Exercise 1

1. Listen to the quiz. Match the questions to the names of the cities.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6



Rio de Janeiro


New York


2. Read the sentences and write the name of the city. Then listen again and check.

1   It’s the largest city in the world.

2   Every year, there’s a big carnival here.

3   Lots of films are made here.

4   The city has a lot of bridges.

5   The Olympic Games were in this city in 2016.

6   It has a statue that’s known around the world.

7   It’s the second-biggest city in China.

8   Its most famous cathedral is on an island.

Answer & Audioscript

1   1 – Beijing   2 – Paris   3 – New York

     4 – Rio de Janeiro   5 – Tokyo   6 – Mumbai

2   1 Tokyo   2 Rio de Janeiro   3 Mumbai   4 Paris

      5 Rio de Janeiro   6 New York   7 Beijing   8 Paris


Presenter:   OK, are you all ready? The quiz will begin in a few moments. All the questions are about cities of the world. Listen carefully to each question and then write down the name of the city.

Here is question 1.

This is the second biggest city in China. It’s in the north of the country and has some beautiful parks and temples, including the Summer Palace. It also has a very famous stadium, called the Bird’s Nest. What is its name?

Question 2

This city is in Europe. The city has a lot of bridges, museums and art galleries, including the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay. It has one of the most famous cathedrals in the world – Notre-Dame. The cathedral is on an island in a river. There’s another beautiful church in the city, called Sacré-Coeur.

Question 3

This city is in the United States of America. It’s probably the most famous city in the US, but it’s not the capital. It has a statue called The Statue of Liberty. It’s on an island, so you can take a boat trip to see it and also the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge. There are many other great places to visit. Central Park and Times Square are both popular.

Question 4

This Latin American city is next to the Atlantic Ocean. It has one of the biggest football stadiums in the world. It’s a modern city with many skyscrapers, but it also has a beautiful and very interesting old town. The other really famous thing here is the statue of Jesus on top of a mountain above the city. Oh, and every year there is a big carnival in the city, at the end of February. The Olympic Games were here in 2016.

Question 5

This is the largest city in the world. It’s in Asia. It’s very modern and busy, and is famous for its bright lights, skyscrapers, shopping areas and restaurants. The city also has many excellent museums, temples and gardens, and, of course, over 150 foreign embassies. There’s a beautiful mountain called Mount Fuji, not far away.

Question 6

This is the largest city in India, but it’s not the capital. It’s in the west of the country by the sea. It has a very large film industry. It’s a great place for tourists because it has both beaches and wonderful museums. There’s a beautiful fountain called the Flora Fountain in the south part of the city.

Exercise 2

1. Listen to someone talking about a sports stadium and (✓) tick the correct sentences.

The speaker

1   tells you what’s going to happen in one month.

2   gives you information about when the stadium’s open.

3   is talking to stadium staff.

4   wants you to go to the stadium.

2. Listen again and choose the correct answers.

Harlake Staridum

5 January

New Year’s family party – the city’s biggest party!

Family of four: £50. Includes for each person a (1) meal / snack, music, games and dancing.

11 January

Music concert with top band Money Talks

The band will perform songs from their number one album (2) Money / Honey. Tickets cost (3) £50 / £50 online

14 January

Professor Clinton Richards is talking about his new book Know Everything. The first (4) five / thirty-five people to buy a ticket will meet Professor Richards in the stadium’s (5) restaurant / cinema.

18-21 January

Tennis tournament – 18th and 19th for players (6) under / over 16, and 20th and 21st for (7) under 16s / young adults. Tickets cost £10 every day of the tournament.

Answer & Audioscript

1   1 ✓   2 ✗   3 ✗   4

2   1 meal   2 Honey   3 45   4 five   5 restaurant   6 under   7 young adults


Man:   There’s more than just sporting events happening at the Harlake Stadium this January. It’s going to be a really exciting month. We start with our New Year’s family party on the 5th of January in the stadium’s events venue. The cost of the party is just £50 for a family of four, and there will be a fantastic lunch for every member of your family, as well as live bands, dancing and games. It’s the city’s biggest party – don’t miss it!

On the evening of the 11th of January, we’ve got the top band Money Talks, playing songs from their number one album, Honey. Tickets are £45 when you buy them online, or only £43 when you buy them at the stadium ticket office at least a week before the concert.

In the afternoon of the 14th of January, Professor Clinton Richards will be here to talk about his wonderful new book, Know Everything. Tickets for this are £35. And the first five people to buy one will be able to meet Professor Richards after the talk, in the stadium’s new restaurant – above the cinema.

From the 18th until the 21st of January, there’s an amazing tennis tournament. This will be for players aged under 16 on the 18th and 19th, and then for young adults – including some professional players – on the 20th and 21st – the tennis stars of the future! Tickets sell quickly for this as they are only £10 every day of the tournament, so book your tickets soon.

We really hope to see you at the Harlake Stadium this January!

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