1. Look at the pictures then listen and tick (✓) the three places the speaker mentions.

Answer & Audioscript

Pictures: A, C, G



Paris, the capital of France, is a shopper’s paradise, with plenty of large department stores as well as thousands of delightful smaller shops.

Antique lovers can find fantastic furniture in the small antique shops on Bonaparte and Jacob Streets, and collectors can find rare books on the bookstalls lining the banks of the River Seine. There are also some great department stores which sell everything from perfume to furniture. Galleries Lafayette, Paris’ largest department store on Boulevard Haussmann, offers a great variety of high quality woollen skirts, leather jackets and designer clothes. The Marais is a group of little streets with some of the trendiest boutiques. There you can buy fashionable clothes, shoes and jewellery. For shoppers with big bank accounts, there is a wide range of jewellers’ and designer fashion houses along the Rue de Rivoli, such as Cartier, Chanel, Nina Ricci and Christian Dior.

Shops in Paris are usually open from eight or ten in the morning till about seven in the evening, from Monday to Saturday. The big sales come after Christmas and before the autumn collections.

Don’t miss the chance to go shopping in Paris. There is always something to suit everyone’s pocket and taste.

2. Listen and underline the correct item.

1   Harrods is a shop in Kensington / Knightsbridge.

2   The Chairman of Harrods is Charles Henry Harrod / Mohamed Al Fayed.

3   Harrods has survived 3 wars / a fire and two bombings.

4   Harrods employes over 4,000 / 6,000 staff.

5   The Toy Departments / The Food Halls are the heart and soul of Harrods.

6   The sales are in March and July / January and July.

Answer & Audioscript

1 Knightsbridge   2 Mohamed Al Fayed

3 a fire and two bombings   4 4,000

5 The Food Halls   6 January and July


“All Things, for All People, Everywhere”

“Enter a Different World”, it says on the doormat, and this is what you do when you visit Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. Harrods is “the world’s most celebrated store”, says Chairman Mr Mohamed Al Fayed.

In the beginning, though, Harrods was just a small grocer’s shop. It was opened in 1849 and run by Charles Henry Harrod. His son took over and added medicines and perfumes, as well as fruit, flowers, sweets and a van delivery service.

Over the years, Harrods has survived a fire, two World Wars and even two bombings. In 1983, Harrods moved abroad and opened a branch in Japan and later others in Hong Kong. Singapore and Taiwan, as well as airport shops in most major European cities.

Today, around 35,000 people visit Harrods every day. It has got 300 departments spread over seven floors and employs over 4,000 staff. It also has eight doormen, known as ‘Green Men’, as well as its own fire brigade, security personnel, doctors and nurses.

Harrods is the official supplier of certain goods to the Royal Family, and sells everything from clothes to caviar. The Food Halls are still the heart and soul of Harrods. In addition to the nineteen bars and restaurants in the store, there is a bank, a travel agent’s, a dry cleaner’s and the biggest hair and beauty salon in Europe.

January and July are very busy months for Harrods because they are sale times. Over 300,000 customers visit the store on the first day alone. Many people sleep outside the store all night to be first in when the doors open on the first day.

“All things, for all people, everywhere” is the store’s motto. The Harrods name means the best of British quality, service and style. All in all, Harrods is a fascinating place to visit.

3. Listen and match the dialogues to the shops in the pictures.

Answer & Audioscript

A 2   B 5   C 3   D 4   E 1



A:   I’m looking for Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Do you have it in stock?

B:   Yes. It will be in the Classics section, on your left.

A:   Thank you.


A:   Do you have this in my size?

B:   Yes. Here you are. Would you like to try it on?

A:   Yes, please.

B:   The fitting rooms are to your right.


A:   Good morning. Two white loaves and half a dozen rolls, please.

B:   White or brown rolls?

A:   White, please.

B:   Here you are. Anything else?

A:   No, thanks.


A:   A kilo of mince, four pork chops and two chicken breasts, please.

B:   Okay. We’ve got some lovely beef sausages today if you’re interested.

A:   That’s a good idea. I’ll have six, please.


A:   Excuse me – I can’t seem to find the sugar.

B:   It’s at the other side of the shop.

A:   Where, exactly?

B:   Aisle 7. Follow me and I’ll show you.

A:   Thank you.

4. Listen and answer the questions.

 Which city are the speakers in?

 What shops can you find there?

 What can you buy at these shops?

 What are the opening hours?

 When do the sales take place?

 How does Lisa recommend the place to Alice?

Answer & Audioscript

1   Brussels (in Belgium).

2   You can find boutiques, confectioners’, lace shops, antique shops and enormous department stores there.

3   You can buy lovely antiques, clothes, jewellery, chocolate, pralines and lace there.

4   The opening hours are usually nine to six, but on Fridays the shops are open until eight.

5   The sales take place every January and July.

6   Lisa says that Brussels really is the best place for shoppers.


A:   Mm, that was wonderful coffee. Oh, it’s so nice to be here in Brussels with you, Lisa – and I can’t wait to go shopping!

L:   Ah, you’ve come to the right place, then! Boutiques, confectioner’s, lace shops, antique shops, enormous department stores – you can shop till you drop, my dear.

A:   That’s great! Where shall we go first?

L:   Well, the Sablon District is full of antique shops. You must visit Dewindt, on Lebeaustraat. It’s got some lovely antiques.

A:   Oh, Lisa! Aren’t you coming with me?

L:   I can’t, I’m afraid, but I’ll meet you at three, outside Inno Brussels on rue Neuve. It’s Brussels’ most famous department store, and you can buy everything from clothes to jewellery there.

A:   Ooh, that sounds exciting! And what about souvenirs? Brussels is famous for chocolate and lace, isn’t it?

L:   Yes, it is, and Leonidas on Boterstraat has the most delicious pralines in the world. We can also go to F. Rubbrecht in the Grand-Place. We’ll find the best lace there.

A:   Will we have enough time? The shops are open from nine to six, aren’t they?

L:   That’s right, but it’s Friday today. Shops are open until 8:00 pm on Fridays. And there are sales every January and July, so …

A:   The sales are on now? That’s great! I can find some bargains!

L:   Of course you can. Didn’t I tell you? Brussels really is the best place for shoppers!

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