1. Listen and tick (✓) what you can find at the Alton Towers Hotel.

a   a gym

b   a reception desk

c   themed rooms & suites

d   tennis courts

e   a pool

 a theatre

g   two bars

h   a cinema

Answer & Audioscript

b, c, e, g


Alton Towers – Where the Magic Never Ends!

      The Alton Towers Hotel is set in the heart of Staffordshire’s scenic countryside in the north-west of England. It is only minutes away from Britain’s most magical theme park, Alton Towers. Like the park, the hotel offers guests the chance to experience a delightful holiday full of fun and surprises.

      The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the hotel is the extraordinary reception desk, which is made of piles of antique luggage, and a flying machine which stretches up to the ceiling! The hotel also offers an amazing range of themed rooms and suites. These include The Peter Rabbit Bedrooms, the Garden Rooms, the Explorer Room, the Cadbury’s Chocolate Bedroom, the Coca-Cola Fizzy Factory Room, and the Arabian Nights Suite, which is possibly the most romantic hotel suite in the world. All the bedrooms and suites have a bathroom, tea- and coffee-making facilities, satellite TV and a baby-listening facility.

      You’ll never get bored at the Alton Towers Hotel, even during rainy or cold weather! After a thrilling day at the park, you can relax in the pool at the Pirate’s Lagoon. Kids can join Pirate Bill’s Club, which is a great opportunity to make new friends while taking part in games, drawing, face-painting and lots more, with Pirate Bill himself! The Secret Garden Restaurant offers delicious dishes from around the world, while the hotel’s two bars, the Dragon Bar and the Captain’s Bar, are both ideal places to relax with a coffee or a cocktail in the evening.

      The Alton Towers Hotel is the ideal place for a fun family holiday at any time of year, but don’t forget that the theme park is only open from mid-March to the end of October. Remember, Alton Towers is the land where the magic never ends, so book early! Please check our price guide for current prices.

2. Listen and tick (✓) the correct answer.

1   What can you see in the picture?

      a   a hotel in the desert

      b   a hotel made of ice

2   What can you find in the hotel?

      a   a sauna

      b   a chapel

      c   a theatre

      d   a bar

      e   a cinema

      f   a swimming pool

3   What can you do inside the hotel?

      a   have a meal

      b   meet a model

      c   watch TV

      d   sleep in a sleeping bag

      e   play ice hockey

      f   dance all night

4   What outdoor activities are there?

      a   dog-sledding

      b   skiing

      c   yachting

      d   rafting

      e   ice-fishing

Answer & Audioscript

1 b   2 a, b, d, e   3 a, b, d   4 a, b, e


3 Degrees Below Freezing

      Looking for an exciting winter getaway? Then try the Ice Hotel in northern Sweden and spend a few days in a giant igloo. 2,000 tonnes of ice and 30,000 tonnes of snow are needed to build the Ice Hotel every year When the thermometer hits 3 degrees below freezing, the building of the hotel starts.

      The hotel has rooms for over 100 guests, as well as an ice sauna, a cinema, the Ice Chapel and the world-famous Absolut Ice Bar. The temperature inside the hotel is minus 3 degrees Celsius, but that seems warm when you compare it to the temperature outside, which can fall below minus 30 degrees Celsius.

      Before bedtime, have a meal prepared by master chefs, then visit the Absolut Ice Bar, where you might just meet your favourite model or actor, or enjoy a crystal-clear view of the starry Arctic sky. When it’s time for bed, don’t worry about keeping warm. The Ice Hotel provides guests with warm sleeping bags to sleep in. Guests wake up to a hot drink, after which they can enjoy an early morning sauna and a tasty breakfast.

      The Arctic is the perfect place for outdoor activities such as dog-sledding, ice-fishing and skiing. If you haven’t got skis, the staff at reception will provide you with everything you need.

      A visit to the Ice Hotel is an unforgettable experience and the perfect way to liven up your winter. Don’t miss this chance of a lifetime!

3. Barry and Sandra went to London last summer. Listen and match the places they visited to what they did in each place.

1   The Barbican Theatre

2   Trafalgar Square

3   The National Gallery

4   The Savoy Hotel

5   Highbury Stadium

a   see Nelson’s Column

b   see Romeo and Juliet

c   watch a football match

d   admire the paintings

e   have afternoon tea

Answer & Audioscript

1 b   2 a   3 d   4 e   5 c


Tom:   I’m thinking of taking Claire to London for the weekend. You went to London last summer, didn’t you? Where did you go when you were there?

Barry:   Oh, we visited some wonderful places and did some lovely things, didn’t we, Sandra?

Sandra:   Ooh, yes. We went to the Barbican Theatre and saw a wonderful production of Romeo and Juliet. It was terribly romantic! Maybe you could go to the theatre while you’re there.

Tom:   Okay, nice idea. The Barbican theatre, you said?

Barry:   That’s right. Oh, and you have to go to Trafalgar Square. When we went there, we saw Nelson’s Column, and we took some great photos of each other next to the lions.

Tom:   Nelson’s Column … yes, that sounds interesting.

Sandra:   Across the road from Trafalgar Square is the National Gallery. We spent ages in there, admiring the paintings.

Tom:   Yes, all the guide books say you should definitely go to the National Gallery and see the paintings. Any other suggestions?

Sandra:   Why don’t you go for afternoon tea somewhere, too? We went to the Savoy Hotel and had afternoon tea there. It was very sophisticated indeed. Take Claire there. I’m sure she’ll love it – I did!

Barry:   But the best bit of the whole trip was when we went to Highbury stadium to watch a football match. It was brilliant!

Tom:   Now that’s a good idea … I’ve always wanted to watch a match at Highbury Stadium.

Sandra:   Oh, come on, you two!

Barry:   What? I really enjoyed it!

Sandra:   But it’s supposed to be a romantic weekend …

4. Listen to the following people talking about their holiday plans, and complete the notes in the table below.

John (1)………… freezing (2)………… & lots of snow lots of (3)………… clothes go (4)…………, skiing & fishing
Sally Jamaica boiling (5)………… shorts, T-shirts & swimsuit (6)………… on the beach, go scuba diving & sailing
Sue & Clive Orkney Islands, Scotland (7)………… but changeable clothes for all types of weather visit historic sites, go to (8)…………, go hiking
Answer & Audioscript

1 Alaska   2 cold   3 warm   4 climbing   5 hot

6 sunbathe   7 warm   8 museums


John:   I’m going to Alaska on holiday next week. I know that it’ll be freezing cold and that there’ll be lots of snow, so I’m going to take lots of warm clothes. While I’m there, I want to go climbing, skiing and fishing. I’m really looking forward to it!

Sally:   Only a few more months to go before I’m off to Jamaica. It’s going to be boiling hot, so I’m only taking shorts, T-shirts and my swimsuit. I’m going to sunbathe on the beach, go scuba diving and hopefully go sailing, too.

Sue:   We usually go to Spain for our holidays, but this summer we’ve decided not to. Instead, we’re going to the Orkney Islands, in Scotland.

Clive:   That’s right. It should be quite a change! We’ve been told that the weather will probably be warm

Sue:    – warm but changeable, they said …

Clive:   Exactly – so we’ll have to take clothes for all types of weather.

Sue:   There are a lot of ancient historic sites, so we’re going to visit some of those, and go to some museums, and probably go hiking, too.

Clive:   It’s going to be a super holiday, isn’t it. Sue?

Sue:   Yes, I’m sure it’ll be lovely.

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