Exercise 1

1. Listen to the conversation. Write yes or no.

0   The friends are in the part.   …yes

 This week’s photo club project is called ‘Every day’.

 Rosa’s camera is old.

 The new boy is called José.

 He’s got a very nice camera.

Answer & Audioscript

1 no   2 no   3 yes   4 yes


Joelle, Paolo and Rosa:   Hi … Hello … Hi.

Paolo:   What’s this week’s project for the photo club? I can’t remember! Is it ‘Every Day’?

Joelle:   No, that’s next week’s project. This week’s project is called ‘What can you do?’

Paolo:   Oh yes! So, what can you do, Joelle?

Joelle:   I can ride a horse … I can sail a boat … and I can ice skate. I’ve got lots of pictures to show you. Look!

Paolo:   Wow! They’re great! And Rosa. What about you?

Rosa:   Ummm – I can cook spaghetti … I can swim underwater … I can play the guitar. And I can take photos under the water with my new camera.

Joelle:   What about you Paolo? Can you ride a horse? Can you swim underwater?

Paolo:   No, I can’t.

Rosa:   Oh. Can you paint a picture? Can you sing? Can you play the guitar?

Paolo:   No, I can’t. But I can speak Italian. And I can remember lots of special dates.

Rosa:   Paolo! We can’t take a photo of that!

Paolo:   Well, take a photo of this, then.

José:   Er, excuse me?

Paolo:   Oh, hello.

José:   Hi, um, my name’s José.

Paolo:   Hi José. I’m Paolo and this is Rosa.

Rosa:   Hello.

Paolo:   … and Joelle.

Joelle:   Hi.

José:   Er, can you take my photo?

Paolo:   Sure. Wow, you’ve got a really nice camera! Say ‘cheese’!

José:   Cheese! Thanks. Well, bye.

Paolo, Rosa and Joelle:   Bye!

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the conversation. What quiz do they do?

2. Listen again. Choose the right (✓) sentence.

0    A   Ella can ride a horse. 

      B   Luca can ride a horse.

1    A   Ella can speak French.

      B   Luca can speak French.

2    A   Ella can’t sing.

      B   Luca can sing.

3    A   Ella can cook spaghetti.

      B   Luca can’t cook spaghetti.

4    A   Ella can swim underwater.

      B   Luca can’t swim underwater.

3. Listen again. Write Ella or Luca.

0   ……Ella…… has got a horse.

1   ……………….’s mum is from Italy.

2   ……………….’s spaghetti is very nice.

3   ………………. can’t ice skate.

4   ………………. can’t remember phone numbers.

Answer & Audioscript

1   What can you do? / a quiz on Max’s phone

2   1 A   2 A   3 A   4 A

3   1 Luca   2 Ella   3 Ella   4 Luca


Max:   Look at this!

Luca:   What is it, Max?

Max:   It’s a quiz. It’s called What Can You Do? Ready, Luca? Ready, Ella?

Ella and Luca:   OK!

Max:   Number 1. Can you ride a horse?

Ella:   Yes, I can!

Max:   Really?

Ella:   Yes! I’ve got a horse called Uno.

Luca:   I can’t ride a horse, Max.

Max:   Right. This is Number 2. Can you speak French?

Luca:   No, I can’t speak French, but I can speak Italian and German!

Max:   Wow! Really?

Luca:   Yes, My mum’s from Italy and my dad’s from Germany.

Max:   Can you speak French, Ella?

Ella:   Yes, I can! Bonjour!

Max:   OK. Number 3. Can you sing?

Ella:   Lalalalah!

Luca:   No, you can’t!

Ella:   Luca!

Max:   And you, Luca. Can you sing?

Luca:   Um …

Ella:   Luca can’t sing, Max!

Max:   Right, number 4. Can you cook spaghetti?

Luca:   Yes, I can!

Ella:   Luca’s spaghetti is very nice. I can cook spaghetti too, Max.

Max:   Number 5. Can you ice skate?

Ella:   No, I can’t.

Luca:   I can!

Max:   Right, number 6. Can you swim underwater?

Ella and Luca:   Yes, I can!

Max:   OK. Number 7. Can you remember phone numbers?

Ella:   Yes, I can.

Max:   Luca?

Luca:   Yes, I can. I can remember your phone number, Max. It’s 831, 21 … No. 832 11. No. OK, I can’t remember phone numbers. What about you, Max? What can you do?

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