Exercise 1

1. Listen to the conversation. Why is Dad going shopping? Who is going with him: Ryan or Ava?

2. Listen again. Tick (✓) the things below that are on Dad’s shopping list.

birthday card      diary      paint      paper

perfume      plant      scissors      stamps

sweets      rucksack      toothbrush      umbrella

Answer & Audioscript

 Dad’s going shopping because it’s Mum’s birthday. Ryan is going with him.

 birthday card, paint, toothbrush, plant, paper, scissors, diary


Dad:   Ava, Ryan, I’m leaving now.

Ava:   Where are you going, Dad?

Dad:   I’m going shopping, remember? I need to get a present for Mum’s birthday. I want to get a birthday card and a big box of chocolates.

Ava:   Of course! Don’t forget to get some sweets for us as well.

Dad:   No, you don’t need sweets, Ava!

Ava:   Awww! Well, I want to do a picture for Mum, but I need some blue paint. Can you get some of that?

Dad:   Sure. Ryan, what about you? Do you need anything from the shops?

Ryan:   Actually Dad, can I come with you? I want to go to a party tonight and I need some new clothes.

Dad:   OK. You also need a new toothbrush, Ryan. Yours is really old! And what are you getting your mum for her birthday?

Ryan:   She says she wants a plant for the living room.

Dad:   Great idea.

Ryan:   And I need a few things for school. Some paper and a pair of scissors.

Ava:   Oh, and I need a new diary.

Dad:   Gosh, I can’t remember all this! I need to write a list!

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the conversation between Zoe and her dad. Where are Zoe and her family going?

2. Listen again. Match the people to the objects.

 Zoe’s brother

 Zoe’s sister

 Zoe’s mum

 Zoe’s dad





3. Listen again. Who says these words? Write D for Dad and Z for Zoe.

1   Have we got everything?

2   He can’t find his old one.

3   I’d like to get an umbrella.

4   That’s true.

5   Say it again, please.

6   Do you need anything?

7   I think I’ve got everything.

Answer & Audioscript

1   on holiday (to Wales)

2   1 d   2 c   3 b   4 a

3   1 Z   2 D   3 D   4 Z   5 Z   6 7 Z


Zoe:   Have we got everything?

Dad:   Almost. We need to buy a few more things before we go.

Zoe:   Yes, OK. What do we need? I’m making a list on my phone.

Dad:   Um … let me see. Your brother needs a new toothbrush.

Zoe:   Another one?

Dad:   Yes. He can’t find his old one.

Zoe:   OK. What else do we need to buy?

Dad:   I’d like to get an umbrella.

Zoe:   Really?

Dad:   It always rains in Wales.

Zoe:   That’s true. Anything else?

Dad:   Your sister needs some new paints.

Zoe:   OK.

Dad:   And your mum wants a bigger rucksack.

Zoe:   OK. Rucksack for Mum.

Dad:   Oh, your mum would like some sweets for the car journey.

Zoe:   OK. Do you need anything else, Dad?

Dad:   Yes, I want to get a couple of books, a new wallet and …

Zoe:   Wait, wait! Say it again, please.

Dad:   Some books.

Zoe:   Yes.

Dad:   A new wallet.

Zoe:   Yes.

Dad:   And a coat.

Zoe:   That’s a lot of things!

Dad:   It is. I need lots of things for our holiday, Zoe. What about you? Do you need anything?

Zoe:   Um … I don’t think so. I think I’ve got everything.

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