Saying what happened

1. Arnaud is studying English in Birmingham. He talks to his teacher, David, about the weekend. Look at the pictures below. What do you think happened? Listen and check your ideas.


Arnaud went to a football game and lost his camera on the bus.

2. Listen again. Are the sentences below true (T) or false (F). Correct the ones which are false.

 Arnaud has a good weekend.  ……

 Arnaud lost his camera at the football match.  ……

 Arnaud went to the bus company office.  ……

 David thinks it’s a good idea to go to the police.  ……

 Arnaud decides to tell the police about his missing camera.  ……

f   David offers to go to the police station with Arnaud.  ……

 They will go to the police immediately.  ……

Answer & Transcript

 False   He had a bad weekend.

 False   He lost it on the bus

 False   He telephoned the bus company



f   True

 False   They will go to the police in ten minutes.


(Arnaud = French)

David:        Hi Arnaud. How are you? How was your weekend?

Arnaud:     Er, not too good actually. I went to the football game and I caught the bus. And unfortunately on the way back, I felt my camera on the bus.

David:        Oh no.

Arnaud:     And what I …

David:        Did you get it back?

Arnaud:     No, I didn’t. I rang the bus company and they said that they … I gave them the bus number and everything. They said it wasn’t there so … It wasn’t at the lost property office so, so, no I didn’t get it back. I think someone must’ve taken it.

David:        Oh that’s terrible. You should, er, you should go to the police.

Arnaud:     Yeah do you think that’s going to do any good?

David:        Yeah I think you’ve … if you’ve got insurance you need to go to the police station and report it missing.

Arnaud:     Mmm.

David:        If you want I could come with you.

Arnaud:     OK.

David:        When do you want to go? When’s good for you?

Arnaud:     Well I’m, I’m, free now. Are you?

David:        I have to go to the bank but give me ten minutes and I’ll meet you at the café down the road.

Arnaud:     OK.

David:        I’ll see you in ten.

Arnaud:     OK, see you then.

At the police station

Look at part of the police officer’s form. Some information is missing. Listen and complete the form.

Answer & Transcript

b   27 Park Road

c   B13 4TY

d   07901 672301


f   on the number 16 bus

g   11am Saturday

h   digital


j   old


(Arnaud = French)

Officer:      Morning.

Arnaud:     Hello.

Officer:      How can I help?

Arnaud:     Well I think my camera was stolen on the bus. I’ve tried the bus people but they say they don’t have it … and er I’ve got travel insurance.

Officer:      OK, yes. Well we need to fill out one of these forms. Um and your name please?

Arnaud:     Arnaud Lafayette.

Officer:      Arnaud?

Arnaud:     Lafayette. L-A-F-A-Y-E-T-T-E.

Officer:      Hmm. And what’s your address?

Arnaud:     Here or in my country?

Officer:      Here. Your address in the UK.

Arnaud:     27 Park Road, Birmingham.

Officer:      Thank you … And the postcode?

Arnaud:     B13 4TY.

Officer:      Ah ha. And your phone number?

Arnaud:     07901 672301.

Officer:      OK, that’s a mobile. Do you have a landline number or email address?

Arnaud:     Er, my email’s Arnaud L one at Hotmail dot come. That’s all lower case.

Officer:      Great. Now um … so where did you lose your camera?

Arnaud:     Well I was on the bus, on the number 16 bus, coming back from a football game.

Officer:      16 bus, OK and, er, when was that?

Arnaud:     That was on Saturday morning at about 11 o’clock.

Officer:      OK. 11 am. So now can you describe the camera to me please? What’s it like?

Arnaud:     Well, it’s quite a small digital camera. It’s in a grey case with a shoulder strap.

Officer:      Do you know what make it is?

Arnaud:     It’s a Nikon. It’s not very old. And it’s got my name inside.

Officer:      OK … ah can you sign here please? Keep this form because your insurance company will want to see it.

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