1. Read statements 1-5, then listen and mark them as T (true) of F (false).

1   People call Thailand ‘the jewel of south-east Europe’.

2   The Thais are friendly people.

3   Most people in Thailand live in cities.

4   Family life is not very important in Thailand.

5   Thai people love to enjoy themselves.

Answer & Audioscript

1 F   (… ‘the jewel of south-east Asia’)

2 T

3 F   (… live in villages)

4 F   (Family life is not very important …)

5 T


Hello, People of Thailand!

Whatever country we come from, whatever colour our skin is, we all have one thing in common: we are all people of the world.

Thailand is a beautiful country with a rich culture, just south of China. People call it ‘the jewel of south-east Asia’ for a good reason. Its tropical climate, white sandy beaches and ancient temples make it a perfect holiday destination. What makes it really special, though, is its people.

Thai people are good-looking. They are short with delicate features. They have got black hair, dark eyes and light brown skin. The Thais are friendly people who are well known for being generous and kind. “We are a happy people who have strong wills and are especially proud of our history,” says Kasem from Bangkok.

Most people in Thailand live in villages. A typical Thai village consists of wooden houses, a school and a Buddhist temple. Most of the people in the villages are farmers and fishermen. The men usually work in the fields or catch fish in the rivers, and the women plant the crops.

Family life is very important in Thailand, and families often eat together. Thai food is very spicy and includes curries, fish, seafood, soups and noodles. “We eat rice with our meals and use a lot of strong in our cooking,” explains Kasem.

Thai people love to enjoy themselves. Popular free-time activities include Thai boxing and watching traditional dance shows. Thais also celebrate many festivals throughout the year. “My favourite holiday is Surin, in November, when we always have elephant football matches,” says Kasem.

Thailand is a wonderful country. Its fascinating sights, rich cultural history and warm-hearted people make it unique.

2. Listen and cross out the adjective which does not match the colour.


red   brave, energetic, happy

blue   kind, calm, mean

green   jealous, sociable, lazy

black   mean, happy, dishonest

purple   imaginative, loyal, shy

yellow   funny, serious, warm-hearted

white   honest, sociable, lazy

Answer & Audioscript

red   brave, energetic, happy

blue   kind, calm, mean

green   jealous, sociable, lazy

black   mean, happy, dishonest

purple   imaginative, loyal, shy

yellow   funny, serious, warm-hearted

white   honest, sociable, lazy


Presenter:   On today’s programme we’re going to talk about colours, what they mean, and what they can do for you. Colours can describe people and their personalities. Welcome to our show, Mr Chan. Please tell us a little bit about colours.

Mr Chan:   Let’s start with red. Many people are afraid to wear this colour because it’s so bright. If you see someone wearing red, you can be sure they are very brave and quite happy with their lives.

Presenter:   What about blue? I’ve heard that people who wear this colour are rather mean.

Mr Chan:   That’s not true. In fact, they are usually very kind. Also, you will never see someone wearing blue lose their temper, because they always remain calm in a crisis.

Presenter:   I thought people who wore green were calm?

Mr Chan:   No, no   quite the opposite, in fact! They’re usually quite jealous people, and for that reason often become angry. They are very sociable, though. They like being with friends, and always have something nice to say.

Presenter:   What about black, then – the most popular colour of all?

Mr Chan:   Everybody knows that black represents power and money. People who wear black a lot, though, can sometimes be mean. They don’t like sharing things. They’re not all bad, though, as they’re often quite happy and smile a lot.

Presenter:   That’s very interesting. What about purple?

Mr Chan:   Purple is a colour that belongs to someone who is very loyal and a little shy. Purple-lovers usually make very good friends. Next time you see someone wearing purple, talk to them!

Presenter:   Well, I’ll think about it. So, do you have anything else to tell us, Mr Chan?

Mr Chan:   Yes … let me tell you about yellow and white. A person who wears yellow has a serious nature. They’re also very warm-hearted, though, and they love children and animals. White, now … white is the colour honest people wear. Like green-lovers, they’re also sociable and enjoy meeting people.

Presenter:   Well, thank you very much, Mr Chan.

3. Read the questions then listen and circle the correct item.

1   Where’s Susan?

      A   France

      B   Norway

2   Where are she and Lee staying?

      A   at a hotel

      B   in a flat

3   How do they spend most of their days?

      A   hiking in the mountains

      B   going to museums

4   What are Norwegians like?

      A   shy and honest

      B   friendly and kind

5   What do Norwegians like eating?

      A   pasta

      B   fish

6   Where are Susan and Lee going next week?

      A   Paris

      B   Oslo

Answer & Audioscript

1 B   2 A   3 A   4 B   5 B   6 B


Dear Mum and Dad,

I’m so happy to be here in Bergen for our holidays. I’m having a fantastic time and I just love this part of Norway. Lee and I are staying at the historic Royal Hotel. At the moment we are having a cup of hot chocolate and enjoying the spectacular view of the harbour.

The weather is cold, and perfect for skiing. The seven mountains around the city are covered in thick snow. The famous fjords are stunning. In these quiet waters you can sail past mountains, waterfalls and fields. We spend most of our days hiking in the mountains with our Norwegian friends, Erik and Katerina.

Norwegians really love the outdoors. They’re very friendly and kind to us. I think they’re really good-looking. Most of them tend to be tall, with fair hair and light blue eyes.

The food is delicious. Norwegians like eating fish and seafood, especially salmon, shrimps, lobster and caviar. I just love eating fresh bread and smoked salmon for lunch.

Next week we’re going to Oslo. I can’t wait to visit the Outdoor Folk Museum. Lee is not so keen, but I’m looking forward to it. Our flight is leaving from Oslo next Friday, so I hope you’ll receive this before we get home!

I think you should come here next year. I’m sure you would love it!

See you soon.

Love, Susan

4. Read the notes, then listen and cross out the words you don’t hear.

Look:   black hair, brown eyes, not very tall

Character:   lively, friendly, sociable, lazy

Dwellings:   in cities in small flats, bungalows

Jobs:   work in offices, fields, shops, factories

Food:   seafood, noodles, omelettes

Free-time:   going to cafés and clubs, going out for

Activities:   dinner

Answer & Audioscript

Words to by crossed out:   lazy, bungalows, fields, noodles


Narrator:   Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the south-west of Europe. It’s famous for its beachers, bullfights and festivals.

Spaniards are well known for their beauty and stylish good looks. They have Mediterranean features, which means that they usually have black hair and brown eyes. They are not very tall, but as Pablo, a Madrid resident, says: “We might not be the tallest people in the world, but we’re always well-dressed!” The Spanish are also well known for their passionate nature, and visitors will find them to be very lively, friendly and sociable.

In Spain, most people live in cities in small flats. The cities are very picturesque and full of old buildings, narrow streets and impressive squares full of lively cafés. Most Spaniards work in offices, shops or factories.

The Spanish love to eat seafood. Many of the traditional dishes, such as paella, include seafood. Spanish omelettes are also very popular.

“We live life to the full,” says Pablo. Socialising and having a good time are very important in Spain. In their free time, Spaniards love going to cafés and clubs, or going out for dinner.

Spain is a fantastic country to visit. Its warm climate and passionate people make it a great place for a holiday.

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