Exercise 1

1. Listen to the conversation. What are Grace and Daniel talking about? Who is Finn?

2. Listen again. Complete the table with the activities the friends choose.













3. Listen to the end of the conversation again. Complete Finn’s contact details.

1   Address:   ………………

2   Phone number:   ………………

3   Email address:   ………………

Answer & Audioscript


They are talking about which activities to choose for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Finn is a new student at the school.


Grace:   Skill – art, Fitness – modern dance

Daniel:   Skill – drums, Fitness – hockey

Finn:   Skill – chess, Fitness – running


1 33 Alloway Road   2 0734 667 378



Daniel:   So, Grace. What activities are you going to choose for your Duke of Edinburgh?

Grace:   I’m going to do art for my skill, of course! I love it and I really want to improve. And for my fitness, I’d like to do modern dance. I’m not sure about the volunteering yet. What about you, Daniel?

Daniel:   For my fitness I’m going to do hockey. There’s a club near my house, so I’m going to join that. And for my skill I’m going to learn the drums.

Grace:   But Daniel, you’re already learning the guitar and the keyboard. You can’t learn three instruments, can you?

Daniel:   Why not?

Finn:   Excuse me! I’m Finn. I heard you talking about the DofE. I’m a new student at this school, and I’m going to do the award too.

Daniel:   Oh, hi Finn. I’m Daniel and this is Grace.

Grace:   Hi Finn. So, do you know what activities you’re going to do?

Finn:   No, not yet!

Grace:   Well, what do you like doing in your free time?

Finn:   I like computer games. And I’m quite good at chess.

Daniel:   So, you could do chess for your skill. Look, it’s here on the website.

Finn:   Oh, brilliant!

Grace:   And what about your fitness? What sports do you like?

Finn:   That’s the problem. I don’t really like sports – well, I don’t like team sports anyway.

Grace:   You don’t have to do a team sport. You can do something like dance. Or swimming? Or running?

Finn:   Running sounds good! Oh, thanks guys – you’re so helpful!

Daniel:   No problem. But the volunteering’s more difficult.

Finn:   Well, why don’t you both come round to my house at the weekend and we can talk about it then?

Daniel:   OK! Where do you live?

Finn:   Just around the corner from school. My address is 33 Alloway Road. That’s A-DOUBLE L-O-W-A-Y.

Grace:   Great. Got that. I need to ask my mum first and then I can let you know. Can I text or call you tonight? What’s your number?

Finn:   It’s oh seven three four, double six seven, three seven eight.

Daniel:   Thanks. And what’s your email address? I can let you know if I find any good websites about volunteering.

Finn:   Yes, f dot townsend 56 at facemail dot com.

Daniel:   f dot … How do you spell Townsend?

Finn:   T-O-W-N-S-E-N-D

Daniel:   OK … f dot townsend fifty-six at facemail dot com. Thanks!

Exercise 2

1. Listen to a teacher talking to his class about a camping trip. Tick (✓) the correct sentences.

In his talk, the teacher

 tells students things they must not do on the trip.

 gives information about activities at the campsite.

 gives information about how they will travel.

D   tells students what they must do before the trip.

2. Listen again and complete the sentences with a number or a word.

1   The teacher is telling Class ……………… about this year’s camping trip.

2   Their trip is to ……………… .

3   They are on the trip for ……………… nights.

4   The trip costs £……………… .

5   ……………… students from the school can go on the trip.

6   At the campsite, you can play ……………… in the sports hall.

7   Students can win ……………… for cooking and art.

8   Students must give their forms to the teacher on ……………… next week.

Answer & Audioscript

1   B, D

2   1 4B   2 France   3 five   4 180   5 52   6 badminton

     7 awards   8 Monday


Teacher:   Good morning, Class 4B. Can you listen carefully, please, because I’ve got some information about this year’s camping trip for you and for Class 4A?

First, where are we going? Well, I know some of you wanted to go to Spain, but as you are learning French this year, we’re going to France. We’ll be away on the trip for five nights, but only three of the nights will be at the campsite. We’ll travel on the first and last nights.

Now the cost. This year each person will need to pay £180 for the whole trip. We know it’s a lot of money, but you don’t have to pay it all at one time. You can pay £60 a month in March, April and June.

As you know, two classes from our school are going together this year. 27 students from this class can go, and 25 students from the other class. So that’s 52 of you. There will be three teachers, too.

The campsite’s great. There’s lots to do there: you can play volleyball and tennis outside, and badminton inside. There’s a great sports hall for that. You can also learn new skills at the campsite. Students will get awards for cooking and art on the last night. There will also be sports competitions.

If you want to come on the trip, please take a form from my desk today. Take it home, ask your parents about it and fill it in. Then, bring your form back next Monday. I will put up a list of everyone that is coming on the trip in the classroom next Friday.

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