Exercise 1

1. Listen to three conversations. Match the health problems to the people in the pictures.

2. Listen again. Match the advice to the health problems in Exercise 1. Write 1, 2, or 3.

don’t do any sports   ………

eat fruit and vegetables   ………

don’t watch TV late   ………

go to hospital   ………

don’t walk   ………

rest   ………

go to sleep now   ………

drink a lot   ………

Answer & Audioscript

1   1 B   2 A   3 A

2    don’t do any sports   3

      eat fruit and vegetables   3

      don’t watch TV late   2

      go to hospital   1

      don’t walk   1

      rest   3

      go to sleep now   2

      drink a lot   3



Martin:   Here, here! Ahhh!

Coach:   What’s wrong Martin? Is your arm OK?

Martin:   My arm’s fine. It’s my leg! It really hurts.

Coach:   Right. I think you should go to hospital.

Martin:   Ahhh!

Coach:   No, no, don’t stand up. You shouldn’t walk on that leg. We’ll carry you to the car.


Girl:   Mum, I’m really worried!

Mother:   Why?

Girl:   I’ve got an important football match tomorrow, but I don’t feel well.

Mother:   Oh dear. What’s the matter?

Girl:   I’ve got a headache.

Mother:   Have you got a stomach ache as well?

Girl:   No.

Mother:   Mmm – I think you should go to bed now. You’ll feel better in the morning. You know, you shouldn’t watch TV or use the computer late at night. That’s why you get headaches!


Patient:   Hello Doctor.

Doctor:   Hello. How can I help you?

Patient:   Well. I get lots of colds. I had one last month and I’ve got another one now.

Doctor:   I see. Well, you haven’t got a temperature, but you look tired. You should rest when you have a cold.

Patient:   I see. Should I stop doing sport?

Doctor:   Yes, you should. You should also eat well. Have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Patient:   OK. And should I take some medicine?

Doctor:   No, you shouldn’t. You should drink a lot. Try water or lemon juice and honey.

Patient:   OK. When should I drink that?

Doctor:   You should have it every evening before bed.

Exercise 2

1. Read the sentences below and listen to the conversations between a boy called Jed and a girl called Holly. Are the sentences right (✓) or wrong (✗)?

 Jed wants to do a 5 km race.

 Holly can do the race with Jed.

 Jed wants to do the race with Holly.

 Jed is worried about the price of sports clothes and trainers.

 Jed is happy to get up early.

 Jed can go cycling as well as running.

 Jed is pleased to see Holly after the race.

2. What advice did Holly give Jed? Complete Holly’s notes with the phrases in the box. Listen again and check.

buy special running clothes

watch TV and play computer games

get good trainers

go running every day

go to bed early every night

eat well and drink lots of water

go swimming or cycling

do leg exercises

get an app

have chocolate or cake

Holly’s notes

Advice for Jed

He should

He shouldn’t











Answer & Audioscript

1    1

      2 ✗ (She can’t do the race. She says she’s busy.)



      5 ✗ (He hates getting up early.)

      6 ✗ (He hasn’t got a bicycle.)

      7 ✗ (He’s angry because she said she was busy on the day of the race.)


He should

      1 buy special running clothes

      2 get good trainers

      3 go running every day

      4 go to bed early every night

      5 eat well and drink lots of water

      6 go swimming or cycling

      7 do leg exercises

He shouldn’t

      8 get an app

      9 watch TV and play computer games

      10 have chocolate or cake


Jed:   Holly, look at this. There’s a five kilometre race we can enter. Let’s do it!

Holly:   Oh – umm … I’m busy that weekend. But you should do it Jed.

Jed:   That’s a shame! I’d really like to do it with you Holly.

Holly:   Never mind – I can help you prepare. I know all about keeping fit. I can give you lots of advice.

Jed:   Oh … OK then! There. My name’s on the list!

Holly:   Right, well, the first thing to do is to buy some special running clothes.

Jed:   Really?

Holly:   Yes, and you should get some new trainers.

Jed:   Oh dear! That sounds expensive.

Holly:   But it’s important. Now, how much time have you got before the race?

Jed:   Six weeks. Maybe I should download one of those apps. You know – ‘couch to 5k in 6 weeks’. My mum uses one and says it’s really good.

Holly:   No, you don’t need that! Listen to me. You should start tomorrow. Get up early and go running before school.

Jed:   But I hate getting up early.

Holly:   Well, you should go running every day. You need to go to bed early every night now Jed. No more TV or computer games.

Jed:   Uhh?

Holly:   You want to finish the race, don’t you?

Jed:   Well, yeah.

Holly:   You want to finish the race, don’t you?

Jed:   Well, yeah.

Holly:   Remember – you should eat well and drink lots of water. And you shouldn’t have any chocolate or cake. Oh, and as well as running, you should go swimming or cycling.

Jed:   But I haven’t got a bicycle.

Holly:   And you should do exercises to make your legs stronger. You should do lots and lots of those Jed.

Presenter:   Six weeks later.

Holly:   Well done Jed. You did it!

Jed:   Uhh? What are you doing here? You said you were busy!

Holly:   Oh, did I? Err … Sorry Jed!

Jed:   Wait till I catch you!

Holly:   Help!

Exercise 3

1. Listen to four conversations. Match the conversations (1-4) to the places (A-D).

2. Listen to the conversations again. Are the sentences right (✓) or wrong (✗)?

1   William hasn’t got a headache.

2   Susie has got a pain in her arm.

3   Carla’s eye hurts.

4   Marek’s foot hurts.

5   Marek thinks his hand is broken.

3. Complete the sentences from the conversations with the words in the box. Then listen again and check your answers.

about     matter     should     wrong

1   You ………………… take some medicine.

2   What’s the …………………, Susie?

3   OK, Carla. Tell me, what’s …………………?

4   What ………………… your hand?

Answer & Audioscript

1   A 3   B 4   C 1   D 2

2   1 ✗   2 ✓   3 ✗   4 ✓   5

3   1 should   2 matter   3 wrong   4 about



William:   Good morning, Mum.

Mother:   How’s your stomach ache, William? Why are you out of bed?

William:   Oh, it’s much better, Mum. But I’ve got a headache now.

Mother:   Really? You should take some medicine and go back to bed. It’s good there’s no school today.

William:   OK, Mum. You’re right. I’m happy it’s Saturday. I’ll go to bed now.


Teacher:   What’s the matter, Susie? You aren’t saying much in class today.

Susie:   I don’t feel very well.

Teacher:   What’s wrong? Have you got toothache again?

Susie:   No, I’ve got a pain in my arm. My teeth are fine.

Teacher:   Well, you don’t look very well. Go to the school office and call your parents.


Doctor:   OK, Carly. Tell me what’s wrong?

Carla:   I don’t feel very well and I think I’ve got a temperature. I feel hot and cold.

Doctor:   OK. Can you sit on the bed here? I’ll check. You came last week when you hurt your eye. How is it now? Does it still hurt?

Carla:   No, it’s much better, thanks.


Tom:   Catch the ball, Marek!

Marek:   OK. I’m trying … Ow!

Daisy:   What’s the matter, Marek?

Marek:   My foot really hurts. Ow, I think it’s broken.

Daisy:   Oh no! What about your hand? Does it hurt, too?

Marek:   My hand is OK. Ah, can you help me walk?

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