1. Look at the words under each picture and guess which of them might appear in the story based on the picture you can see. Then listen and underline the words you hear.

jungle floor, sticky, icy, hissing, python, thrilled, help, screamed

branches, freezing, sea, pool, thunder, lightning, horror, cold

moonless forest, snow, rain, midnight, tired, whispered, dark shape, fired

Answer & Audioscript

1   jungle floor, sticky, hissing, python, help, screamed

2   branches, freezing, sea, thunder, lightning, cold

3   moonless forest, snow, midnight, tired, whispered, dark shape, fired



Frances Clark looked up from the flower she was studying on the soft jungle floor. She felt hot and sticky as it was the middle of the afternoon. Everything was strangely quiet. No animal sounds, no rustling of leaves. Suddenly she heard something hissing behind her head. Her eyes grew wide with terror as a huge python wound itself around her. “Help!” she screamed. “Someone help me!”


“Oh no, I can’t hold on,” Sammy shouted. He grabbed desperately for the branches of a tree as the freezing water of the river carried him towards the sea. Cold rain was pouring down while the thunder boomed, covering his shouts for help. The bright lightning made the night seem like day. Sammy was stiff from the cold.


Jake and Bill were walking through the moonless forest. The snow was falling silently around them. It was about midnight and they were feeling tired. Suddenly Jake stopped. “There it is,” he whispered to Bill. Slowly he raised his gun, aimed at the dark shape, then fired.

2. Listen and answer these questions.

1   What was the weather like?

2   Where and when did this happen?

3   Who was involved? How did they feel? Why?

Answer & Audioscript

1   The weather was cold and cloudy.

2   It happened at a railway station on a Monday afternoon.

3   Miriam and Paul. Miriam was unhappy and sad. Paul was desperate and helpless because Miriam was leaving. They had no other choice.


The train pulled noisily into the station that cloudy cold Monday afternoon. Miriam and Paul looked at each other, then Miriam picked up her luggage and, trying to hide her tears, made her way towards the door. Paul followed her quietly. He felt desperate but he knew they had no other choice. Miriam reached the door. She turned round, looked at him and smiled sadly. The whistle sounded sharply. “Goodbye,” she said, then got into the train.

3. Listen and fill in the missing words.

Diane Brookes (1)…………….. at her wooden desk. It was about midnight and everything was (2)…………….. . She felt (3)…………….. after all this hard work, but now the computer disc was ready. Suddenly she heard a (4)…………….. outside her office. Someone was trying to (5)…………….. in. Diane wasn’t surprised. She knew they were coming for her. She looked at the door, then calmly asked, (6) “……… ……… you?”

Answer & Audioscript

1 was sitting   2 quiet   3 tired   4 noise   5 get   6 Is that

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