Exercise 1

A. Listen to people talk about New Year 2000. Match the speakers with the places.

Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3

Speaker 4

Speaker 5

at a concert

at home

at work

in hospital

on a beach

B. Listen again. Who talks about …

a) family? 1

b) friends?

c) fireworks? 1

d) music?

e) a sunrise?

f) a party?   1

g) money?

h) hospital?

Answer & Audioscript


Speaker 1–at home

Speaker 2–at a concert

Speaker 3– at work

Speaker 4– on a beach

Speaker 5– in hospital


b) 4   c) 1, 3   d) 2   e) 4   f) 1, 5   g) 3   h) 5


1   I was at home with my parents and my brother and sister. There was a family party, but nothing really special. There were ­ reworks on TV … but I think I was asleep at midnight. I don’t really remember.

2   We were in Miami, Florida, at a concert. The bands were great—the Gipsy Kings and some other local bands. It was great.

3   I was at work in Sydney. I work at a club and of course it was a very big night for us. The money was good. Everybody was happy, crazy. There were fantastic fireworks over the Sydney Opera House.

4   I was on a beach in Fiji with my friends. There was a beautiful sunrise. We were the first people to see the start of the year 2000. And we weren’t alone—there were hundreds of people on the beach with us. It was a beautiful morning, very peaceful …

5   I was in the hospital. I was born on January 1st, 2000. My mother says there was a party. Maybe it was for the New Year … or was the party for me?

Exercise 2

A. Listen to three conversations. Are the conversations about a movie (F), a party (P) or a restaurant meal (R)? Write the letter.

1 ____     2 ____     3 _____

B. Listen again. Match phrases 1—6 with a)—f).

 It’s fantastic.

 It was very good.

 It’s terrible.

 It was boring.

 It wasn’t very good.


a) steak

b) chicken

c) Warren’s party

d) ice cream

e) movie

f) Adam’s party

Answer & Audioscript


1 F   2 R   3 P


1 d)   2 f)   3 e)   4 c)   5 b)   6 a)


Conversation 1

A:   Hey, Emma, let’s go!

B:   What?

A:   Let’s go!

B:   Why? What’s the problem?

A:   This movie. It’s terrible.

B:   Really? I think it’s all right.

A:   Oh, come on. Let’s go.

B:   No, I want to stay.

C:   Ssshhh!

B:   Have some popcorn.

A:   No, thanks.

Conversation 2

A:   How was your steak?

B:   Delicious, just right. I really liked it. How was your chicken?

A:   Urgh, I didn’t like it. It wasn’t very good.

B:   Oh well, here’s the ice cream. Thank you.

A:   What do you think of the ice cream?

B:   Mmm. It’s fantastic!

A:   Yes, this is good.

Conversation 3

A:   Hi, Emma. How are you?

B:   Fine, thanks and you?

A:   I’m OK. Um, were you at Warren’s party yesterday?

B:   Yeah.

A:   How was it?

B:   It was all right …

A:   But …?

B:   Mmm. Well, it was boring—there weren’t a lot of people there.

A:   Ah.

B:   So where were you?

A:   Ah, well. I went to Adam’s party.

B:   Adam’s party?

A:   Yeah.

B:   I didn’t know about it.

A:   Uh, sorry …

B:   Oh. How was it?

A:   Er … it was very good.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to two people doing the task. Put the news events on the timeline.

a) Nelson Mandela died

b) The Japanese tsunami

c) Google started

d) The first man on the moon

Answer & Audioscript

a) Nelson Mandela died 2013

b) Google started 1996

c) Japanese tsunami, 2011

d) the ­first man on the moon, 1969


A:   OK, so which was first?

B:   I think the first man on the moon.

A:   Yes, I agree. But which date–1969 or 1975?

B:   I think it was 1969.

A:   OK, let’s put that. So, what was next?

B:   I think Google started.

A:   I’m not sure. Maybe the Japanese tsunami?

B:   No, Google was before the Japanese tsunami.

A:   OK. Which date?

B:   Erm … 1987, I think.

A:   Was there Internet in 1987?

B:   Sure. Well, I think so. Maybe.

A:   OK. 1987.

B:   And I think the Japanese tsunami was next, in 2011.

A:   Not 2007?

B:   No, 2011. I remember it well because I was in London at that time.

A:   OK, so that’s 2011. And Nelson Mandela?

B:   He died in 2013, I think.

A:   2013. Right, let’s check the answers.

A:   OK, we were right about three answers. The first man on the moon was in 1969, the Japanese tsunami was in 2011 and Nelson Mandela died in 2013.

B:   But we were wrong about Google?

A:   Yes. Google didn’t start in 1987. It started in 1996.

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