happened? listen and circle the correct answer.

1. a.   The airport was closed.    

    b.   The weather was fine.      

    c.   The plane was late taking off.

2. a.   The flight was bumpy.      

    b.   The seatbelts didn’t work.              

    c.    The seats were uncomfortable.

3. a.   The food was bad.

    b.   No food or drinks were served.

    c.   The flight attendants were rude.

4. a.   The video was boring.

    b.   The music was okay.

    c.   The video system was broken.

5. a.   There weren’t any magazines.

    b.   The snacks were awful.

    c.   His book wasn’t very interesting.

Answer & Transcript

1 c   2 a   3 b   4 c   5 a


This was one of the worst flights I’ve ever been on. First of all, the plane took off 3 hours late because of snow. I had to wait in the airport that whole time. Then, the flight itself was so bumpy that the pilot made us wear our seat belts the entire flight. They were so uncomfortable! And because the weather was so rough, the flight attendants couldn’t serve us meals or drinks or anything. The flight attendants did their best to make us feel comfortable, but I was so thirsty and hungry. And to make matters even worse, the video system was broken so we couldn’t even watch a movie.

There wasn’t any music, either. Also, there were no magazines to read. There was nothing to do but think about what a terrible flight it was. Next time I fly, I’ll make sure I take a book and some snacks.

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