Exercise 1

1. Look at the table and listen to the teacher talking about the class party. Match the names of the students to the food.

Class Party

What food can you bring?











bread and butter









Answer & Audioscript

Jessica – bread and butter

Kim – biscuits

Hugo – cake

Lily – oranges

Nina – apples

Alfie – cheese

Tom – tomatoes


Teacher:   Ok everyone. Listen please, this is important! We haven’t got any food for the class party tomorrow. But I’ve got a list here. Can you all see it?

All students:   Yes.

Teacher:   OK, good. So … Jessica, what can you bring?

Jessica:   Umm, I haven’t got any fruit at home. But I can bring some bread and butter.

Teacher:   Great thanks. And Kim. What about you?

Kim:   I can bring some biscuits. We’ve got lots of biscuits at home.

Teacher:   Great. Now, Hugo. We need cakes. Can you bring two cakes?

Hugo:   Yes, I can!

Teacher:   Thanks Hugo. Lily, what about you? We need some fruit.

Lily:   I can bring ten oranges.

Teacher:   Thank you Lily. And Nina, can you bring some fruit too? Can you bring ten apples?

Nina:   Yes, I can.

Teacher:   Thanks Nina. And Alfie. Let’s see. You can bring tomatoes or cheese. Have you got any tomatoes at home?

Alfie:   Ummm … we haven’t got any tomatoes, but there’s lots of cheese.

Teacher:   OK, cheese is fine. And Tom. Can you bring some tomatoes?

Tom:   Yes, OK.

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the conversations 1-4 and match them to the invitations A-D.

Answer & Audioscript

1 C   2 A   3 D   4 B


Conversation 1

Daniel:   Pedro, can you come to my swimming pool party?

Pedro:   Yes! When is it?

Daniel:   It’s at two fifteen, and it’s at the big swimming pool.

Pedro:   Great. Thanks!

Conversation 2

Hannah:   Would you like to come to my party, Melissa?

Melissa:   I’d love to! When is it?

Hannah:   It’s on August the first.

Melissa:   What time?

Hannah:   From eight until late.

Melissa:   Cool!

Conversation 3

Andrew:   Sam, would you like to come to my sports party?

Sam:   I’d love to. Is it at the park?

Andrew:   Yes, it is. It’s on Saturday at 10 o’clock.

Sam:   I can’t wait!

Conversation 4

Rebecca:   Can you come to my birthday party, Ella? It’s on Wednesday, at my house.

Ella:   I’d love to, but what time is it?

Rebecca:   It’s from three thirty until five thirty.

Ella:   Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t. I’ve got a guitar exam on Wednesday afternoon.

Exercise 3

1. Listen to the conversation. Why have they got a shopping list?

2. Listen again. Complete Jenny’s shopping list.

Mum’s party shopping list

0   ……bread……

1   ………………….

2   ………………….

3   ………………….

4   ………………….

5   ………………….

6   ………………….

3. Listen again. Who says the sentences and questions? Write J for Jenny and D for Dad.

0   Where are you?   …D

1   Have you got the shopping list?

2   We can write a new shopping list.

3   Have we got any fruit?

4   We need a cake.

5   Yes, that’s everything.

6   Where are my keys?

Answer & Audioscript

1   It’s Jenny’s mum’s birthday. / for Mum’s party

2   1 butter   2 cheese   3 biscuits   4 (two) cakes   5 lemonade   6 orange juice

3   1 D   2 J   3 J   4 D   5 J   6 D


Dad:   Jenny! Where are you?

Jenny:   I’m in the living room.

Dad:   Come here, please.

Jenny:   Hi, Dad.

Dad:   It’s supermarket time. Are you ready to go to the supermarket?

Jenny:   Now?

Dad:   Yes, now! Have you got the shopping list?

Jenny:   No! Have you?

Dad:   Oh, Jenny.

Jenny:   It’s OK, Dad. We can write a new shopping list. Ready?

Dad:   OK. Come on, then.

Jenny:   Right. Things for Mum’s party. Hmm. Bread, butter and cheese.

Dad:   Yes, lots of bread and cheese.

Jenny:   Biscuits?

Dad:   Yes, lots of biscuits, too.

Jenny:   All right. Have we got any fruit?

Dad:   Yes, we’ve got some fruit.

Jenny:   Great. Hmmmm. Cake?! Have we got a cake?

Dad:   No, we haven’t. We need a cake. No – two cakes!

Jenny:   OK. Biscuits, bread, butter, cheese, two cakes and … lemonade and orange juice!

Dad:   Oh yes, we need lemonade and orange juice too.

Jenny:   That’s it, Dad.

Dad:   Really?

Jenny:   Yes, that’s everything.

Dad:   OK, let’s go to the supermarket. Where are my keys? Have you got my keys, Jenny?

Jenny:   No, I haven’t.

Dad:   Where are they?

Jenny:   Look, they’re on the chair.

Dad:   Great! Thanks, Jenny. Let’s go!

Exercise 4

1. Listen to Ava talking about her favourite holiday, Labor Day. Answer a or b.

1    What month is Labor Day?

      a   August

      b   September

2    Who does Labor Day celebrate?

      a   workers

      b   children

3    What does Ava’s family have?

      a   a family meal

      b   a barbecue

2. Listen again. What happens on Labor Day? Tick (✓) the right answers.

a family meal

a barbecue

a parade


Answer & Audioscript

 1 b   2 a   3 b

 a barbecue, a parade


Interviewer:   Hi. What’s your name?

Ava:   I’m Ava.

Interviewer:   And where are you from?

Ava:   I’m from California, in the USA.

Interviewer:   Oh, right. And what’s your favourite holiday, Ava?

Ava:   My favourite holiday is Labor Day.

Interviewer:   When is Labor Day?

Ava:   Labor Day is the first Monday in September.

Interviewer:   It’s after August then, the first Monday in September.

Ava:   Yes. It’s at the end of the summer.

Interviewer:   And do you know what Labor Day is for?

Ava:   Yes, I do. On Labor Day, we celebrate all people who work in the USA. It’s a day to celebrate American workers.

Interviewer:   Oh, I see. And what do you do on Labor Day?

Ava:   Well, in my family, we go and see a parade in the morning.

Interviewer:   Oh, that’s fun. What time is the parade?

Ava:   The parade starts at about eleven o’clock.

Interviewer:   I love parades.

Ava:   Me too. And after the parade, we go back home and we have a barbecue.

Interviewer:   What time is that?

Ava:   Well, friends and family come to the barbecue at about four o’clock.

Interviewer:   And what food do you eat at the barbecue?

Ava:   We eat lots of different food. But my favourite is burgers. When we have a barbecue, we all help cook the food. It’s a fun day!

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