Getting Ready

When do you give gifts? Check (✓) your answers and compare them with a partner. Then talk about the kinds of gifts you give for each occasion.


to say “Thank you”



when someone has a baby

Mother’s Day / Father’s Day


other: ……………………….


your own answers

Listening 1

What gift does each person decide to buy? Listen and number the pictures.

Answer & Transcript

A 3   B 5   C 2   D 6   E 4   F 1



A:   Who are you buying a gift for?

B:   It’s a present for Annie. To say thank you for helping me with a school project. Any ideas?

A:   I think some jewelry would be nice. Maybe a bracelet.

B:   I don’t know. A bracelet sounds expensive.

A:   How about this key chain?

B:   That’s a great idea!


A:   Are we getting Mom a Mother’s Day present this year?

B:   Of course! I was thinking of getting her some flowers.

A:   Oh, flowers are nice, but it’s our Mom! We should get her something really special!

B:   I know. Let’s get her some really nice jewelry.

A:   I agree. Let’s get her that bracelet we saw last week.


A:   Are you going to Brandon’s graduation party, too?

B:   Yes, and I think we need to bring a gift.

A:   Oh, that’s right. For Brandon, hmm… How about a necktie?

B:   I don’t know. I wonder if a tie is really useful

A:   You’re right. I know! A pen!

B:   Perfect! Let’s get him a pen.


A:   Do you see anything here that we can get to take to Jason and Alison’s wedding?

B:   Not really. Can’t we just bring them some flowers?

A:   No. Flowers aren’t right for a wedding. We have to bring them something nice for their home.

B:   Oh, I see. Hey, how about this teapot?

A:   Yeah, that looks nice. Let’s get it.


A:   That was nice of the Roberts to invite us to dinner.

B:   Yes, and we need to bring something.

A:   Like a “hostess” gift?

B:   Exactly.

A:   What about that teapot we saw at the store today?

B:   Well, for dinner, you usually bring something a little less expensive, like, uhm…

A:   Like flowers?

B:   Perfect!


A:   I’m trying to think of a gift for my dad for Father’s Day. Any ideas?

B:   How about a pen?

A:   That’s a good idea, but he has so many pens.

B:   I see. What about a tie?

A:   Um, yeah. He certainly needs ties to wear to work…

B:   Okay. Let’s go to the department store. I’ll help you pick one out.

Listening 2

Task 1

People are discussing gifts in a store. Listen and check (✓) their opinions about each item.

1   Necklace




Not good

the style

the color

the size

2   Shirt




Not good

the style

the color

the size

3   Glasses




Not good

the style

the color

the size

4   Jacket




Not good

the style

the color

the size


1   the style: good, the color: good, the size: okay

2   the style: okay, the color: good, the size: not good

3   the style: good, the color: not good, the size: okay

4   the style: not good, the color: okay, the size: good

Task 2

Listen again. Do the people buy the items? Check (✓) the correct answer.

1   yes


2   yes


3   yes


4   yes


Answer & Transcript

1 yes   2 no   3 no   4 yes



A:   What do you think of this necklace for Mother’s Day?

B:   Well, the style is good.

A:   Is it too big for her, though – is it too wide?

B:   No, the size is okay. How much is it?

A:   It’s, uhm, Wow – $150! That’s pretty expensive.

B:   Well, how about the color?

A:   The color is perfect. So is the style.

B:   You should just put it on your credit card. It is Mother’s Day, after all!


A:   Wow! Look at this shirt! What a great color!

B:   Yes, the color is nice. Is it his style?

A:   Yeah, the style is okay. And Dad can use a shirt this color.

B:   How much is it?

A:   It’s $50.

B:   Hmm, that’s okay – not great, but okay.

A:   Yeah, I see what you mean. What about the size, though?

B:   Yeah, it’s too big. And this is the only size.

A:   Well, should we buy it?

B:   No. The color is good, but the size isn’t right, so even though the price is okay, let’s keep looking.


A:   How about these glasses for Laura and David’s wedding?

B:   The style is good. They have a nice shape.

A:   Let’s see, they’re $60 for four glasses.

B:   Doesn’t that seem expensive? They’re awfully small.

A:   No, the size is okay, and the price is actually okay, too, for a really nice set like this.

B:   Okay, but do they only have that color?

A:   Hmm, yeah, it looks like they’re all blue.

B:   Are blue glasses useful? I mean, will they go with their other stuff?

A:   Now that you mention it, I don’t think blue is a good idea.

B:   Yeah, let’s look for something similar in another color.


A:   I have to get my brother a graduation present. He loves clothes. What do you think about this jacket? It’s exactly his size.

B:   Hmm, I would prefer blue, but I guess brown is okay for him.

A:   That’s what I thought. And the price is right.

B:   How much is it?

A:   It’s only $29.99.

B:   Well, that’s a great price, and the size is good, but what about the style?

A:   Hmm, you don’t like the style?

B:   No, the sleeves are wrong. I don’t like that style at all.

A:   Yeah, I agree, but I’m going to get it anyway because the price is so good.

B:   Okay, he’s your brother!

Listening 3

Task 1

Salesclerks are describing gifts in a store. Listen and circle the correct information about each item.

1   The chocolates ………………… .

     a   make a good souvenir

     b   are imported

      come in two kinds

2   The candles ………………… .

     a   come four to a box

     b   are already gift-wrapped

      comes in two different sizes

3   The T-shirts ………………… .

     a   are popular with teenagers

     b   come in four styles

      come in four sizes

4   The watches ………………… .

     a   have bands made in Japan

     b   come in many sizes

      all lock different


1 c   2 b   3 a   4 c

Task 2

Listen again. What phrase completes each statement? Write the correct letter.

 The chocolates ……

 The candles ……

 The T-shirts ……

 The watches ……

 are made from natural ingredients.

 aren’t right for everyone.

 fit anyone.

 are made from cotton.

Answer & Transcript

1 b   2 a   3 d   4 c



I see you’re looking at the chocolates. That’s a perfect gift to take your host for a dinner here, but not a good idea to take home as a souvenir. They’ll melt. But these chocolates are very high-quality. And they aren’t imported. They’re made right here from local ingredients. There are two kinds – dark chocolate and light chocolate, but only one size. They’re all two-pound boxes, but they might not be right for everyone because some have nuts. You have to be careful because some people are allergic to nuts.


These candles are a good gift if you are going to a housewarming party. They come two to a box, so the number is perfect. You don’t want to give four of anything – it’s bad luck. There are three sizes – these are medium sized, but you can get shorter and taller ones, too. They’re really convenient because they come already wrapped. And, notice the wrapping paper is yellow. Yellow is a perfect paper color for wrapping this kind of gift because it means “happiness.” Oh, and they’re completely natural. They’re made of beeswax and other natural ingredients.


Let’s see… if you want to get some souvenirs for teenagers, I recommend these T-shirts. T-shirts with pictures and writing on them are very popular with young people. There are two styles – red with black writing and black with red writing. As for sizes, we have, uhm, let’s see… small, medium, large… Uh, I’m afraid they don’t come in extra large. Anyway, they’re made from 100 percent organic cotton, too. They’re a great deal for the price.


These watches are very popular souvenirs for any girls or women on your gift list. They’re quite pretty, aren’t they? They’re more like jewelry than just watches. Local artists make the wristbands. The beads in the bands are all made from stones that come from the local region. And they’re all different. Notice? Here’s one with mostly green stones, and here’s one with mostly blue stones. The watch part itself comes from Japan – it’s very good quality. And the great thing about these – because the band is elastic, one size fits all.

Conversation Corner: Buying a gift

Task 1

Listen to the conversation. Write the missing words.

A:   I’m going shopping. Do you want to come with me?

B:   Yes. I have to buy birthday presents for the twins, …………… and …………… .

A:   Oh, that reminds me! We have to get some graduation presents.

B:   Right. We need something for …………… .

A:   And …………… is graduating, too. We need a present for him.

B:   Okay. And as long as we’re out, why don’t we get the wedding present?

A:   You mean for …………… and ……………? Good idea!

Task 2

Practice the conversation with a partner. Be sure to stress the names correctly.

Answer & Transcript

A:   I’m going shopping. Do you want to come with me?

B:   Yes. I have to buy birthday presents for the twins, Heather and Allison.

A:   Oh, that reminds me! We have to get some graduation presents.

B:   Right. We need something for Michael.

A:   And Jonathan is graduating, too. We need a present for him.

B:   Okay. And as long as we’re out, why don’t we get the wedding present?

A:   You mean for Lisa and Kevin? Good idea! 

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