Different activities

1. Calum has just arrived in Auckland so he visits the Tourist Information Centre and talks to Amy, the Tourist Information Officer. Listen to their conversation. Which activities below they talk about?


see dolphins and whales       go bungy jumping

go skydiving      visit an aquarium

2. Listen again and complete the table. Remember to read the table first and think about what information is missing before you listen.



Price ($)

See a…………….

b……………. am – 4 pm every day


Go d…………….

e……………. metres high


Go g…………….

h……………. metres


Visit the aquarium

i……………. km from the centre of Auckland



a   dolphins and whales

b   11

c   40

d   bungy jumping

e   45

f   85

g   skydiving

h   3,000




(Amy = New Zealander)

Amy:        Hi, how can I help you?

Calum:     Um I’m wondering, um I’ve just arrived in Auckland and I’m looking for information … ah … what can I do here? What is there to see?

Amy:        Sure. What kind of things are you interested in?

Calum:     Um I heard about … ah the dolphins. Can you see dolphins near here?

Amy:        Yes you can do that in Auckland er that’s basically a full-day trip. Usually … starting at about eleven through till about four o’clock, so you would need most of your day to do that.

Calum:     Yeah and how much is that?

Amy:        That is … 40 dollars.

Calum:     Ah ha.

Amy:        And they go every day.

Calum:     Oh all right. And do you see dolphins every time?

Amy:        Yes … well not absolutely guaranteed, not 100 percent, but they do … most of the time they will see dolphins or … it may be whales.

Calum:     Oh wow.

Amy:        At this time of the year you can see different kinds of whales.

Calum:     Sounds good …

Amy:        We also have adventure activity things to do.

Calum:     Yeah? What are the adventure activities?

Amy:        All sorts. You can go bungy jumping. You jump off the harbour bridge. It’s 45 metres high and it costs 85 dollars. It’s very popular.

Calum:     OK.

Amy:        Er … you can go skydiving.

Calum:     Skydiving!

Amy:        Yes you go up to over 3,000 metres, 45 seconds free fall. It’s …

Calum:     I’ve always wanted to do that but … is it expensive?

Amy:        It’s … ah 250 dollars.

Calum:     Ah ha. OK. What are the other options? Not so dangerous.

Amy:        There’s the underwater world just six kilometres from the centre of Auckland. It’s an aquarium where the fish are swimming around on top of you.

Calum:     OK yeah, great.

Amy:        They’re open until 7 pm. And that’s 16 dollars.

Calum:     OK. Ah … I’d like to think about it and …

Amy:        Of course. Here are the brochures. Just let me know if you have any more questions.    

One activity

1. Listen to the conversation. What is Calum doing? Choose a, b or c.

 getting more information about an activity

 making a reservation for an activity

 asking about a different activity


a   skydiving

b   1

c   Calum Brodie

d   YES

e   200


g   28 March


(Amy = New Zealander)

Amy:        Hello again. Have you decided what you’d like to do?

Calum:     I’d like to go skydiving. Can I book that here or …?

Amy:        Yes, yes. If you want us to make a booking we would be happy to um …

Calum:     Yep, that’d be great. I think I’ll do that now while I’m here.

Amy:        OK, well … we just need to get a few details from you. First of all we need to know what day you want to go. They do it seven days a week so you just need to choose a day.

Calum:     Well the weekend is better. Saturday.

Amy:        OK. Which Saturday would you like?

Calum:     Ah, I can go this weekend.

Amy:        This weekend?

Calum:     Yeah.

Amy:        OK and if the Saturday isn’t available, is Sunday OK?

Calum:     Yeah, fine.

Amy:        OK, so that’s the 29th or 30th?

Calum:     Yes.

Amy:        Just for one person? Or do you have a friend who you think might want to come?

Calum:     Ah no just me.

Amy:        OK … and I just need a name that I can book under.

Calum:     Calum.

Amy:        How do you spell that?

Calum:     C-A-L-U-M.

Amy:        Ah-ha and I just need your last name as well.

Calum:     Brodie. B-R-O-D-I-E.

Amy:        OK so I’ll make that booking. You’ll need to pay here. Is that OK?

Calum:     Yep. Do I get a student discount? I’m a university student.

Amy:        Ah, yes, you do.

Calum:     Oh great.

Amy:        So with the discount it’s 200 dollars.

Calum:     OK, thanks.

Amy:        I’ll just confirm that online, if you’d like to wait a minute.

Calum:     OK.

Amy:        Oh I’m sorry. The weekend’s fully booked. What about Thursday or Friday?

Calum:     I’ll go on Friday then.

Amy:        That’s the 28th of March. One moment … OK, that’s all booked for you. You just give your name when you go there. Here’s a map that shows you how to get there. It’s very easy to find. 

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