Exercise 1

1   Listen to this conversation between Amy and Lauren. Answer the questions.

1   What is their relationship?

2   What is the conversation about?

3   Do they find a time to meet?

2   Listen again and make a note of Lauren’s plans for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evening.













dentist 9:30


Kate’s 7:00

Interview – 10 a.m.



Hairdresser 11:00


Gallery opening 6:30

clients all morning



Lunch/ Jodie


dinner/ Jay – 8:30

shopping/ Mom



Answer & Audioscript


1 friends   2 going out for dinner   3 yes


Tuesday: drinks/Jen

Thursday: movie/Mel

Saturday: Joe arrives


Lauren   Hello?

Amy   Hi, Lauren. It’s Amy.

Lauren   Oh, hello, Amy. Long time no see!

Amy   I know … sorry … you know how it is … I’m working and studying – always busy! So, I was wondering … would you like to go out for dinner some time?

Lauren   Yes, good idea. I’d love to.

Amy   Okay, how about Tuesday?

Lauren   Oh, sorry. I can’t on Tuesday. I’m meeting Jen for drinks.

Amy   Well, how about Thursday then? That’s a good day for me because I’m not working.

Lauren   … uh … no, I can’t, I’m afraid. I’m going to a movie with Mel on Thursday evening.

Amy   Ooh, well. You’re so popular! … Well, how about Saturday? Can you do Saturday?

Lauren   Oh, Amy. Look … I’m really sorry … Joe’s coming on Saturday … you know, my brother … I can’t change it because he’s only in town for a couple of days …

Amy   Well, that leaves Sunday. Are you by any chance free on Sunday?

Lauren   Well … I don’t usually go out on Sunday. I like to have an early night, you know … but maybe just this once … Oh, sure, why not? I really do want to see you.

Amy   Great! Sunday it is then! How about trying that new Italian restaurant on 9th Avenue? So what time …

Exercise 2

1   Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.

 Who is speaking?

 What is their relationship?

 What are they talking about?

2   Listen again. Mark the statements True or False.

 Sarah feels excited.

 She met Jack at a party.

 Sarah got three replies.

 Sarah and Jack are going to see each other next week.

 She hopes they’ll get married.

Answer & Audioscript


1 Nita and Sarah   2 friends

3 Sarah’s personal ad and her date next weekend


1 True   2 False   3 False   4 True   5 True


Sarah   Nita, hi, it’s Sarah.

Nita   Hi, Sarah. How are you? Great to hear from you!

Sarah   Well, I’m great actually … I’m really excited.

Nita   Excited? Why?

Sarah   Well, I placed a personal ad in Time Out last week … You know, an ad for meeting someone to go out with.

Nita   A personal? You did?

Sarah   Yeah … and I got five replies …

Nita   Five replies … really? But were they any good?

Sarah   Well, this one guy, Jack … he sent a photo, and he’s really good-looking!

Nita   Really?

Sarah   Yes, and he called, and we had a long phone conversation. He asked me out, and I’m going to meet him next weekend.

Nita   Next weekend! Wow! What are you going to do?

Sarah   I don’t know. He said it’s a surprise. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll fall in love, and then maybe we’ll get married – I hope so!

Nita   Whoa, Sarah! Slow down a bit! You haven’t even met him yet! I mean, he’s good-looking, but what if you don’t like him?

Sarah   I’m sure I’ll like him. He sounded really nice on the phone. And anyway …

Exercise 3

Listen to the conversation. Number the phrases in the order you hear them.

……   What about in a few weeks?

……   go out for lunch

……   for a couple of days

……   how about going for a drink tonight

……   go shopping

……   long time no see

……   have an early night

……   I’m afraid I’m out of town

……   go out for coffee

Answer & Audioscript

1   long time no see

2   for a couple of days

3   how about going for a drink tonight

4   have an early night

5   What about in a few weeks?

6   I’m afraid I’m out of town

7   go out for coffee

8   go out for lunch

9   go shopping


A   Hey Gill, long time no see.

B   Hi Ben, great to see you.

A   What have you been doing lately? Are you still working at the bank?

B   Yes, I’ve been there for about a year now, but I’m on vacation right now. I’m going to the beach for a couple of days. I’m leaving tomorrow.

A   Wow, sounds great. Well then, how about going for a drink tonight to catch up some more?

B   Actually, I’m planning to have an early night because we’re leaving around 7 o’clock in the morning. It’s a long drive to San Pedro Beach.

A   Yes, it is.

B   What about in a few weeks? I’m back in town on the 16th.

A   I’m afraid I’m out of town then, myself. I have a business trip to Europe coming up.

B   Okay, well, are you busy right now? We could go out for coffee, or go out for lunch.

A   Great! I can go shopping later. What would you like to eat?

B   Well, do you like Italian food? We could go for pizza.

A   Mmm, sounds great, in fact, I know a good place on the next block.

Exercise 4

Listen and check the correct speaker for each statement.

 Most people will speak English.

      Ben     Julia

 People will speak another language in addition to English.

      Ben     Julia

 Computers will be able to turn on the TV.

      Ben     Julia

 Most married women will work while their husbands stay at home.

      Ben     Julia

 The government will stop couple from having more than two children.

      Ben     Julia

 Newspapers will disappear.

      Ben     Julia

 The news will come from computers.

      Ben     Julia

 Economics will be the most important thing taught in school.

      Ben     Julia

Answer & Audioscript

1 Julia   2 Ben   3 Julia   4 Ben

5 Ben   6 Julia   7 Julia   8 Ben


A   Well, Julia, what do you think will happen in the future?

B   I’m not sure Ben – no one can be absolutely certain about the future, of course, but I think it’s probably fair to say that most people will speak English, because it’s the international language of communication.

A   I think you’re right, but I also think that there are other really important languages that are spoken by people all over the word, like French, German, and Spanish. I imagine that most people will speak another language too.

B   I’m not so sure. Maybe if they need it for their jobs. I think computer technology will be very advanced. I think computers will be able to do all sorts of things like operate your washing machine and turn on your TV.

A   I agree. I also think that most married women will go to work and their husbands will stay at home and watch the children. I think the government will actually stop couples from having more than two children, like they do in China.

B   No way, they couldn’t do that. Hm. What else? I don’t think there’ll be any journalists because newspapers will disappear – we’ll be able to get all the news we need from computers.

A   Yes, maybe, but you still need journalists, even if the news comes from computers. What about schools? I think economics will become the most important subject taught in school.

B   No, I don’t agree at all. I think computer technology will. I mean, think about how important computers are in the world today.

Exercise 5

Listen to the conversation about a trip to Europe. Check True or False for each statement.

 Jamie is going to fly from JFK airport.

      True     False

 Jamie isn’t going to visit London.

      True     False

 Jamie is going to take a boat trip down the Seine.

      True     False

 Jamie is going to stay in London for a week.

      True     False

 Jamie is going to fly to Paris.

      True     False

 Jamie is going to buy chocolate in Austria.

      True     False

 Jamie is going to visit Italy.

      True     False

 Jamie isn’t going to sunbathe in Italy.

      True     False

Answer & Audioscript

1 True   2 False   3 False   4 True

5 False   6 False   7 True   8 False


A   Hey Jamie, tell me about your trip. Where are you going to fly from?

B   I’m going to fly from JFK airport.

A   What’s your first stop?

B   Well, I’m going to visit London first because I’ve heard it’s great in the summer. I’m going to take a boat trip down the river Thames!

A   Wow. What are your plans after that?

B   I’m going to stay there for a week and after that I’m going to take a train to Paris. Apparently it only takes three hours. When I arrive, I’m going to eat lots of French food!

A   You lucky thing … so how about after Paris?

B   I’m going to rent a car and drive to Switzerland. When I get there, I’m going to buy the best chocolate I can find!

A   Sounds great. So what’s your final destination?

B   After that, I’m going to fly to Italy. By the time I get there, the weather will be perfect, so I’m going to look for a quiet beach an do some sunbathing before I fly back.

A   Well, I hope you have a great time.

B   Thanks, I will!

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