Exercise 1

1. Read the sentences about José. Then listen to José answering questions on TV. Write yes or no.

 José is watching TV.

 José is famous in Brazil.

 José is living in Britain now.

 José plays tennis every day.

 José often uses the internet.

 José likes watching movies.

 José watches a lot of TV.

 José answers all the emails from his fans.

Answer & Audioscript

1 no   2 yes   3 yes   4 no   5 yes   6 yes   7 no   8 no


Paolo:   Hey guys! Come and see this! It’s José – he’s on TV!

Rosa:   Wow – it is José! How cool!

Joelle:   Sh! Sh! I can’t hear!

Presenter:   José, welcome to the show.

José:   Thanks very much.

Presenter:   Now, José, you’re fifteen and you’re from Brazil. People tell me you’re very famous there. What are you famous for?

José:   I sing and play the guitar. That’s why I’m living in Britain now. I’m getting ready for a big concert. I’m learning some new songs and practising my dancing, you know.

Presenter:   That’s great. Well, lots of people know you here too! Look how many emails we’ve got from your fans. Can I ask you some of their questions?

José:   Sure.

Presenter:   OK. Now, Adam asks, ‘What kind of sports do you like?’

José:   Well, I like watching tennis and football, but I don’t play them. I never do any sports.

Presenter:   But you dance a lot! Now, this one’s from Amber. She says, ‘What do you like doing in your free time?’

José:   Lots of things! Um … I love taking photographs. I always have my camera with me. Look – here it is. Can I take your photo?

Presenter:   OK!

José:   Also, I like using my computer. I often go on the internet to talk to my friends or play games. And I love watching movies.

Presenter:   OK. And Tia says, ‘What’s your favourite band?’

José:   Oh that’s difficult! I like lots of bands – Coldplay, Bastille, Muse and lots more!

Presenter:   It’s hard to choose, isn’t it? Now Megan asks, ‘What’s your favourite TV show?’

José:   Well, I don’t watch much TV, I haven’t got time! But I sometimes watch Doctor Who.

Presenter:   Yes, it’s good, isn’t it? Um … I’ve got a question here from Natalie. She says, ‘Do you like getting letters from your fans?’

José:   Yes I love it! I always read the letters and emails from my fans. I can’t answer all of them, but I try!

Rosa:   Wow – José’s famous!

Joelle:   Yes, we’ve got lots of questions for José too!

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the conversation. What do the speakers decide to do?

2. Listen again. Which sentence is right (✓)?

1    a   Izzy sings.

      b   Izzy plays the piano.

2    a   Anya plays the violin.

      b   Anya doesn’t play the piano.

3    a   Robin plays the guitar.

      b   Robin doesn’t play the guitar.

4    a   Izzy writes songs.

      b   Anya writes songs.

5    a   Robin doesn’t want to start a band.

      b   Robin wants to start a band.

3. Listen again. Who says these words? Write I for Izzy, A for Anya and R for Robin.

1   Do you play an instrument, Izzy?

2   Yes. I can play the piano and the violin.

3   I play the guitar, but I can’t play it very well.

4   Anya writes her own songs.

5   I write songs all the time, Robin.

6   What’s the name of our band?

7   My favourite colour is blue and Anya loves cats.

Answer & Audioscript

1   start a band

2   1 a   2 a   3 a   4 b   5 b

3   1 R   2 A   3 R   4 I   5 A   6 R   7 I


Robin:   Do you play an instrument, Izzy?

Izzy:   No, I don’t. But I can sing.

Robin:   And what about you, Anya? Can you play anything?

Anya:   Yes. I can play the piano and the violin. What about you, Robin?

Robin:   I play the guitar, but I can’t play it very well.

Izzy:   That’s not true, Robin.

Anya:   I’ve got a good idea – let’s start a band!

Robin:   Really?

Anya:   Why not?

Robin:   Well, what about songs? What songs can we play?

Izzy:   Anya’s songs.

Robin:   Anya’s songs?

Izzy:   Yes! Anya writes her own songs.

Robin:   Do you?

Anya:   I write songs all the time, Robin. My favourite one is called ‘When The Day Ends’.

Robin:   Can you play it for us?

Anya:   Of course! You and Izzy can come round to my house after school. I can play it for you then.

Izzy:   What do you think, Robin? Do you want to start a band with us?

Robin:   Um … OK. Yes!

Anya:   Great! We can give lots of concerts.

Izzy:   And sing on TV!

Anya:   And have our pictures on the internet!

Robin:   OK, but what about a name? What’s the name of our band?

Izzy:   Good question. How about … the Blue Cats?

Robin:   The Blue Cats?

Izzy:   My favourite colour is blue and Anya loves cats.

Robin:   I don’t know. Perhaps just The Cats.

Anya:   I like that! That’s good.

Izzy:   OK! That’s our name then!

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