Exercise 1

1. Listen and answer these questions.

 Is Rosa happy?

 Is José good at taking photos?

 What day is the photo club?

 What has José got at five o’clock?

2. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Then listen again and check.

can     can’t     clothes

different     every day     shower

0   José’s …clothes… are new.

 The next photo club project is ‘Things we do …………’.

 You have a ………… in the morning.

 José ………… go to the next photo club with his friends.

 José ………… go for a drink.

 José’s day is ………… from Rosa’s day.

Answer & Audioscript

1   1 no   2 no   3 Wednesday   4 school

2   1 every day   2 shower   3 can   4 can’t   5 different


Paolo:   Look, that’s José over there … from the park … José, over here.

José:   Hi. It’s good to see you all again.

Joelle:   I like your clothes, José. They’re cool!

José:   Thanks! They’re new.

Paolo:   Are you OK, Rosa?

Rosa:   No, I’m not. It’s the photo club project. I haven’t got any ideas.

Joelle:   It’s ‘Things we do every day.’

Rosa:   Yes, that’s right – but I can’t think of anything.

Paolo:   Well, I get up, I have a shower, I have breakfast, I go to school, I have lunch …

José:   You take photos.

Rosa:   Is that the project? Well, I can do that. No problem, thanks.

Joelle:   You like taking photos, too … right?

José:   Yes, but I’m not very good at it.

Joelle:   Well, there’s a photo club on Wednesday evenings. It’s fun. Come with us.

José:   That sounds great … I’d love to …

Paolo:   Have you got time for a drink now?

José:   Er … Sorry, I haven’t. I’ve got school at five o’clock.

Rosa:   School? At five o’clock? We go to school at eight thirty in the morning!

José:   I know. My day is different from yours!

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the conversation between Connor and Abbie. Where is Rose from?

2. Listen again. Write Yes or No.

0   Rosa is 11 years old.   ……Yes……

1   Abbie gets up at six thirty.

2   Connor cleans his room on Saturdays.

3   Abbie likes eggs.

4   Abbie walks to school.

5   Connor catches the bus to school.

3. Listen again. Choose the right pictures for Rosa.

Answer & Audioscript

1   Argentina

2   1 No   2 Yes   3 Yes   4 Yes   5 Yes

3   1 A   2 B   3 B   4 A


Connor:   Hi, Abbie.

Abbie:   Hello, Connor. How are you?

Connor:   Fine, thanks. Look at this.

Abbie:   What is it?

Connor:   It’s called My Day. Young people from around the world post descriptions of their daily routine. This one’s by a girl called Rosa.

Abbie:   How old is she?

Connor:   Um, it says here … eleven.

Abbie:   Look! She gets up at six thirty!

Connor:   At six thirty?

Abbie:   That’s very early! I get up at seven thirty.

Connor:   Wow!

Abbie:   What?

Connor:   Look at this. Rosa cleans her bedroom every day!

Abbie:   Every day?

Connor:   Yes! Every day! I clean my room on Saturdays!

Abbie:   Where’s Rosa from, Connor?

Connor:   Um, I can’t see …

Abbie:   Look, it says there: Argentina.

Connor:   Mmmm! Eggs.

Abbie:   Eggs?

Connor:   Rosa says she has eggs for breakfast.

Abbie:   I love eggs too. How does she get to school?

Connor:   Um … let’s see. She walks to school with her sister.

Abbie:   I walk to school too.

Connor:   I catch the bus with my friends. Hey, I know!

Abbie:   What?

Connor:   We can write our own descriptions and put them on My Day. Ready? OK. My name is Connor and I …

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