Exercise 1

1. Listen to part of a radio interview. Zara is talking to Jim Clark, the host, about her and her family’s animals.

How many animals does Zara have?

What members of her family does she talk about?

2. Listen to the interview again and answer the questions.

Which animal(s):

 is / are three years old?

 lives / live in her bedroom?

 was / were a present?

 is / are better than watching television?

 is / are white?

 looks / look sad.

 lives / live in the fields?

 likes / like the sheep now?

Answer & Audioscript


five (me personally, I’ve got a cat and four fish)

brother, mum, dad


1 her cat, if she got it as a kitten   2 her fish   3 her cat

4 the fish   5 her brother’s mice   6 her mother’s bird

7 donkeys, sheep, cows   8 the dog


Jim:   Our next caller is Zara. She lives in a village in Devon, England. Hi Zara.

Zara:   Hi Jim.

Jim:   So, Zara, how many pets have you got?

Zara:   Well, me personally, I’ve got a cat and four fish. I asked for a cat for my twelfth birthday. That was three years ago.

Jim:   Ah what about the fish? Were they a present too?

Zara:   Hmm, not really. My friend didn’t want them and I really liked them. They are such beautiful colours. They’re in my bedroom. I like watching them. They’re better than TV!

Jim:   You answered ‘me personally’ when I asked you before. Have other people in your family got pets, too?

Zara:   Yes! My brother’s got two pet white mice and my mum’s got a bird. The bird’s a bit sad because it’s in a cage.

Jim:   Right. Thank you, Zara.

Zara:   Wait a minute, Jim. We didn’t talk about farm animals. I only talked about our pets! You didn’t ask me.

Jim:   No, I didn’t ask you – sorry. Tell me about the other animals you’ve got.

Zara:   We’re on a farm so we’ve got donkeys, sheep and cows in the fields. Oh, and a sheepdog. It was funny, he didn’t like the sheep at first and he didn’t want to go into the sheep fields with my dad. He always tried to run into the house! But now he’s a really good sheepdog.

Jim:   Er, do you have any more animals?

Zara:   No. I want to get a rabbit, though.

Jim:   Perhaps for your next birthday? Bye for now.

Zara:   Bye.

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the radio programme. What unusual pets has Logan got?

2. Listen again. Put the sentences in the order you hear them.

…… A   Would you like to have other animals as pets?

……  Have you got any other unusual pets?

……  The mice sometimes come into the house.

…… D   My first unusual pet was a snake.

……  We’d like to have a zoo to help animals that are sick and need help.

……  I’d love to have monkeys, crocodiles and elephants.

…… G   We’ve got a kind of zoo for snakes.

Answer & Audioscript

1   snakes and mice

2   1 D   2 G   3 B   4 C   5 A   6 F   7 E


Ava Lomax:   Hello and welcome to Animal World. I’m Ava Lomax. Today, we’re talking about unusual pets. With me on the programme is Logan Black. Hi, Logan. Tell us about your pets.

Logan:   Hi, Ava. Thanks for having me on the programme. Well, when I was five or six, our house was full of dogs and cats. I loved them and I wanted to have other animals at home – different animals. My parents liked the idea. My first unusual pet was a snake.

Ava Lomax:   A snake?

Logan:   Yes, that’s right! It lived in the garden. It was very long. I’ve got six snakes now. We’ve got a kind of zoo for snakes.

Ava Lomax:   Can people come to see them?

Logan:   Yes! I’m very happy for people to come to see them.

Ava Lomax:   Have you got any other unusual pets?

Logan:   Yes, I’ve got some mice. But they don’t live in the same part of the garden as the snakes! The mice sometimes come into the house.

Ava Lomax:   Would you like to have other animals as pets?

Logan:   Yes! I’d love to have monkeys, crocodiles and elephants. My parents and I are thinking of opening our own zoo. We’d like to have a zoo to help animals that are sick and need help.

Exercise 3

1. Listen to Clare, Tom and Beth. What three things do they have on their pizza?

2. Listen again and complete the table. Tick (✓) for likes and cross (✗) for doesn’t like.

















tuna (fish)








Answer & Audioscript

1   cheese, tomato, vegetables


  Clare Tom Beth
tuna (fish)



Tom:   Wizard Academy 3 was really good.

Beth:   Yeah, it was great. I loved it.

Clare:   It was OK.

Beth:   The magic scenes were really cool! My favourite part was when the bad wizard changed into a monkey.

Clare:   Yeah, that part was good. But now it’s time for pizza!

Tom:   Yes, I’m hungry. Let’s order one big pizza for the three of us. We need to choose a pizza we all like.

Clare:   Good idea. Here’s the menu. So, what do we want on our pizza?

Beth:   Well, they’ve all got cheese and tomato on them. Is that OK?

Tom:   Yes.

Clare:   Of course.

Beth:   Good. So we all like cheese and tomato. And how about egg? I really like egg on my pizza.

Clare:   That’s fine. I think egg’s OK.

Tom:   Oh sorry. I really don’t like egg on pizza. I like fish. Do you like fish, Clare?

Clare:   Yes, I like fish and look, they’ve got tuna pizza on the menu.

Beth:   No, sorry. I really don’t like tuna.

Clare:   OK, don’t worry Beth. No tuna!

Beth:   But, I like vegetables. How about vegetables on our pizza?

Tom:   Yes, OK.

Clare:   Oh yes, I really like vegetables.

Beth:   So, we all like vegetables. Great. And I really like cheese.

Tom:   Me too. I love cheese.

Clare:   Yep, me too. So let’s get extra cheese.

Tom:   So that’s a big cheese and tomato pizza, with lots of vegetables on it.

Beth:   And extra cheese!

Clare:   Yum! I’m so hungry!

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