Getting Ready

Match each statement or question with the correct response.

1   What’s your name?

2   How are you?

3   What’s your e-mail address?

4   Hello, Kyle.

5   Nice to meet you.

6   How do you spell your name?

7   What’s your phone number?

8   Good morning, Kate.


b   Good morning.

 It’s Kyle Jones.

d   It’s 555-2398.

 I’m fine, thanks.

 Hi, Sara.


h   Nice to meet you, too.


1 c   2 e   3 a   4 f   5 h   6 g   7 d   8 b

Listening 1

Listen. Circle the correct answer.

1   Her name is ………………… .

      a   Alina Smith

      b   Elena Smith

2   His name is ………………… .

      a   Matt Rosenblum

      b   Matt Rosenbloom

3   His e-mail address is ………………… .



4   Her e-mail address is ………………… .



5   His phone number is ………………… .

      a   555-2358

      b   555-2398

6   Her phone number is ………………… .

      a   555-7125

      b   555-7216

Answer & Transcript

1 a   2 a   3 a   4 a   5 b   6 b



A:   What’s your name?

B:   It’s Alina Smith.

A:   Elena?

B:   No, Alina. A-L-I-N-A.

A:   Oh, Alina. It’s nice to meet you. Alina.


A:   Your name, please?

B:   Matt Rosenblum.

A:   Rosenblum … How do you spell that, Mr Rosenblum?

B:   R-O-S-E-N-B-L-U-M.

A:   Okay, thank you.


A:   Could I please have your e-mail address?

B:   Sure, it’s

A:   Okay … Matt Nilson …

B:   Actually, it’s Nat Wilson … n-a-t-w-i-l-s-o-n at tmail dot com.

A:   Nat Wilson. Got it. Thanks.


A:   And your e-mail address is …

B:   It’s

A:   Cool pal?

B:   No, cool gal. G-A-L At R-O-L dot com.


A:   May I have your phone number, please?

B:   Sure. It’s 555-2398.

A:   Okay … 555-2358.

B:   Actually, it’s nine eight. 2-3-9-8.

A:   Oh, 2-3-9-8. Thank you.


A:   So, could I give you a call sometime?

B:   Sure, that would be great. My cell is 555-7216.

A:   555-7216?

B:   Yep, that’s right.

A:   Okay, I’ll give you a call this weekend, then.

Listening 2

Task 1

People are greeting each other and asking for information. Listen and number the pictures.


1 D   2 E   3 C   4 5 F   6 B

Task 2

Listen again. What do you think each person says next? Circle the correct answer.

1   a   I’m fine, thanks.

     b   Good morning.

     c   Nice to meet you, too.

2   a   It’s 555-7591.

     b   It’s

     c   G-O-M-E-Z.

3   a   What’s your name?

     b   Nice to meet you.

     c   What’s your address?

4   a   How do you spell your name?

     b   What’s your phone number?

     c   How are you?

5   a   How do you spell your last name, please?

     b   It’s nice to meet you.

     c   I’m fine, thanks.

6   a   What’s your name?

     b   How do you spell your name?

     c   What’s your e-mail address?

Answer & Transcript

1 c   2 b   3 a   4 b   5 a   6 c



A:   Great party, isn’t it?

B:   Sure is. So, how do you know Lena?

A:   I’m her brother.

B:   Oh, really? I didn’t know she had a brother. My name’s Anna, by the way.

A:   Nice to meet you, Anna.


A:   Good morning. I’d like to register for English class.

B:   All right … which level?

A:   Let’s see, I took Lever 5 last semester … so Lever 6, I guess.

B:   Okay … level 6. And your name?

A:   Sylvia Gomez.

B:   Sylvia Gomez… Could I please have your e-mail address, Sylvia?


A:   Hello, could I have a dinner reservation for this evening, please?

B:   Certainly. For what time?

A:   Uh, 7:00?

B:   Let me see… 7:00… for how many people?

A:   Four.

B:   Yes, we do have a table for four at 7:00.

A:   Great.


A:   Hey, Liza!

B:   Dana! It’s great to see you! How are you?

A:   Pretty good. And you?

B:   Not bad, not bad. Hey, we should get together sometime, maybe have coffee.

A:   Yeah, let’s do that!


A:   Good evening. Welcome to the Ocean Breeze Hotel. Are you checking in?

B:   Yes, I have a reservation for tonight.

A:   Okay. May I have your name, please?

B:   Yes, it’s Chuck Bellington.


A:   Hi, Alina?

B:   Yes?

A:   This is Marta, from English class.

B:   Oh, hi Marta.

A:   Listen, I wasn’t in class on Friday. Could you tell me the homework assignment?

B:   Yeah sure, but I’m not at home right now… could I e-mail it to you?

A:   Sure, that would be great.

Listening 3

Task 1

People are greeting each other. Listen and write each person’s name.


1 Elise   2 Mick   3 Hannah

4 Devon   5 Ike   6 Tandy

Task 2

Listen again. How do the people know each other? Write the correct letter.

1   …….

2   …….

3   …….

4   …….

5   …….

6   …….

a   from work

b   from the gym

 from school

d   from a friend’s party

e   from the boy’s mother

 from the bus stop

Answer & Transcript

1 c   2 b   3 d   4 f   5 e   6 a



A:   Hi, Jack!

B:   Hi… uh…

A:   Elise… from math class.

B:   Oh, of course. How are you, Denise?

A:   Actually, it’s Elise. E-L-I-S-E.

B:   Oh, Elise. Sorry about that.


A:   Hey, Sarah! How are you?

B:   Oh, hi,…. I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name.

A:   It’s Mick.

B:   Oh, that’s right. Nick.

A:   Actually it’s Mick, with an M. M-I-C-K.

B:   Mick. Got it. So, Mick, are you going to the gym this weekend?


A:   Mike! Hello!

B:   Oh, hello, uhhh…

A:   Hannah. We met at Ellie’s party.

B:   Oh, right! How are you doing, Anna?

A:   Pretty good! Actually my name’s Hannah, not Anna – H-A-N-N-A-H.


A:   Excuse me… don’t I know you from somewhere?

B:   I think so… you look familiar… do you go to Eastern University?

A:   No, I don’t… wait a minute, don’t we wait at the same bus stop every morning?

B:   Oh, that’s right! But I’m always too tired to talk… My name’s Stacy, by the way.

A:   Hi, Stacy. I’m Devon.

B:   Nice to meet you, Evan.

A:   Oh, actually it’s Devon. D-E-V-O-N.


A:   Excuse me, aren’t you Beth Fileo’s son – Mike, right?

B:   Yes, I am. Actually it’s Ike… no M, just I-K-E.

A:   Oh, Ike. Sorry about that. I’m Liz Jones. I work with your mother.

B:   Oh, of course. Good to see you again, Ms. Jones.


A:   Hi, Tony. How are you?

B:   Oh, I’m fine think you. I’m sorry, I should know your name…

A:   Tandy. I work in the accounting department.

B:   Oh, that’s right. How’ve you been, Mandy?

A:   Actually, it’s Tandy – T-A-N-D-Y. It’s an unusual name, I know!

Conversation Corner: Meeting new people

Task 1

Listen to the conversation. Write the missing words.

A:   Fun party, isn’t it?

B:   Sure is. My ………………… is Emma, by the way.

A:   It’s nice to meet you, Emma. I’m Justin.

B:   ………………… to meet you, Justin. Do you ………………… in L.A.?

A:   No, I’m from San Francisco. I’m visiting my sister here.

B:   Oh, I love San Francisco. I go there sometimes for work.

A:   Really? Call me next time you’re there. Let me give you my ………………… number.

B:   Okay, hope to see you again! ………………… a ………………… time here in L.A.!

Task 2

Practice the conversation with a partner. Be sure to link the correct words together.

Answer & Transcript

A:   Fun party, isn’t it?

B:   Sure is. My name is Emma, by the way.

A:   It’s nice to meet you, Emma. I’m Justin.

B:   Nice to meet you, Justin. Do you live in L.A.?

A:   No, I’m from San Francisco. I’m visiting my sister here.

B:   Oh, I love San Francisco. I go there sometimes for work.

A:   Really? Call me next time you’re there. Let me give you my phone number.

B:   Okay, hope to see you again! Have a great time here in L.A.!

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