Exercise 1

Listen and circle the correct answers.

1   Sue is calling from overseas.

a   Yes     b   No

2   Sue is on vacation.

a   Yes     b   No

3   Sue lives in the U.S.

a   Yes     b   No

Answer & Audioscript

1 a   2 b   3 a


Sue   Hi. Hello?

Marcy   Hello … is that you, Sue?

Sue   Hi, Marcy? Yes, it’s me.

Marcy   How are you? How are things? How is the show going?

Sue   Everything is fine, Marce, The show has been a big hit. We’ve had full houses every night. How are things at home? I miss New York!

Marcy   Oh, you know, New York is as usual – it’s great. Where are you?

Sue   I’m in Beijing, China.

Marcy   Wow! What’s it like? I’d love to go to Beijing.

Sue   It’s amazing. Very different. But the people are all really friendly, and the audiences are great. I’m having a good time.

Marcy   I can imagine. How long are you staying there?

Sue   Just until Friday. Then we’re going back to Vietnam, then Thailand again.

Marcy   Wow. So have you been to Singapore yet?

Sue   Yes, we have. We were there last weekend. We did four performances in a row.

Marcy   Well, so how are you feeling? Pretty tired, huh?

Sue   Yes. But I’m really enjoying it. And it’s been great being with the other actors. It’s fantastic.

Marcy   When are you coming back, Sue?

Sue   Well, it’s just two days in Vietnam, three days in Thailand, and then we’re flying back to New York on Sunday. Then we spend a week in the States before going to Venezuela and Brazil.

Marcy   Wow. This show is really doing well. Listen, I’ll come to the airport and pick you up.

Sue   Oh, that would be really nice, Marce. Sunday, we get in about 7:00 in the evening. Okay, better go. See you then.

Marcy   Bye, lots of love. See you on Sunday!

Exercise 2

Listen to the conversation between Harry and his mom. Check the things that Harry has done.

 He’s been to Sydney Harbour.

 He’s taken some pictures.

 He’s been to Bondi Beach.

 He’s been in the ocean.

 He’s tried snake meat.

 He’s tried some local beer.

 He’s been to Melbourne.

 He’s called his friend.

 He’s bought some souvenirs.

10   He’s rented a car.

Answer & Audioscript

1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10


A   Hi, Mom.

B   Hi, Harry, how are you?

A   Great, Mom. I’m having a wild time!

B   Where are you now?

A   I’m in Sydney right now.

B   So, what do you think of Australia?

A   It’s great … I’ve been to Sydney Harbour, which was awesome, and taken some great pictures. I haven’t been to Bondi Beach yet and I haven’t been in the ocean either, but I’ve still got lots of time to do those things.

B   What’s the food like?

A   Not bad. I’ve haven’t tried any snake meat, which is really popular here, but I’ve tried some of the local beer! It’s great on a hot day and there’s a lot of sun here!

B   Did you like Melbourne?

A   Well, I haven’t been there yet … I might forget it and go to Adelaide instead. I’ve called my friend who lives there and he’s invited me to stay for a few days.

B   Is it expensive? Do you want me to send you some money?

A   No, actually, it’s pretty cheap. I’ve bought some great souvenirs and I’ve rented a car to take a trip out to Lizard’s Point tomorrow.

B   Well, it sounds like you’re having a great time!

A   I am! Speak to you soon, Mom.

B   Bye.

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