Exercise 1

A. Match the words in the box with pictures A—E.

a hat  –  drums  –  a lamp  –  an exercise bike  –  a tent

B. Listen to people talk about their shopping mistakes. Match speakers 1—5 with pictures A—E.

1 ___     2 ___     3 ___     4 ___     5 ___

Answer & Audioscript

1 C   2 D   3 A   4 E   5 B


1   A shopping mistake? Um … well, my boyfriend wanted to go camping, so I bought him a tent. It was a good tent. I paid seventy dollars for it. Anyway, he put it up in the yard—once, I think. Imagine that, just one time! He never used it again. It was a waste of money. The truth is he really likes hotels!

2   I don’t really know … Oh yeah, last year my wife bought me an exercise bike. I thought it was a good idea, too, but you know, I think I used it three times. It was hard work! A real waste of money!

3   Shopping mistakes? Oh, that’s easy. Clothes. I often buy clothes and then when I get them home I don’t like them. For example, last month I went shopping with a friend and I bought a hat. It cost a hundred dollars. My friend said it looked beautiful. My boyfriend said it was terrible … so I sold it … on the Internet. I got ‑ fifty dollars for it. It was a real waste of money.

4   A shopping mistake? Oh yes, all the time. For example, I got my sister’s little boy some drums. For his birthday. I thought it was a good idea. He loves those drums. He plays them all day. So he’s happy … but my sister isn’t happy. Now she doesn’t talk to me! I called her yesterday, but she didn’t answer.

5   A shopping mistake. Erm … oh yeah, my mother gave us a lamp. We didn’t like it, but I know it cost her a lot of money. Then after a week I broke it. I tried to fix it, but it was impossible. Whoops!

Exercise 2

A. Listen to the conversations and check (✓) the correct answers.

1   Tom wants a World Cup

      a)   soccer shirt.

      b)   DVD.

2   Lisa goes first to

      a)   the Sports Department.

      b)   Home Entertainment.

3   Lisa

      a)   finds a gift for Tom.

      b)   doesn’t find a gift.

B. Complete the sentences. Then listen and check.

1   I’d ______ a DVD.

2   Can you ______ me a DVD of the World Cup?

3   ______ you help me?

4   Yes, I ______ like a soccer DVD.

5   Can ______ see it?

6   Can I ______ this one, please?

Answer & Audioscript


1 b)   2 a)   3 a)


1 like   2 get   3 Can   4 ‘d   5 I   6 have


A:   Hi, Tom. It’s Lisa.

B:   Oh hi, Lisa. How are you?

A:   Fine, thanks. Listen, what do you want for your birthday?

B:   Oh, I don’t know. Let me think … I don’t know.

A:   I’m in Bridge’s Department Store, so it’s a good time to tell me …

B:   Um … well, maybe something from the World Cup.

A:   For example?

B:   Er …

A:   Well, would you like a soccer shirt, or …?

B:   Um … no. Oh, I know! I’d like a DVD.

A:   A DVD of what?

B:   Well, can you get me a DVD of the World Cup?

A:   OK.

B:   Great. Thanks.

A:   No problem. Bye.

B:   Bye.

A:   Excuse me, can you help me? Where’s the Sports Department?

C:   It’s over there. Behind the Toy Department.

A:   Thanks.

D:   Can I help you?

A:   Yes, I’d like a soccer DVD, but there aren’t any DVDs here.

D:   No, the sports DVDs are in Home Entertainment. In the DVD section.

A:   Where’s that?

D:   It’s across from Computers and Phones. Over there.

A:   Thanks.

E:   Can I help you?

A:   Yeah, I want a DVD of the World Cup, but there are two different DVDs here. Which one is best, do you think?

E:   Er … let me see … this one has all the important games.

A:   Can I see it? Oh, yes. How much is it?

E:   It’s twenty dollars.

A:   OK, can I have this one, please?

E:   Yes, you pay over there.

A:   Oh, right. Thanks.

E:   You’re welcome.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to someone talk about a favorite or very useful possession and answer the questions.

Possession: _______

•   Where did you get it?

•   Where is it now?

•   What do you do with it?

•   Why do you like it?

Other information: _______

Answer & Audioscript

Possession:   camera

Where did you get it?   New York.

Where is it now?   In his bag.

What do you do with it?   He takes pictures of friends, places and himself.

Why do you like it?   It’s easy to use, it takes good pictures.

Other information:   He puts his pictures on his website. His camera is his travel partner.


One of my favorite possessions is my camera. It’s very small, and I keep it in my bag. I bought it last year in New York. I like it because it’s easy to use and it takes very good pictures. I take pictures of my friends, and of places and of me. I have a lot of pictures of me in different places. I put them on my website. I travel a lot, and I usually travel alone, but my camera is my travel partner.

Exercise 4

A. Listen and match the speakers with the activity gifts. There is one gift you don’t need.

Speaker 1   ……………….

Speaker 2   ……………….

Speaker 3   ……………….

Speaker 4   ……………….

B. Listen again and complete the table.


liked it (✓) / didn’t like it (✗)



He liked the music.

Cheryl was a great dancer.

They laughed.







Answer & Audioscript


1 C   2 3 A   4 E



liked it (✓) / didn’t like it (✗)



She was really scared.

It was dangerous.


He felt relaxed.

The countryside was beautiful.


It wasn’t good.

There were only two or three birds.

It was expensive.


Speaker 1

I’m not really a dancer, so I wasn’t very good. I liked the music, you know, and I went with Cheryl – she’s a great dancer. We laughed a lot. It was fantastic. I’m happy that we went, it was a great gift.

Speaker 2

It’s just so fast. I mean, I usually drive fast, 100 miles an hour on highway, but this was different. You don’t have time to think. I was really scared. I didn’t like it. I thought it was too dangerous.

Speaker 3

Amazing, really. Everything was so small from up there, so far away. I felt relaxed, very relaxed. We took hundreds of pictures. The countryside was beautiful.

Speaker 4

We were a small group – five of us. We went out to this place near the sea. A very quiet, beautiful place. We sat and waited. And waited. We didn’t speak. Our guide said, ‘Just wait.’ And then two or three birds were there, but nothing ‘amazing’. The guide said it was a bad day for it, sometimes they don’t come. So it wasn’t very good, really. I was angry because I know it was expensive.

Exercise 5

A. Listen and match conversations 1—3 with places a)—c).

a) someone’s home ………………

b) a store ………………

c) café ………………

Answer & Audioscript

a 3   b 2   c 1



A:   What would you like?

B:   I’d like a cheese sandwich.

A:   Would you like white bread or whole wheat?

B:   Whole wheat, please.


A:   Can I help you?

B:   Yes, I’d like that sweater, please.

A:   This one?

B:   No. I’d like that brown one, please.


A:   Come in. Sit down.

B:   Nice apartment!

A:   Thanks. Would you like a drink?

B:   Yes, I’d love an apple juice or something.

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