Exercise 1

1. Listen to a boy speaking to his friend Nadia. What does he want Nadia to do?

2. Listen again and complete the notes.



 Date: 28th and 29th …………… .


 Ticket prices: Adults: £10. Under 16s: £………

 Times: …………… am to midnight

 Address: Market Square on …………… Avenue

 How to get there: Bus number …………… or ……………

Answer & Audioscript

1   He wants Nadia to go to a street food festival.

1   1 June   2 foodzone   3 8.50   4 9.30 am   5 Green   6 74, 89


Boy:   Hi, Nadia. Listen, I’m going to a street food festival with my family. Do you want to come with us?

Nadia:   Of course! You know I love food! But when is it? We’re away on holiday from the 3rd to the 16th of July.

Boy:   That’s OK – it’s next weekend, Saturday and Sunday. It’s the 28th and 29th of June. We want to go on Sunday.

Nadia:   OK. I can ask my mum. Do we need tickets?

Boy:   Yes, you can get them from the festival website. It’s That’s F-double O-D-Z-O-N-E.

Nadia:   Got that, thanks. Do you know how much the tickets are?

Boy:   Well, for adults it’s £10, but it’s cheaper for us because we’re under 16. We pay just £8.50. And we get three plates of food for that! Each plate of food after that is £2.50.

Nadia:   Fantastic! And what time is it on?

Boy:   Let’s see … It opens at nine thirty in the morning.

Nadia:   Oh no, that’s too early!

Boy:   I agree! And it closes at midnight. My parents want to go at about two o’clock. Is that OK for you?

Nadia:   Yes, I think so. I need to check with Mum first. Where is it?

Boy:   It’s in the market square on Green Avenue. Two buses go that way – the 74, and the 89. The 74 is easier for me because it stops outside my house.

Nadia:   That’s good for me too. I’ll speak to my mum and call you back.

Boy:   Sure, no problem. Speak to you later Nadia.

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the conversation between two friends, Josh and Lily. What does Josh like eating?


2. Listen again and choose the correct answers.

 Lily goes to classes on Wednesday / Thursdays.

 The classes start at 4 pm / 5.30 pm.

 Lily pays £15 / £20 a month for the classes.

 There are 13 / 30 students in the class.

 Last week Lily learned to make curry / pizza.

 The teacher’s phone number is 01632 960875 / 01632 960578.

 Lily goes to classes in a restaurant / London.

Answer & Audioscript

1   1 curry

2   1 Wednesdays   2 5.30 pm   3 £15   4 13   5 pizza

     6 01632 960875   7 a restaurant


Lily:   Hi, Josh!

Josh:   Hi, Lily. I’m phoning to ask about those cooking classes you go to. Are they fun?

Lily:   Yes. They’re really good! Do you want to learn to cook?

Josh:   Yes, I can make pasta, but I want to learn more. When are the classes?

Lily:   Well, I go on Wednesdays, but there are classes on Thursdays as well.

Josh:   I’d like to go to the same class as you. What time do they start?

Lily:   At five thirty, so we have time to go home after school finishes at four. The class is two hours long.

Josh:   How much does the class cost?

Lily:   You’ve got a student card, haven’t you?

Josh:   Yes, is it cheaper for students?

Lily:   That’s right. It’s usually £20 a month but for us it’s £15.

Josh:   Are there many people in the class?

Lily:   Not many. There are thirteen people in my group.

Josh:   And what do you learn to make?

Lily:   Well, last week we made pizzas with cheese and mushrooms. Next week the teacher says it’s India week, and we’re making curry.

Josh:   Great! I love curry. Can you give me the teacher’s phone number?

Lily:   Umm, wait a minute … yes, it’s 01632 960875.

Josh:   Let me repeat that: 016320960875, right?

Lily:   Yes. Oh and it’s on London Road, in the little restaurant on the corner.

Josh:   That’s Bob’s restaurant. I know it. OK, thanks, Lily. See you there next week.

Lily:   Bye, Josh.

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