Exercise 1

A. Tom asks his Italian friend, Paola, about visiting Venice, her home town. Listen and complete the Conversation.

TOM   Is Venice a good place to visit?

PAOLA   Oh, it’s a fantastic city to visit. 1________ lots of interesting old buildings, and 2________ some beautiful squares.

TOM   3________ any good restaurants?

PAOLA   Yes, 4________, but they’re quite expensive.

TOM   What about cafés? 5________ any good cafés?

PAOLA   Oh yes, 6________ lots of good cafés. The coffee’s very good in Italy.

TOM   And how can I get to places? 7________ a metro?

PAOLA   No, 8________ a metro, but we don’t need one. 9________ lots of canals, so you can go everywhere by boat.

B. Listen and complete the conversation.

A   Excuse me, 1_______ you tell me how to 2_______ to the park?

B   Yes, 3_______ straight on and 4_______ right at the corner.

A   Is that right into King Street?

B   Yes and 5_______ along King Street until you 6_______ to Park Road, then 7_______ left.

A   Left into Park Road?

B   Yes and 8_______ straight on for about 50 metres. The park is on your right.

A   Thank you very much.

Answer & Audioscript


1 There are   2 there are   3 Are there

4 there are   5 Are there   6 there are

7 Is there   8 there isn’t   9 There are


1 can   2 get   3 go   4 turn   5 go   6 come   7 turn   8 go

Exercise 2

A. Jim’s sister, Ruth, comes to visit him in his new flat. Listen to their conversation. Which rooms does Jim show Ruth?

 the kitchen

b   the living room

 the bathroom

 the bedroom

B. Listen again and write down the furniture they talk about in each room.

Room 1   ………………………………

Room 2   ………………………………

Answer & Audioscript


b   the living room

d   the bedroom


Room 1:   armchair, mirror

Room 2:   wardrobe, bed


JIM   So, what do you think of this room?

RUTH   Mmm … Nice and big. I love that armchair.

 Yes, it’s quite … interesting.

R   Is it yours?

 No, it’s David’s. He’s my flatmate.

R   I love it. That mirror over there. Is that Mum and Dad’s?

 Well, yes, but really it’s mine now.

R   Well, no it isn’t. It comes from my old room. It’s really mine.

 Are you sure? I don’t remember it in your room. Well, it’s Mum and Dad’s, not ours.

R   But it comes from my old room at their place.

 Yes, well, anyway – let’s have a look at another room. … So this is my favourite room, of course.

R   Lovely – it’s nice and light and clean.

J   And it’s a good size.

R   Whose wardrobe is that? Is it Mum and Dad’s?

J   Yeah, it’s theirs. It’s from home. They said I can use it.

R   But that’s from their bedroom.

J   They’ve got a new one.

R   So it’s all our parents’ furniture in here?

J   Well … I guess … some of it. The bed’s mine.

R   Are you sure?

Exercise 3

A. Listen and complete the conversation.

RUTH   I love that armchair.

JIM   Yes, it’s quite … interesting.

RUTH   Is it 1________?

JIM   No, it’s 2________. He’s my flatmate.

RUTH   I love it. That mirror over there. Is that 3________?

JIM   Well, yes, but really it’s 4________ now.

B. Read about Jean Paul’s flat. Listen and complete the text.

I live in a flat with seven rooms. It’s not 1________ – it’s my 2________. In my bedroom, there’s a really big bookcase that I love. It’s my 3________, but she doesn’t live at home now so I don’t think it’s 4________ any more – it’s 5________. My father’s got a study with a beautiful old desk. It’s really my 6________, but Dad always says to Mum, ‘It’s not 7________ now, it’s 8________.’

Answer & Audioscript


1 yours   2 David’s   3 Mum and Dad’s   4 mine


1 mine   2 parents’   3 sister’s   4 hers

5 mine   6 mother’s   7 yours   8 mine

Exercise 4

A. Listen to Part 1 and answer the questions.

1   Where do Dan and Leo want to go?

      a   shopping

      b   the gym

      c   a meeting

      d   lunch

2   There’s a problem. What is it?

B. Listen to Part 1 again. Choose the correct answer.

1   The street name on Leo’s phone is:

      a   Bedford Street

      b   Park Road.

2   Leo says South Street is:

      a   off Park Road

      b   off North Street.

3   Dan doesn’t want to be:

      a   too early

      b   late.

Answer & Audioscript


 c   a meeting

 The map on Leo’s phone shows a different street from the one they are on.


1 b   2 a   3 b


DAN   Come on, Leo. This meeting’s really important. We can’t be late.

LEO   OK. I don’t understand.

D   What?

 This says ‘Bedford Street’, but on my phone it says ‘Park Road’.

D   Are you sure it’s here?

 I think so.

D   What street do we want?

 Park Road.

D   Are you certain?

 Yes, South Street is of Park Road.

D   I don’t want to be late for this meeting. Can I have a look at your phone?

C. Listen to Part 2. What do Dan and Leo do when they’re lost?

1   Look again for the correct street on your phone.

2   Continue along the street and look for the correct street.

3   Ask someone for help to find the correct street.

D. Listen to Part 2 again. Are the sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences.

 Dan and Leo want to find a bank that is on the corner of Park Road and South Street.

 The man on the street says there’s a bank 150 metres away.

Answer & Audioscript


Dan and Leo ask someone for help to find the correct street.



 F (The man on the street says there’s a bank about 50 metres away.)


DAN   This map shows there’s a bank on the corner of Park Road and South Street. … Excuse me, sorry. Is there a bank near here?

MAN   A bank? Yes. There’s a bank down there. It’s about 50 metres away.

D   Thanks very much. Let’s go.

E. Listen to Part 3. Answer the questions.

1   Do they find the correct bank?

2   Does the woman they talk to know where South Street is?

F. Listen to Part 3 again. Follow the woman’s directions. Write South Street on the map.

Answer & Audioscript


1   No, they don’t.

2   Yes, she does.



LEO   Are you sure this is the right bank?

DAN   I don’t know … this is Henrietta Street, not South Street.

L   So, where’s South Street?

D   Sometimes these maps aren’t very clear.

L   Excuse me.

WOMAN   Yes?

 Can you tell us how to get to South Street?

W   South Street. Yes, sure. Go straight on, turn right at the corner.

 Into King Street?

W   That’s right. Then go along King Street until you come to Park Road.

 Ah! So Park Road is further along?

W   That’s right, about 100 metres. Turn right into Park Road, go straight on and South Street is on your left.

D   So, we turn right and then right again and it’s on the left?

W   That’s it.

D   Great, thanks. Let’s run!

Exercise 5

A. Antonella, Keith and Jia talk about what they think makes a good neighbourhood. Listen and answer the questions.

1   Who likes a neighbourhood that is:

      a   new

      b   busy

      c   quiet?

2   Who do you agree with?

B. Listen again. Write the places in the box next to the people who talk about them.

houses  –  restaurants  –  shopping mall  –  clubs

shops  –  cafés  –  museum  –  cinema  –  park

a   Antonella   …………………………………

b   Keith   …………………………………

c   Jia   …………………………………

Who likes their neighbourhood? Who doesn’t?

Answer & Audioscript


1   a Jia   b Antonella   c Keith

2   Students’ own answers


 Antonella − cafés, restaurants, museum

 Keith − clubs, restaurants, houses, shops, cinema

 Jia − houses, shops, shopping mall, park

Antonella likes her neighbourhood. Keith and Jia don’t like their neighbourhoods.


ANTONELLA   For me it’s very important for a neighbourhood to have lots of cafés and restaurants. I like an exciting neighbourhood. I like going out and meeting my friends a lot. I like a neighbourhood with lots of people in it. My neighbourhood is quite exciting. There’s also a museum near my house, so I’m really lucky.

KEITH   I think a good neighbourhood is a quiet one. So, for example, no clubs or restaurants – nothing like that – only houses. My neighbourhood isn’t like that – there are lots of shops and restaurants. And there’s a cinema close to my house – I really don’t like that.

JIA   I think a good neighbourhood is a new one – new houses and shops. I also like a neighbourhood that is close to a shopping mall. It’s good to have lots of new shops near you – it’s interesting. In my neighbourhood, there aren’t any shops – there’s only a park. It’s a little bit boring.

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