Exercise 1

1. Anya wants to meet her friends at the weekend. Listen to the four conversations and write the names in her diary. You don’t need all the names.

Alex     Ali     Eva     Clara

Hugo     Poppy     Sara

  morning afternoon evening

Meet …………

at …………

inside the cinema.

Meet …………

at …………

at the juice bar.


Meet …………

at …………

at the swimming pool.

Meet …………

at ………… outside

the science museum


2. Listen again and write the times in Anya’s diary.

Answer & Audioscript


Saturday afternoon: Ali

Saturday evening: Clara

Sunday morning: Poppy

Sunday afternoon: Alex


Saturday afternoon: 2.30/half past two

Saturday evening: 6.15/quarter past six

Sunday morning: 9.45/quarter to ten

Sunday afternoon: 3.00/three o’clock


Conversation 1

Ali:   Hello.

Anya:   Hi, Ali, it’s Anya.

Ali:   Hi, Anya. How are you?

Anya:   Fine, thanks. And you?

Ali:   Yeah, I’m great.

Anya:   Shall we meet on Saturday afternoon? I’d like to go to the cinema.

Ali:   Oh, yes. There’s a new film on. I’d like to see it.

Anya:   Great! The film starts at quarter to three. Shall we meet inside the cinema at quarter past two?

Ali:   My bus arrives at two twenty. Is half past two OK?

Anya:   Fine. See you then. Bye, Ali.

Ali:   Bye.

Conversation 2

Poppy:   Hello.

Anya:   Hi, Poppy, it’s Anya.

Poppy:   Oh, hi, Anya. How are you?

Anya:   I’m fine, thanks. Are you better?

Poppy:   Yes, thanks.

Anya:   Let’s go swimming on Saturday.

Poppy:   Oh, sorry, I can’t go on Saturday, but Sunday morning’s OK.

Anya:   That’s OK for me, too.

Poppy:   Shall we meet at the swimming pool?

Anya:   Yes, that’s a good idea. At quarter to ten?

Poppy:   That’s fine. See you then. Bye, Anya.

Anya:   Bye Poppy.

Conversation 3

Alex:   Hello.

Anya:   Hi, Alex. It’s Anya.

Alex:   Anya! How are you doing?

Anya:   I’m good, thanks. How are you?

Alex:   Great!

Anya:   Can you come into town this weekend to meet me?

Alex:   I can come on Sunday afternoon. Is that OK?

Anya:   Great. Shall we meet at the shopping center?

Alex:   It’s closed on Sunday, and I haven’t got any money! I know. Let’s visit the science museum. It’s free.

Anya:   Great idea. Let’s meet at the museum at three o’clock. Inside or outside?

Alex:   Outside. See you then. Bye, Anya.

Anya:   Bye.

Conversation 4

Clara:   Hello.

Anya:   Hi, Clara.

Clara:   Hi, Anya. How are you?

Anya:   I’m good, thanks. How are you?

Clara:   I’m good, too!

Anya:   Shall we do something this weekend?

Clara:   I’d love to. Have you got any ideas?

Anya:   Well, there’s a concert in the town centre on Saturday evening.

Clara:   Wow, great. Are there any good bands?

Anya:   Yes, I think so. Shall we meet at the new juice bar at six?

Clara:   Quarter past six is better for me.

Anya:   OK. See you then. Bye, Clara.

Clara:   Bye.

Exercise 2

1. Listen to Mill’s conversations with four friends. Who is in hospital? Who doesn’t like tennis?

2. Listen again. Look at Mill’s diary. Tick the right answer.

  Saturday Sunday

play football in the park 

go to the museum

go swimming

play tennis


go shopping

visit Marta

go to the cinema

go to a concert

3. Listen again. Complete the sentences.

  Saturday Sunday
am Meet James outside the park at 1………… o’clock. Meet Freddie in the 4………… near the 5………… at 6………… o’clock.
pm Meet Emily outside the 2………… at 3………… o’clock. Meet Beth outside the 7………… at 8………… .
Answer & Audioscript

1   Emily’s sister Marta is in hospital. George doesn’t like tennis.

2   Saturday pm: visit Marta

     Sunday am: go swimming

     Sunday pm: go to the cinema

3   1 ten   2 shop   3 two   4 café   5 swimming pool

      6 eleven   7 cinema   8 half past three


Conversation 1

James:   Hello?

Will:   Hello, James. It’s Will. Are you free on Saturday morning?

James:   Yes, I am.

Will:   Would you like to go to the science museum?

James:   That sounds fun, but I think I’d like to go the park. I’ve got a new football!

Will:   Really? Great! We can play with it. Shall we meet outside the park at ten o’clock?

James:   OK. See you then?

Conversation 2

Emily:   Hello?

Will:   Hello, Emily. It’s Will. Do you want to go shopping on Saturday afternoon?

Emily:   I’d love to, but my sister Marta’s in hospital.

Will:   Oh, no! Let’s visit her in the afternoon.

Emily:   OK. Let’s meet at two o’clock outside the shop in the hospital.

Will:   We can buy her favourite magazine.

Emily:   Good idea!

Conversation 3

Will:   Hi, Freddie. It’s Will.

Freddie:   Hello, Will.

Will:   Shall we play tennis with George and Harry on Sunday morning?

Freddie:   George doesn’t like tennis. Let’s go swimming instead.

Will:   Sure! Let’s meet in the café near the swimming pool at eleven o’clock.

Freddie:   Great. Bye!

Conversation 4

Will:   Hi, Beth!

Beth:   Hi, Will.

Will:   Shall we go to the cinema on Saturday evening?

Beth:   It’s Alex’s concert on Saturday.

Will:   Oh, yes. Shall we go on Sunday instead?

Beth:   That’s a great idea.

Will:   OK. The film starts at four o’clock.

Beth:   Let’s meet outside the cinema at half past three.

Will:   OK. See you on Sunday!

Exercise 3

1. Listen to Beth. She is giving a presentation about her favourite museum. Answer the questions.

1   Why does she like this museum?

2   Why can anyone visit this museum?

2. Listen to Beth again. Complete the table below.





Type of museum


Answer & Audioscript


1   Because she loves animals.

2   Because the museum is free; you don’t pay any money.






Type of museum

natural history


Beth:   Hello. My name’s Beth and I live in a city called Cambridge. But my favourite museum isn’t in Cambridge. It’s in London, the capital city of England. The Natural History Museum is a museum all about the natural world. It explains things about plants and animals. It’s a beautiful museum. The outside of the museum is also about the natural world. You can see animals and plants on the walls.

I really like this museum because I love animals and I like learning about animals. Some of the animals in the Natural History Museum are ‘extinct’. ‘Extinct’ means there are no more of these animals alive in the world; for example, there are no dinosaurs anywhere in the world now. My favourite activity at the Natural History Museum is the Dinosaur Trail. You walk around and you get to see life-size dinosaurs. They’re only models, of course. But they move and they roar.

And do you know what? You don’t have to pay money to go to the Natural History Museum. That’s right. It’s free. Anyone can visit. Isn’t that great? Now, has anyone got any questions?

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