Exercise 1

1. Listen to three phone messages. Match the messages to the photos.

2. Listen to the messages again and answer the questions.

Message 1

 What country is the girl in?

 What does she say about the weather?

Message 2

3   Who is the boy camping with?

4   What day is he coming home?

Message 3

 What kind of sports does the boy do every day?

 What day is he coming home?

 Who do you think is having the best holiday?

Answer & Audioscript

1   Message 1 C   Message 2 A   Message 3 B

2   1 Portugal   2 great, hot and sunny   3 his friend Ben   4 Friday

      5 water sports   6 Saturday

      7 Students’ own answers but probably the girl in Message 1


Message 1

Girl:   I’m on holiday in Portugal with my friend Sofia and her family. They come here every year. We’re staying in a hotel for a week. The weather’s great – it’s really hot and sunny. Her parents have a car and we drive to the beach every day. There are also lots of really interesting places to visit. It’s fantastic!

Message 2

Boy:   I’m camping in Scotland for two days with my friend Ben. The weather’s really bad. It’s raining and it’s cold. We’re all sitting inside the tent. It’s not much fun! I can’t wait to come home. We’re leaving on Friday to catch an early train, so see you soon.

Message 3

Boy:   I’m on an adventure holiday in France with some friends. It’s great. We get the bus every day to the beach and do water sports there. The weather’s OK. It’s cold in the mornings but warm in the afternoons. We’re staying until Saturday and then we’re flying home. See you then!

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the conversation. Match the people with the photographs.

1   Katie ……      2   Tom ……      3   Mel ……

2. Listen again. Complete the sentences with Tom, Ed, Katie or Mel.

1   …………… wants to be in a different country.

2   …………… is on holiday for two weeks.

3   …………… goes dancing every night.

4   …………… is staying in a tent.

5   …………… isn’t going away this year.

6   …………… is going to stay with her grandparents.

Answer & Audioscript

1   1 C   2 A   3 B

2   1 Katie   2 Tom   3 Tom   4 Mel   5 Ed   6 Katie


Katie:   Hi, Ed!

Ed:   Oh, hi Katie! Are you enjoying the holiday?

Katie:   Yes, I am. But I want to be in a different country, like Tom.

Ed:   Where is he, Katie?

Katie:   Tom’s in Cancún, in Mexico.

Ed:   Wow!

Katie:   Have a look at his Instagram. Tom’s there for two weeks. He says the weather is great – much hotter than here in London.

Ed:   Sounds nice.

Katie:   I know. He swims in the sea for two hours in the afternoon because it’s too hot to sit on the beach! He goes dancing every night and he doesn’t go to bed until very late. He’s having a great time!

Ed:   Do you know Mel from the music club?

Katie:   Yes, I do. Is she somewhere hot too?

Ed:   No, she isn’t! She’s in Wales. I got an email from her. Hang on, let me find it. OK, Mel says: ‘It’s raining here, but I’m having lots of fun with my friends. We’re sleeping in tents near a farm. I think it’s more interesting than a hotel because there are a lot of cows and sheep.’

Katie:   I think Cancún sounds better!

Ed:   Me too!

Katie:   Are you going away with your family, Ed?

Ed:   No, not this year, but I’m happy at home. What about you, Katie?

Katie:   We’re going to stay with my grandparents next week. They live by the sea in a small fishing town in Devon. Not as hot as Cancún, but it’ll be nice.

Exercise 3

1. Listen to Shane talking about a surfing camp. Which activities does he talk about? Underline them.

kayaking      sandboarding      snorkelling

surfing      swimming

2. Listen again. Choose the correct words.

1    Where is this summer camp?

      a   Australia

      b   New Zealand

2   What activity do they do in the morning?

      a   snorkelling

      b   surfing

3   What equipment do they need to do this activity?

      a   a paddle

      b   a board

4   What other activities can they do in the afternoon?

      a   snorkelling and swimming

      b   snorkelling and kayaking

5   What do they wear to be safe in the sun?

      a   trousers and a shirt

      b   a hat and a shirt

6   What do they have in the evening?

      a   a barbecue

      b   a party

Answer & Audioscript

1   surfing, swimming, snorkelling

2   1 a   2 b   3 b   4 a   5 b   6 a


Presenter:   Today we’re in Australia. Australia is famous for surfing. Surfing is an important activity for lots of Australians. We’re here at Surfing Australia, a surfing summer camp. Young people stay here and learn to surf! Here’s Shane. He’s going to tell us about it.

Shane:   G’day. So, every morning, we get up and go to the beach. Teachers teach us how to surf. For surfing, you need a special board called a ‘surfboard’. A big surfboard is easier than a small one. Here’s my surfboard. It’s blue and yellow. First, you learn to paddle into the sea with your hands. Then you learn to stand up on your surfboard. And finally, you ride the waves. You go surfing! It’s cool!

Presenter:   And what else do you do?

Shane:   In the afternoon, there’s time to practise surfing. Or you can enjoy other beach activities, like snorkeling or swimming.

Presenter:   It’s very hot and sunny at the beach.

Shane:   Yes, it is. Australians know people need to be safe in the sun. We have an expression: slip on a shirt, slop on the sun-cream and slap on a hat.

Presenter:   ‘Slip, slop, slap.’ I like it.

Shane:   That’s right. And then, in the evenings, there are barbecues back at the camp, with other young people. We Australians call a barbecue a ‘barbie’. And we enjoy sitting around the campfire, before we go to bed.

Presenter:   It sounds fun.

Shane:   It is fun.

Presenter:   Well, that’s it from Australia.

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