The flight

1. Adam is on holiday in South Africa. In Johannesburg, he decides to change his travel plans so he speaks to Helen, a travel agent. Listen to their conversation. What does Adam ask to change? Choose a, b, c or d.

 the airline

the travel date

 the destination

 the type of ticket



2. Listen again and complete Helen’s notes.

Answer & Transcript

b   Lister

c   Monday 15th

d   SAA 235

e   9 am

f   budget economy

g   Thursday 18th

h   11.30 am

 normal economy

j   740


(Helen = South African)

Helen:     Good afternoon, sir. How can I help you?

Adam:     Yes, hello. I’d like to change my flight to Cape Town.

Helen:     Hmm. OK, so can you tell me the booking number?

Adam:     Umm … I don’t remember my booking number, to be honest.

Helen:     OK. That’s OK. Maybe just your family name then. Can you give me that?

Adam:     Yeah, my family name is Lister.

Helen:     Is that L-I-S-T-E-R?

Adam:     That’s right. Adam Lister.

Helen:     OK, let me just check that for you.

Adam:     The airline is South African Airlines and I think the flight number is SAA 235.

Helen:     Great. And when are you flying?

Adam:     Oh, it’s next Monday, the 15th.

Helen:     Ah yes, that’s right, SAA 235 from Johannesburg to Cape Town at 9 am. OK. What would you like to change?

Adam:     Would it be possible to fly three days later?

Helen:     OK, let me just check the availability. … Ah yes. There are flights on Thursday the 18th, but unfortunately the nine o’clock flight is full. What about another time that day?

Adam:     Is it possible to go in the morning? Are there other morning flights?

Helen:     There’s another flight at 11.30. How about that?

Adam:     11.30 sounds good.

Helen:     OK that’s great. There’s a different flight number. It’s SAA 327. Now one thing I just need to sort out with you is that your original ticket was a budget economy class ticket and …

Adam:     Yes, that’s right.

Helen:     Well, it’s the cheapest fare and unfortunately that can only be changed if it’s upgraded. So you’d need to get a normal economy class ticket.

Adam:     Normal economy class? So does that mean I have to pay more for another ticket?

Helen:     Yes, you do.

Adam:     Oh. How much more do I have to pay?

Helen:     Er, let me check … Er that’s 740 rand. Is that OK?

Adam:     Oh that’s quite a bit but … but I’ll change it anyway.

Helen:     OK. All right. Let me just print this out for you – print out your new itinerary.   

A change of plan

1. Listen to Adam talking to Tom, a Tourist Information Officer in Cape Town. Look at the photos and match them to the statements below.

a   Adam went to this place today. …………………….

b   Adam cancels a trip to this place. …………………….

c   Adam decides to go to this place. …………………….


a   Table Mountain.

b   Cape Point and Peninsula.

c   Robben Island.

2. Listen again and correct the mistakes below.

a   Adam went to Table Mountain yesterday.

b   Adam cycled up Table Mountain.

c   Adam hurt his back.

d   Adam paid a deposit of 50 rand.

e   The company needs 12 hours notice to cancel a booking.

f   Adam will travel to Robben Island by helicopter.

Answer & Transcript

 yesterday   today

 cycled   walked

c   back   leg

 50 rand   150 rand

 12 hours   24 hours

f   helicopter   boat


(Tom = South African)

Adam:     I’ve got a problem. Perhaps you can help me.

Tom:       Yes, I’m sure I can. So what’s the problem?

Adam:     Well, I booked a trip to Cape Point and Peninsula for tomorrow. The problem is that today I did another tour – the Table Mountain tour.

Tom:       Right. That’s the hike isn’t it?

Adam:     Yes, and we walked all day and …

Tom:       Yes, it’s a really good trip.

Adam:     But I hurt my leg, so I don’t think I can do the tour tomorrow.

Tom:       Oh right. That’s the one by bike, isn’t it?

Adam:     Yeah. I really don’t want to do more exercise.

Tom:       Yeah, I can imagine.

Adam:     So I’d like to cancel the booking.

Tom:       Hmm. OK< so let me just check on the system. Have you already paid a deposit?

Adam:     Oh yes, there was a deposit of 150 rand.

Tom:       Unfortunately, if you cancel now, you will lose that deposit.

Adam:     Oh. Why is that?

Tom:       Well, because the company needs more than 24 hours notice.

Adam:     Oh, I see. Oh well …

Tom:       You can use the deposit for another activity.

Adam:     Yeah?

Tom:       We could look at something that doesn’t involve exercise.

Adam:     Good idea.

Tom:       A trip that lots of people do is a boat trip to Robben Island.

Adam:     OK.

Tom:       Would you be interested in doing that?

Adam:     Yeah, that sounds interesting.

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