1. a) Listen to the three extracts (A, B, C) and match the speakers with the problems.

– “I don’t know whether to keep my job.”   ………

– “I’m afraid I’ll feel useless.”   ………

– “I miss my old friends.”   ………

Answer & Audioscript

– “I don’t know whether to keep my job.” -> B

– “I’m afraid I’ll feel useless.” -> C

– “I miss my old friends.” -> A



I moved to London with my family a month ago. I haven’t made any new friends yet and I miss my old friends. I’m going to start at my new school next week but I don’t want to. I’m afraid my new schoolmates will tease me because of my accent. I think I’ll be miserable there. I want to go back to my village. What can I do?


I’m a working mother with a two-month-old son. My house is very far from my workplace. If I carry on working there, I’ll miss out on the pleasure of spending time with my son. I’m thinking of applying for a part-time job in a place which is much nearer, but if I get the job, I’ll earn a lot less money and I’ll have no chance of promotion. Could you please help me?


I am 65 and I have always been kept busy with my shop, but I will be retiring in February, so I’m not going to have anything to do. I’m an active person and it will be impossible for me to sit around the house. If I spend my time just going on pensioners’ trips or walks in the park, I’ll feel useless. Any ideas?

1. b) Now listen to Auntie Claire and write down one piece of advice she gives to each person.

A:   …………………………………

B:   …………………………………

C:   …………………………………

Answer & Audioscript

Suggested answers

A:   Why don’t you join a gym?

B:   If you can afford to live on less money, then you should apply for a part-time job.

C:   You could also do some work for charities and help others with your experience and abilities.


1   The best thing you can do is to stop worrying. There are so many things you can do to feel useful. How about taking up a hobby which you never had time for before? You could also do some work for charities and help others with your experience and abilities.

2   You ought to think about what is best for your family. If you can afford to live on less money, then you should apply for a part-time job. This will be much better for you because you’ll have more time for your son. Alternatively, if your present workplace has got a child-minding centre for its employees’ children, I strongly advise you to stay. In this way you’ll be close to your son and you can also seek promotion. Hope this advice is of some help to you.

3   I don’t think you should worry so much. Why don’t you join a gym? You’ll make lots of friends there. If I were you, I wouldn’t be afraid of starting at the new school. If you go there with a positive attitude, I’m sure that everything will be OK.

2. Listen to Betty and Frank talking and tick what Frenk suggests she should do.

 ride your bike

 go jogging

 take diet pills

 join a gym

 stop eating fatty foods

 cut out milk and bread

 go on a diet

Answer & Audioscript

1, 2, 4, 5, 7


Frank:   What’s the problem, Betty?

Betty:   I’ve put on weight, I’m afraid. I’ve gained 5 kilos.

Frank:   Well, Betty, you shouldn’t worry so much. You can easily lose weight if you want to.

Betty:   That’s easy for you to say!

Frank:   Look, why don’t you start doing more exercise – ride your bike, or go jogging, for instance?

Betty:   But Frank, I don’t have the time. I spend most of the day working.

Frank:   You could join a gym and go twice a week. I’m sure you can find time for that.

Betty:   I suppose I could do.

Frank:   You should also stop eating fatty foods. Cakes and pizzas are delicious, but you’ll have to cut them out. If I were you, I’d go on a diet.

Betty:   You’re probably right. I’ll ask the doctor’s advice.

3. Read the table then listen to a teacher giving advice about the best way to prepare for an exam and fill in the missing words.

The night before the exam

– revise the most important (1)……………

– don’t spend the whole night (2)……………

– listen to some (3)…………… to help you relax

– get a good night’s (4)……………

– don’t go to bed (5)……………

– don’t forget to set your alarm (6)……………

The morning of the exam

– get up (7)……………

– have a good (8)……………

– don’t (9)…………… at all

– get to the exam centre at least (10)…………… before the exam starts

– avoid talking to (11)…………… people

Answer & Audioscript

1 points   2 studying   3 music   4 sleep   5 late   6 clock

7 early   8 breakfast   9 study   10 half an hour   11 nervous


Mr McCormick:   Good morning everybody, I know you’re all worried about the exams that are coming up, so I thought we’d talk about the best way to prepare for them. I don’t mean revising, but what you should do to be at your best on the day of the exam.

Girl:   Sir?

Mr McCormick:   Yes, Patricia?

Girl:   What should we do the night before the exam? Is it a good idea to try and revise everything then?

Mr McCormick:   No, no – definitely not. You should revise the most important points of the subject you are going to sit, but I do mean points only. You should never try to read through the whole book at the last minute. Also, you should definitely not spend the whole night studying. Put your notes away early and listen to some music to help you relax. And make sure you get a good night’s sleep. If you don’t, you’ll be tired the next day and you won’t be able to concentrate.

Boy:   Is there anything else you would suggest for the night before?

Mr McCormick:   Oh, yes. One very important thing. If your exam is in the morning, don’t go to bed late and don’t forget to set your alarm clock!

Girl:   What about in the morning?

Mr McCormick:   You should make sure you get up early. You don’t want to have to rush – that will just make you more anxious. And have a good breakfast – nothing too heavy, as that might make you sleepy, but have some cereal and fruit, for example. That will give you energy for the day ahead.

Boy:   Is it a good idea to study your notes then?

Mr McCormick:   No, you shouldn’t study at all. Just relax at this point and your memory will do all the work for you. And make sure you get to the exam centre at least half an hour before the exam starts. That way you won’t have to worry about being late.

Girl:   What can we do about feeling nervous?

Mr McCormick:   Well, before you go into the examination room, try to avoid talking to nervous people. They will just make you feel more nervous, when the whole point is to be as relaxed as possible. Well, I think that’s about all I can tell you. Now, you just have to make sure you’ve done your revision and everything will be OK.

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