Exercise 1   

People are checking into a hotel. What do they have to do? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  fill out a form

      b.  show a driver’s license

      c.  show a passport

      b.  pay a deposit

      c.  give the receptionist his credit card

2.  a.  give the confirmation number

      b.  show a driver’s license

      c.  show a passport

      b.  pay cash for the room

      c.  leave a deposit

3.  a.  spell her name

      b.  show a driver’s license

      c.  show an airline ticket

      b.  fill out a registration form

      c.  sign a card

4.  a.  show a company ID

      b.  show a passport

      c.  give the receptionist her credit card

      b.  fill out a card

      c.  leave a deposit

Answer & Transcript


A:   Hello. My name’s Bill Sampson. I have a reservation.

B:   Just a moment please, Mr. Sampson. Ah, yes. Would you mind filling out this form please?

A:   Thanks.

B:   Could I also see your passport?

A:   Here it is.

B:   Thank you. Will you be paying by credit card?

A:   Yes. I have it right here.

B:   Thank you.


A:   Yes, I’d like to check in, please.

B:   Certainly, do you have a reservation with us?

A:   Yes, the name’s Peter Fox.

B:   That’s funny. I can’t find your name in the computer. Do you have your confirmation number?

A:   Yes, it’s 6913.

B:   Oh, I see. Sorry. Your name was spelled wrong. And could I see your passport, please?

A:   Here you are.

B:   Okay. How will you be paying for your room?

A:   I’ll pay cash.

B:   In that case I’ll have to ask you for a deposit.

A:   That’s fine.


A:   I’d like to check in. My name’s Pennington.

B:   Would you mind spelling your name for me, so I can check it on the computer?

A:   Yes, it’s P-E-N-N-I-N-G-T-O-N.

B:   Ah, yes, here it is. Can I see some form of identification, please?

A:   Is a driver’s license okay?

B:   Yes, that’s fine. Thanks.

A:   Do I need to fill out a registration form?

B:   No, you are already registered. Just sign this card, please.


A:   Yes, I’d like a room, please.

B:   Do you have a reservation?

A:   No, I didn’t think I’d need one. I’m with City Travel.

B:   Oh, yes. Then can I see some form of identification?

A:   Sure. Here’s my company ID or would you prefer my passport?

B:   Your company ID is fine.

A:   Do you need my credit card?

B:   Yes, please. And would you fill out this registration card?

Exercise 2

Task 1

What kind of room does each guest want? Listen and check the correct answers.

1.    single                   double

        standard             deluxe

        non-smoking      smoking

2.    single                   double

        standard             deluxe

        non-smoking      smoking

3.    single                   double

        standard             deluxe

        non-smoking      smoking

4.    single                   double

        standard             deluxe

        non-smoking      smoking

Task 2

Listen again. What else does each guest request? Circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  where to find public transportation

     b.  a room away from the street

2.  a.  a fruit basket

     b.  a wake-up call

3.  a.  an iron

     b.  some clothes

4.  a.  coffee and sandwiches

     b.  coffee and a salad

Answer & Transcript


A:   Would you like a single or a double room?

B:   Oh, it’s just for me, so a single is fine.

A:   Smoking or non-smoking?

B:   I’m a non-smoker.

A:   And the standard or deluxe room? The deluxe is an extra $20.

B:   I’ll take the cheaper one, please.

A:   Sure.

B:   Just one thing, I’m a very light sleeper. Can I get a room away from the street? I find the traffic noise can be a problem.

A:   I’m sorry, ma’am. There aren’t any more rooms available on that side. But you’ll find the rooms are very quiet even on the street side.

B:   Oh, okay then.


A:   What kind of room would you like?

B:   Are there any deluxe rooms available? My wife and I want to give ourselves a treat.

A:   Yes, there are. So that’ll be the double deluxe. And you’d like a non-smoking room?

B:   Definitely. Neither of us smokes.

A:   Okay. You’re all set. You’re in room 701. I’ll have the bags sent up to your room right away. You’ll find a complimentary fruit basket in the room.

B:   That’s nice. Thanks. Oh, and we’ll need a wake up call at 7:00 a.m. Can you arrange that?

A:   Sure. No problem. Enjoy your stay.


A:   What kind of room would you like?

B:   Oh, just something simple. The cheapest you have will be fine.

A:   So you don’t want the deluxe then!

B:   No thanks.

A:   I can give you a standard single on the second floor. The lower floors are cheaper.

B:   Sounds perfect.

A:   But the only one I have available at that rate is a smoking room, I’m afraid.

B:   Oh, that’s what I want.

A:   No problem, then.

B:   I need to iron some clothes. Is there an iron in the room?

A:   I’m afraid there isn’t.

B:   Oh. Could you please send an iron up to my room?

A:   Sure.


A:   Will that be a room for the two of you?

B:   Yes, that’s right.

A:   Do you need a smoking room?

B:   No, we don’t. And we’d like a room on a high floor please.

A:   Let me see if we have one available. Yes, we do. Good. Would you like a deluxe room? It’s a little more expensive, but it’s much bigger.

B:   Oh, it doesn’t matter about the size. The ordinary room will be fine.

A:   Certainly.

B:   And is it possible to get coffee and say, some sandwiches at this hour? We’re a little hungry.

A:   Sure. I can send some up to your room if you like.

B:   Thanks. That’d be great.

Exercise 3

Task 1

People are discussing their rooms. Listen and check the correct information.




Not good

the size

the bathroom

the view

the facilities




Not good

the size

the bathroom

the view

the facilities




Not good

the size

the bathroom

the view

the facilities




Not good

the size

the bathroom

the view

the facilities

Task 2

Listen again. What did each guest complain about? Circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  that there was nothing in the refrigerator

      b.  that the TV and fax machine did not work

2.  a.  the size of the bathroom

      b.  the mattress

3.  a.  the view from the window

      b.  the heat in the room

4.  a.  the shower

      b.  the stereo

Answer & Transcript


A:   Is your room okay?

B:   Well, it’s certainly big enough. That’s a nice change. A lot of hotel rooms these days are very small. There’s also plenty of space in the bathroom.

A:   That’s good.

B:   I wish I had a better view, though. There’s nothing to see except the cars in the parking garage.

A:   You could always change.

B:   I guess so, but I can’t be bothered. Anyway, it’s great to have a TV and a fax machine in the room. There’s also a coffeemaker, so I can make coffee whenever I want it. I was a little disappointed that there was nothing – not even a bottle of water in the refrigerator when in checked in. But I called down and asked them to fill it up, and they did that right away.


A:   Is your room big enough for the two of you?

B:   Well, it’s kind of small. By the time we put our bags on the floor, there was hardly any room to move. But you should see the bathroom! It’s great, but isn’t that strange? A bathroom bigger than the room!

A:   It is. What floor are you on?

B:   We’re on the second floor, so we don’t really see anything interesting. Just the street and the building next to us.

A:   Is there anything much in the room?

B:   Just the bed and a tiny refrigerator big enough for two bottles of water! The bed is as hard as a rock! I could hardly sleep last night. The manager said they would bring me a softer mattress later.

A:   Well, that’s good.


A:   Is your room at the hotel okay?

B:   It’s not bad. It’s a good-sized room so that’s nice. The bathroom is absolutely tiny, though. And it doesn’t have an electrical outlet, so I can’t use my hair dryer in there!

A:   That’s inconvenient.

B:   At least I can look out at the beautiful park across the street. I like to be able to see trees from my window.

A:   That sounds lovely. Is there a lot in the room?

B:   No, no really. Just an old TV but no refrigerator or anything else. It was really hot last night and I couldn’t sleep, so I spoke to the manager about it. She sent up an electric fan as soon as I called.

A:   That should help.


A:   Is your room okay?

B:   It’s pretty good, thanks.

A:   That’s good. How big is the room?

B:   Well, it could be bigger. It really is pretty small. There’s just enough room for one chair beside the bed.

A:   It does sound small.

B:   Yeah, but my only real complaint is with the shower. The water’s either much too hot or way too cold. I’m going crazy! Luckily, I spoke to the manager, and he’s sending a plumber up tomorrow.

A:   That’s nice of him. How about the view?

B:   Oh, I do love the view of the city at night. It’s wonderful.

A:   That’s fantastic. What does the room have in it?

B:   Well, there’s a really nice TV and a stereo. Plus there’s a fax machine and one of those mini-fridges – everything I need.

Exercise 4

People are checking into a hotel. What do they have to do? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1. a.   show a credit card

    b.   fill out a registration form

    c.   show a driver’s license

2. a.   show a passport

    b.   show a company ID

    c.   show a credit card

3. a.   give the confirmation number

    b.   leave a deposit

    c.   spell his last name

4. a.   show a passport

    b.   show a driver’s license

    c.   show an airline ticket

5. a.   show a credit card

    b.   give a confirmation number

    c.   show a passport

Answer & Transcript

1 b   2 b   3 c   4 a   5 b



A:   Hi, my name is Sue Thompson. I’d like to check in.

B:   Thompson… Yes, here’s your reservation. You paid for the room in advance, right?

A:   Yes, I paid for it last week when I made the reservation. Do you need to see my credit card?

B:   No,  that’s fine. Could you just fill out this registration form for me?

A:   Sure.


A:   Hi, my name is Phil Mason. I’d like to check in.

B:   Just a minute, please. Ah, yes, you’re with the computer conference, aren’t you?

A:   Yes, I am.

B:   Could you show me your company ID, please?

A:   Sure. Here it is.


A:   Hi, I’d like a room, please.

B:   Do you have a reservation?

A:   No, I don’t. Is that a problem?

B:   No,  not at all. Can I have your name, please?

A:   Yes, it’s Mark McLean.

B:   Can you spell your last name for me?

A:   It’s capital M-C capital L-E-A-N.

B:   Okay. Wait a moment while I find a room for you.


A:   Hi, do you have a reservation for me? My name is Sara Hogan.

B:   Let me check the computer. Yes, Ms. Hogan. Here you are. You’ll be staying with us for six nights, is that right?

A:   Yes, that’s right. Could I pay $200 cash and the rest with my credit card?

B:   Certainly. Could I see your passport first, please?

A:   Sure. Here you go.


A:   Hello, I’m Matt Peterson.

B:   Hello Mr. Peterson. Do you have a reservation?

A:   Yes. I think so.

B:   I don’t see it here. Do you have a confirmation number?

A:   Yes, it’s 77249. Do you need my credit card?

B:   No, this will be fine. Oh yes, here it is. Matthew Peterson. Three nights.

A:   That’s right.

Exercise 5

Sofia is talking about her hotel room. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.

  True False
1.   She reserved a deluxe room.
2.   She has three rooms.
3.   The living room has a couch and a big TV.
4.   The bathroom is small but very clean.
5.   The view is of the highway.

Answer & Transcript

1 False   2 True   3 True   4 False   5 True


A:   How’s your room, Sofia?

B:   It’s fantastic. I reserved a standard room, but when I checked in, there weren’t any of those rooms left, so I got a deluxe room for the same price!

A:   A deluxe room! Great! What’s it like?

B:   Well, it’s actually a three room suite – one large bedroom and a large living room with a couch and a large screen TV with a DVD player. It’s great!

A:   Sounds wonderful. Is the bathroom nice, too?

B:   on. yes. The bathroom is huge, and it’s very clean.

A:   How’s the view?

B:   Well, the view is pretty disappointing, actually. All I can see is the highway. But I can just close the curtains, and I’m in my own world.

A:   Sounds fantastic!

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