Getting Ready

Task 1

Match each job with a picture. Compare answers with a partner.



 taxi driver



 flight attendant

 construction worker


Task 2

Write three more jobs.

……………………….. ……………………….. ………………………..


A 3   B 4   C 2   D 5   E 6   F 1   G 8   H 7

Listening 1

What jobs are the people talking about? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1   a   salesperson

     b   office worker

2   a   waiter

     b   actor

3   a   teacher

     b   flight attendant

4   a   chef

     b   nurse

5   a   nurse

     b   businessperson

6   a   receptionist

     b   construction worker

Answer & Transcript

1 a   2 b   3 b   4 a   5 a   6 b



I’m a salesperson. I sell computers. I like my job. It’s really interesting. And I meet lots of interesting people.


Yes, I like it a lot. I like acting in front of lots of people. One day I hope to write a book about my work.


It’s an interesting job, and it’s good for me because I love travel and flying. I visit lots of countries every year. And well – I know it’s silly, but I like my uniform.


It’s a good job for me because I like food and I love cooking. Lots of famous people come to our restaurant, too.


Nursing is a good job for me. I like helping people – you know, sick people.


I like my work because I work outside. It’s hard work, but the pay’s good and it keeps me in shape.

Listening 2

Task 1

People are talking about their work. Listen and check (✓) the correct information about each person.


Has the same job

Has a new job

Isn’t working now

1   Ryan

2   Bridget

3   Jake

4   Marie

5   Suzanne

6   Rose

7   Patrick

8   Alison


 Has the same job

 Has a new job

 Isn’t working now

 Has the same job

 Has a new job

 Isn’t working now

 Has a new job

 Has the same job

Task 2

Listen again. Match the people on the left with the information on the right.

1   Ryan

2   Bridget

3   Jake

4   Marie

5   Suzanne

6   Rose

7   Patrick

8   Alison

a   is a teacher.

b   just graduated from college.

c   is trying to find a new job.

d   works in a bookstore.

e   works in a bank.

 works in a restaurant.

g   is a receptionist.

h   is a lawyer.

Answer & Transcript

1 e   2 f   3 b   4 h   5 g   6 c   7 a   8 d



A:   Hi, Ryan.

B:   Oh, hi.

A:   Are you still working in the bank?

B:   Yeah.


A:   Where are you working now, Bridget?

B:   I just started as a chef in an Italian restaurant. Come and try my food.

A:   Sounds great – I’d love to!


A:   Are you still at school, Jake?

B:   No, I graduated from college last month.

A:   Congratulations! And what are you doing now?

B:   Nothing much. I’m tired. I’m taking a long vacation.


A:   What do you do, Marie?

B:   Me? I’m a lawyer.

A:   How long have you been doing that?

B:   For about five years. Do you need a good lawyer?

A:   Well, not yet!


A:   Are you a receptionist, Suzanne?

B:   Yes, I am.

A:   Do you like the people you work with?

B:   Well, it’s my first week on the job, so I’m not sure yet.


A:   Are you still a tennis instructor, Rose?

B:   No, I’m not. I didn’t like it.

A:   So what are you doing now?

B:   Well, I’m trying to find a new job.


A:   Do you work in an office, Patrick?

B:   Not anymore. Now I’m an English teacher. I just had my first class.

A:   Really? How was it?

B:   It was terrific!


A:   Are you still working at the book store, Alison?

B:   Yeah, but I don’t like it. I have to stand all day and I get so tired.

A:   I’m sorry to hear that!

Listening 3

Task 1

Do the people like their jobs? Listen and check (✓) the correct answer.










1 No   2 Yes   3 Yes   4 Yes   5 No

Task 2

Listen again. What do the people like or dislike about their jobs? Check (✓) the correct answer.




1   a   doing the same thing

     b   the monkey

2   a   working with kids

     b   the distance to school

3   a   the people

     b   the travel

4   a   the hours

     b   her boss

5   a   being on his feet

     b   the tips

Answer & Transcript

1   Dislikes, Likes      2   Likes, Dislikes

3   Likes, Dislikes      4   Dislikes, Likes

5   Dislikes, Likes



A:   So how do you like your job, Chris?

B:   Well, it was okay at first, but now, after two years. I don’t like it.

A:   Oh, why is that?

B:   It’s boring. I do the game thing every day. I’m really sick of it.

A:   So why don’t you change jobs?

B:   I’m well-paid. I like the money!

A:   Oh, I see. But you should leave if you’re not happy.

B:   Yeah, maybe I should.


A:   Do you like teaching children, Alexa?

B:   Oh, yes! I love working with kids. They’re so much fun.

A:   Well, I guess you have the perfect job!

B:   Yeah, I like it a lot. There’s just one thing I don’t like.

A:   What’s that?

B:   The distance to school. It’s too far away. It takes me an hour to drive there every day.

A:   Wow. That must be awful!

B:   It is, but the schools that are near me aren’t as good.


A:   How’s your new job going, Anna?

B:   Good, thanks. I really like it.

A:   What do you like best about it?

B:   I think it’s the people I work with. They are so nice.

A:   People make all the difference in the job, don’t they?

B:   They sure do. The only trouble is, I have to travel a lot. I’m away from home about two weeks every month.

A:   Yeah, that can be difficult.

B:   It is. I hope I won’t have to travel so much next year.


A:   Do you enjoy being a salesperson, Rachel?

B:   Yes, I do like it. I get to meet so many people.

A:   Is it hard work?

B:   Yes, it can be. I don’t like the long hours. I’m always really tired when I get home at night.

A:   That’s too bad. Why don’t you quit?

B:   Because I think my boss is great to work for.


A:   How long have you been working in a restaurant, Martin?

B:   For more than five years.

A:   Wow. You must really enjoy it.

B:   Oh no, I don’t enjoy it at all. It’s hard work and pretty tiring, too. I’m on my feet all night.

A:   Oh, I see.

B:   But the tips are great. I really should find a better job soon, though.

Conversation Corner: A new job

Task 1

Listen to the conversation. Write the missing words.

A:   My job is so boring. I really don’t like being a ……………………. .

B:   Really? Maybe you should try something new.

A:   I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to be an ……………………., but I’d have to go back to school.

B:   So do it!

A:   I can’t. I need to ……………………. ……………………., so I can’t quit my job.

B:   Could you work part time in an ……………………. and also take …………………….?

A:   Well, maybe. I’ll think about it.

Task 2

Practice the conversation with a partner. Be sure to stress the correct syllables.

Answer & Transcript

A:   My job is so boring. I really don’t like being a receptionist.

B:   Really? Maybe you should try something new.

A:   I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to be an architect, but I’d have to go back to school.

B:   So do it!

A:   I can’t. I need to make money, so I can’t quit my job.

B:   Could you work part time in an office and also take classes?

A:   Well, maybe. I’ll think about it.

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