Exercise 1

1. Listen to Jason and Mia talking about music and musical instruments. Who can play:

 the saxophone?

 the electric guitar?

 they keyboard?

 the piano.

2. Listen again. Are the sentences right (✓) or wrong (✗)?

 Mia likes the new album a lot.   ✓

 Mia often listens to jazz at home.

 Jason likes opera.

 Jason’s sister plays in a rock group.

 Jason thinks the violin is easy to play.

 Mia likes the drums.

Answer & Audioscript

1   1 Mia   2 Jason   3 Jason   4 Mia

2    1

      2 ✗ (Jason doesn’t like listening to opera.)


      4 ✗ (Jason tried to play the violin but it was difficult.)

      5 ✗ (She hates listening to the drums. They’re too loud.)


Mia:   That was fantastic. I really loved it. It’s her new album, right?

Jason:   Yes, it is. And I think it’s her best album. What other types of music do you like?

Mia:   Well, I love listening to rap and jazz. We often listen to jazz at home. My parents and my older brother like it.

Jason:   Really? Jazz is ok, but it’s not favourite type of music. I like rock and hip-hop best. I don’t like listening to opera. But my parents love it! They listen to it all the time.

Mia:   Well, I think a lot of older people like classical music, but it’s not so popular with young people.

Jason:   Some like it. My sister plays the violin in an orchestra and in a band. So she likes playing classical music and rock.

Mia:   Oh, I’d love to see her play. Tell me when she’s got her next concert.

Jason:   Ok. We can go together.

Mia:   Great! Can you play the violin?

Jason:   No, I hate playing the violin. I tried but it’s so difficult!

Mia:   So what’s your favourite instrument then?

Jason:   Well, I really love playing the electric guitar. It’s a great instrument. I like playing the keyboard as well. What about you?

Mia:   My favourite instrument is the saxophone … I love playing the saxophone. I quite like playing the piano, too.

Jason:   What about the drums?

Mia:   No way. I hate listening to the drums – they’re too loud – and I certainly don’t want to learn to play them!

Jason:   I agree! So it’s your turn to choose an album. Which one do you want to play?

Mia:   How about this?

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the conversation. Shona is talking to her friend Emma about the music school. Complete the notes.

Music lessons are in the (1)………………

School lessons are in the (2)………………

Name of Music School: (3)………………

Phone number: (4)………………

Head’s name: Ms (5)………………

Email address: (6)………………

Answer & Audioscript

1 morning   2 afternoon   3 The Clarke School (C-L-A-R-K-E)

4 01572 39968   5 Phillips   6


Emma:   Hi Shona. Great to hear from you.

Shona:   Hi Emma, so tell me about your first week at the music school. Do you like it?

Emma:   Yes, it’s fantastic. It’s so different from our old school. We have lessons in the mornings, but they’re all about music. And then in the afternoon we have school lessons like maths.

Shona:   What do you do in the morning lessons? Do you learn to play different instruments?

Emma:   Yes. You can choose two instruments, and then you learn them for the first year. I’m not sure what to choose. I love playing the electric guitar, so maybe the guitar and … the keyboard.

Shona:   Yes, and then you can play your songs – and sing them too.

Emma:   And record an album!

Shona:   Do you only do music in the mornings?

Emma:   No, we learn about the history of music too, but that starts next week. I can tell you about that next Friday.

Shona:   Lucky you! I want to be at music school, but my mum and dad can’t pay for me.

Emma:   This music school is free!

Shona:   Really? What’s the name of the school?

Emma:   It’s called The Clarke School. That’s C-L-A-R-K-E.

Shona:   Right … C-L-A-R-K-E.

Emma:   You play in a band, Shona. You can come here too! Ask your parents to phone the school.

Shona:   Wow! Ok. What’s the phone number?

Emma:   0-1-5-7-2 3-double 9-6-8-7.

Shona:   0-1-5-7-2 3-double 9-6-8-7. Ok. Got that. And what’s the name of the head of the school?

Emma:   The head’s name is Ms Phillips. That’s P-H-I-double L-I-P-S.

Shona:   P-H-I-double L-I-P-S. Ok great. My parents can phone tomorrow.

Emma:   Oh, and here’s the email. They can email as well. It’s info-at-clarke 4, as the number, music-dot-com.

Shona:   info-at-clarke4music-dot-com. Ok. Thanks, Emma.

Emma:   Good luck!

Exercise 3

1. Listen to the conversation between Sam and a music teacher. What instrument does Sam want to learn?


2. Listen again and complete Sam’s notes.


Time of lessons: (0)……4…… o’clock

Days of lessons: (1)……………… and Fridays

Price of lessons: (2)£……………… an hour (for two lessons a week)

Address: 18 East Road – near the (3)………………

Teacher’s name: Mrs (4)………………

Teacher’s phone number: (5)………………

Answer & Audioscript

 the violin

 1 Tuesdays   2 25   3 park   4 Driscoll   5 643599


Sam:   Oh, hello. Is that the Park Music School?

Mrs Driscoll:   Yes. How can I help you?

Sam:   I’m phoning to ask about violin lessons. Are you the violin teacher?

Mrs Driscoll:   Yes, I am. My name’s Mrs Driscoll. What do you want to know?

Sam:   Can I have lessons after school? We finish at half past three.

Mrs Driscoll:   Yes, you can come here at four o’clock.

Sam:   And how long are the lessons?

Mrs Driscoll:   An hour. How many lessons do you want?

Sam:   Er, maybe two a week. Can I come on Wednesdays and Fridays?

Mrs Driscoll:   Er, let’s see. Erm, I teach another student on Wednesdays, but you can come on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Sam:   Yes, that’s great. How much is each lesson?

Mrs Driscoll:   Well, it’s usually £30. But because you’re having two lessons a week, it’s £25 an hour.

Sam:   That sounds good. Where are the lessons?

Mrs Driscoll:   At the music school. It’s 18 East Road. Catch the number eight bus from the theatre and get off at the park. The music school is near there.

Sam:   OK, thanks. Er, can you say your name again, please?

Mrs Driscoll:   Of course! It’s Mrs Driscoll. That’s D-R-I-S-C-O-double L. Let me give you my mobile phone number. Have you got a pen?

Sam:   Er, yes.

Mrs Driscoll:   OK. It’s 643 5 double 9.

Sam:   Uh huh. Thanks. See you next week then.

Mrs Driscoll:   Oh, wait, what’s your name?

Sam:   Oh, it’s Sam.

Mrs Driscoll:   See you next week, Sam.

Sam:   Yes, thanks. Bye

Mrs Driscoll:   Bye

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