Exercise 1

1. Listen to Tara and her friend Dan talking about their adventure holiday. Which activities below to they not mention?

camping      diving      hiking      horse riding

kite surfing      mountain biking      paddle boarding

sailing      waterskiing      zip wiring

2. Listen again. Complete the table with Tara’s and Dan’s holiday activities.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Answer & Audioscript

1   diving, waterskiing


Monday: hiking

Tuesday: sailing, horse riding

Wednesday: zip wiring

Thursday: mountain biking, paddle boarding

Friday: kite surfing


Tara:   Hello?

Dan:   Hi. Is that Tara?

Tara:   Oh hi, Dan. How’s it going? Guess what! I’m going on an adventure holiday next week.

Dan:   Me too!

Tara:   Oh! Mine’s called International Adventure Week and it’s in the Pyrenees, but not far from the sea. It’s from 31st March to 7th April.

Dan:   I’m going on the same one! Cool! How are you getting to the airport?

Tara:   My parents are taking me there by car. Can you remember all the things we’re doing next week?

Dan:   No, but I’ve got some information here from the website. Um … Hang on … Here it is.

Tara:   Great. So when are we going mountain biking and paddle boarding? They’re my favourite!

Dan:   That’s on the 3rd April, … so that’s Thursday. It says we’re following bike paths through the mountains and then we’re going paddle boarding.

Tara:   Excellent! What about the other days?

Dan:   Let me see. We’re going hiking on Monday. We have to get up really early because we’re getting on a bus at five o’clock in the morning! It’s taking us to somewhere in the mountains and then we have to get back to the activity centre alone. I hope I can find my way back and I don’t get lost.

Tara:   Me too! And when are we going zip wiring? Is it Tuesday?

Dan:   No, it’s Wednesday. That looks amazing! It’s so high!

Tara:   And fast! When are we going sailing?

Dan:   That’s on Tuesday. But we aren’t going sailing on the sea. We’re going on a lake near the centre. After that we’re going horse riding at the centre. It’s a shame we aren’t going camping.

Tara:   I don’t mind. I don’t like camping.

Dan:   And then there’s kite surfing on Friday morning and a barbecue and a party in the evening. Everyone’s doing something from their country – cooking food, playing music, things like that.

Tara:   I’m taking my guitar, so I can play and sing.

Dan:   Good idea! I’m not taking my keyboard with me next week – it’s too big!

Tara:   OK, I guess I’ll see you at the airport next week!

Dan:   OK, Tara. Bye.

Exercise 2

1. For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write one word or a number or a date or a time.

You will hear a teacher telling students about an adventure holiday.

Adventure Holiday

Name:   Across the Water

Start date:   (1)…………….

Number of student places:   (2)…………….

Place:   Close to a (3)…………….

Cost:   (4) £…………….

For more information, phone:   (5)…………….

Answer & Audioscript

1 28th July   2 16   3 river   4 345   5 05371 255946


You will hear a teacher telling students about an adventure holiday.

Teacher:   Hello, everyone. I want to tell you about a new adventure holiday for this summer. It’s called Across the Water and it’s going to be really great! The holiday is from 28th July for a week. Yes, most holidays are in August, but ours is in July and August.

I think you’re really going to like it because the group isn’t too big. We have four rooms, so there is space for 16 students.

Last year’s adventure holiday was beside the sea and everyone liked it. This year it’s near a river. We’re kayaking, zip wiring and even spending a few nights camping.

This holiday is £345 for the week and that includes everything. It’s even cheaper than last year, when the price was £375!

Are you interested? Then tell your parents about the holiday and get them to call me on oh-five-three-seven-one two double five nine-four-six. See you there!

Exercise 3

1. For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write one word or a number or a time.

You will hear a teacher telling students about a trip.

School Trip

Name of the island:   ……Dolphin…… Island

Time boat leaves:   (1)………………

Place for lunch on the island:   (2)………………

Age of the castle:   (3)……………… years old

Activity:   (4)………………

Person to call for help:   (5) Mrs………………

Answer & Audioscript

1 11.30   2 beach   3 900   4 kayaking   5 Murphy


You will hear a teacher telling students about a trip.

Teacher:   Good morning everyone! Before we get on the bus, I need to tell you some things about today. As you know, we’re going to Dolphin Island. It’s called that because you can often see these beautiful animals swimming there. The bus is leaving soon to take us to the boat, and that goes at eleven thirty. We’ll get to the island at about twelve o’clock.

We’re having a picnic lunch. We’ll eat on the beach, and then walk through the forest to Woodside Castle. A rich family built the castle 900 years ago, and it was the only building on the island for 200 years. Now, there are holiday homes and hotels, as well as the activity centre. We’re going there for our activity: kayaking. While we’re there, look out for the zip wire – it’s fantastic! Maybe we’ll do that next time. After that, we’re coming home.

If you have any problems today, you need to phone Mrs Murphy – that’s M-U-R-P-H-Y. She and Mr Brown are coming with us. I’ll next you all her number in a minute, so you’ve got it on your phones. Any questions?

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