Organizing the training

1. Brad leaves Raman a voice mail message about organizing a training session. Listen to the message and tick the things below which he mentions.


projector, laptop, notepad, flipchart, marker pen

2. Raman made some notes but he got a few things wrong. Listen again and correct his notes. There is one mistake in every sentences.

a   Brad can’t come because he is ill.

b   The training session is today.

      I need to:

c   book the room.

d   talk to trainer about the projector.

e   arrange lunch for 15 people.

f   give everyone a folder and a pen.

g   get several flip charts.

Answer & Transcript

 he   his son

 today   next week

 book the room.   The room is already booked.

 trainer   reception

 15   10

f   folder   notepad

 several flip charts   a flip chart


(Brad = Australian)

Hi Raman. It’s Brad here. Look, I’m afraid I won’t be in today. My son is a bit crook and he’s off school so I have to stay home to look after him. I’m really sorry to leave this message for you, but I’ve got to take my son to the doctor. Er, do you remember the training session next week?

You know, the one about the new computer system? I’ve organized the trainer so there’s no need to contact him and I’ve booked the room, but there are a few other things that need doing. I need you to organize the projector that goes with the laptop, er, you can do that with reception.

And you’ll need to sort out lunch for about ten people. Yes, that’s right – there’ll be ten of us. Talk to Alison at reception – she’ll know some good café we can order from. Oh and stationery! Yes, I need you to make sure that everyone has a notepad and a pen and one of those … er what do you call them?

Er sorry, I’m not thinking very clearly this morning … you know, one of those really big things, like a pad of paper for writing up notes … er flip charts – that’s what we call them. Yeah, um a flip chart would be really useful – one is enough, er, with some marker pens to write on it.

Really, really sorry to leave all these instructions for you on a phone message, Raman, but I’m sure you’ll know what to do. Er, might call you back this arvo and see how you’ve got on. Bye for now.

Choosing lunch

1. Raman talks to Alison, the receptionist at the Vulcan Power Company, about the training session. Listen to their conversation. What does Raman do? Choose a, b or c.

a   give instructions

b   explain a decision

 ask for help making a choice



2. Listen again and complete the information in the table.


The Tasman Café

The Lunch Box

Delivery charge



Where café is



Type of food

gourmet sandwiches


normal sandwiches

Total price

$ …………………

$ …………………

Answer & Transcript


The Tasman Café

The Lunch Box

Where café is

near High Street

in the shopping mall

Type of food



Total price

$300 ($310 with delivery)




(Raman = Indian; Alison = Australian)

Raman:     Hello Alison.

Alison:      G’day Raman.

Raman:     You know how Brad has asked me to order lunch for our training session next week?

Alison:      Yeah. How’s it going?

Raman:     Well, I have two prices for the lunch and I’m not sure which one to choose.

Alison:      OK.

Raman:     So the first one is from The Tasman Café. It’s more expensive. $300 just for the food. And the delivery is an extra $10, but I could go and get in myself.

Alison:      They’re just in the High Street, aren’t they?

Raman:     That’s right. And the other price is from The Lunch Box. Do you know them?

Alison:      They’re a bit further out of town, aren’t they, in the shopping mall? They’re quite good.

Raman:     OK. So which café do people normally use?

Alison:      Well, it sort of depends on who is coming to the lunch. This is just for the training, isn’t it?

Raman:     Yes, it is.

Alison:      Right. OK. Well, I’d probably use The Lunch Box then.

Raman:     All right. Why?

Alison:      Um, I mean, if the lunch is for managers, then you’ll probably use The Tasman Café.

Raman:     Well, The Lunch Box is $250, so it’s definitely cheaper.

Alison:      I mean, the food from The Tasman Café is probably nicer. What’s the difference in the type of food?

Raman:     Well, The Tasman Café has gourmet sandwiches, not just ordinary sandwiches. So, you know, the food will probably taste better from The Tasman Café. And also you get sushi. You get much more variety. But The Lunch Box is cheaper. Mind you, with The Lunch Box we have to pay delivery and that’s $20. Their delivery charge is more expensive. So that makes it a total of $270.

Alison:      What’s the total for The Tasman Café then?

Raman:     Well, if I go and pick up the lunch, it’s $300. So it’s only a difference of $30.

Alison:      That’s not bad. It’s much nicer food – for the money.

Raman:     Let’s order from The Tasman Café then.

Alison:      Yeah – beaut!

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