Getting ready

1. Carrie is Francesca’s boss. Listen to them discuss Francesca’s tasks for the evening. Tick what Francesca has done.

 Fill the sugar bowls on the tables

 Put knives and forks on the tables

c   Put napkins on the tables

 Put water jugs in the refrigerator to cool

 Put menus on the tables

f   Put salt and pepper on every table

 Put flowers on the tables

 Put the glasses out on the tables

i   Light the candles

j   Cut the bread


a   b    d    g

2. Listen again. What two things will Carrie check?

a   …………………….

b   …………………….

Answer & Transcript

napkins and glasses


(Francesca = Italian)

Carrie:            So, Francesca, we’ve been working for an hour or so now. Do you want to take a break?

Francesca:     Ah, yes please, that would be good.

Carrie:            OK. Um. Do you want to talk about what you’ve done so far?

Francesca:     Yeah. Well, I’ve already filled the sugar bowls.

Carrie:            Oh great. So you’ve done all of them?

Francesca:     Yes.

Carrie:            Fantastic. What about the knives and forks – have you put those out yet?

Francesca:     Ah yeah I’ve put them out.

Carrie:            OK – they’re all on the tables?

Francesca:     Yeah.

Carrie:            Oh perfect. And have you also done the napkins?

Francesca:     Um, yes, I’ve folded them, but I haven’t put them out yet.

Carrie:            OK. I’ll double-check as well … It took me ages to learn to fold them correctly.

Francesca:     If it’s no good, er tell me and I can do it again.

Carrie:            Yeah, no problem. How about the um … water jugs?

Francesca:     Ah yeah I’ve filled the water jugs and put them in the refrigerator.

Carrie:            Thanks.

Francesca:     But I haven’t put the menus on the tables yet. Do I have to put them out?

Carrie:            Um, yeah, we should do that before we open.

Francesca:     I’ll do that later. I’ve put flowers on every table but I still need to put the salt and pepper out.

Carrie:            OK. Um, we also need to put glasses on all the tables. I notice that there aren’t glasses on the tables.

Francesca:     Oh, sorry, I just … forgot.

Carrie:            That’s OK. We’ve still got an hour or so, so you can do that now. I’ll check them after you’ve done it … Um, and maybe right before we open, we should light the candles. But we don’t want to do that yet. Maybe just 15 minutes before service time.

Francesca:     Sure. I’ll do it later.

Carrie:            OK … OK. Do you have any other questions?

Francesca:     Do you want me to cut the bread as well?

Carrie:            Oh yes please. See you later then. 

A busy evening

1. Carrie and Francesca talk again later. Listen and choose a or b.

 When do they talk?

 half-way through serving meals

 at the end of the evening

 How does Carrie feel about Francesca’s work?

 mostly positive

 mostly negative

 How much money did Francesca make in tips?




1 b      2 a      3 b

2. Carrie made notes on Francesca’s work during the evening. Listen again and complete them. Write on word in each gap.


Overall: went a……………….

good points:

–  is b f………………. and n………………. with customers

ways to improve:

–   c c………………. p………………. as soon as possible

–   Keep the d w………………. g………………. filled

gets good e t……………….

Answer & Transcript

a   well

b   friendly, natural

 clear plates

d   water glasses

e   tips


Carrie:            OK, well, that’s it. They were the last customers, so we’re done for the evening. So, how did you find it? How did it go?

Francesca:     I enjoyed it.

Carrie:            Oh good – good. Oh that’s really nice ‘cos I think it went really well overall and you’re very friendly and natural with the customers.

Francesca:     Thank you.

Carrie:            Umm … Well, there are just a few little things …

Francesca:     Sure.

Carrie:            Um, I noticed that the food – the plates … sort of stayed on the table for a few minutes after the people were finished. But usually what we like to do is, once both people or everyone at the table has finished, can you just make sure you clear the plates as soon as possible?

Francesca:     OK … OK.

Carrie:            Yeah, this way they can have a bit of space and have some time to just chat a bit and if they want dessert and … yeah.

Francesca:     OK, I’ll make sure I do it next time.

Carrie:            No, it’s not a big deal, like I said it was just a little thing.

Francesca:     Oh yeah.

Carrie:            And just one more thing. Um, it’d be really good if you could just try to keep the water glasses filled. Just fill them if you notice that they’re empty as you’re walking around or when you’re taking orders.

Francesca:     Oh OK, I thought if I do that, probably I’ll just interrupt them.

Carrie:            Oh good point – good point. No, it’s fine if you can just very quietly go over and fill them.

Francesca:     Oh OK I’ll do that. Thank you very much for the advice.

Carrie:            Um how about tips – how did you do?

Francesca:     Um, I got about £35.

Carrie:            £35? That’s pretty good. Actually that’s really good for your first night. Most people only make about £15.

Francesca:     Really?

Carrie:            Yeah, yeah. Like I said, I think you’re a natural and sometimes on your first night you make a bit less, but that’s actually really good. But you work for it, don’t you? Do you have any questions or anything you want to talk about?

Francesca:     Not really … I enjoyed working here.

Carrie:            Yeah. Like I said, you did really well. And it gets easier as you go on. The first night’s always the most difficult one.

Francesca:     Thank you.

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