Exercise 1

1. Listen to the conversation between John, a student on holiday in Moscow with his parents, and the hotel receptionist.

Why is John speaking to the receptionist?

2. Listen again. Are the sentences right (✓) or wrong (✗)?

 John is an only child.

 John wants to look around the city in the afternoon.

 The tourist information centre is a long way from the hotel.

 The receptionist hasn’t got an underground map.

 John thinks taxis are faster than the underground.

 John forgot his bag.

 The guest before John had several suitcases.

 There is a lift in the hotel.

Answer & Audioscript


Because he wants some information about sightseeing in Moscow.


1 ✗ (He has a sister.)


3 ✗ (It’s not very far.)

4 ✗ (It’s on the other side of the street map.)


6 ✗ (No, it isn’t his.)




John:   Hello. We arrived this morning. I’m a guest here with my mum and dad, and my sister.

Receptionist:   Oh yes, I remember. John, isn’t it? How can I help you?

John:   It’s our first time here in Moscow and we want to do some sightseeing this afternoon. Can you give me some information about things to see, please?

Receptionist:   Yes, certainly. I can give you a small street map Em, here it is. We’re here … and the tourist information centre is … here. It’s not very far. You can easily get there on foot.

John:   That’s perfect. Thank you. Do you have a guidebook? My mum and dad like having a guidebook. My sister and I think guidebooks are boring – we think it’s much more fun to use the internet to read about things to do in a city.

Receptionist:   Yes, we have some guidebooks here. You have to pay for them, though.

John:   OK, I’ll tell Mum and Dad. Oh, and do you have a metro map?

Receptionist:   Yes, look. It’s on the other side of the street map. The best way to get around Moscow is by metro or by bus. You can get day tickets for both.

John:   What about taxis? Aren’t they quicker?

Receptionist:   Taxis are OK, but they can be expensive and quite slow. There’s always a lot of traffic, so they often take a long time!

John:   Thank you. That’s really useful information for mum and dad. Bye.

Receptionist:   Goodbye … Oh, excuse me. You left your suitcase.

John:   Pardon?

Receptionist:   Isn’t that your suitcase there on the floor?

John:   No, that isn’t mine. Mine’s in our room. I saw a man here at the desk before me. He had lots of luggage. Perhaps it belongs to him. He went up in the lift.

Receptionist:   Ah yes. I remember. I’ll call his room. Thank you.

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the conversation between Ross and an assistant in the tourist information office. Match the people to the things they like.

1   Ross’s mum likes   ………

2   Ross’s sister likes   ………

3   Ross likes   ………

4   Ross’s dad likes   ………

a   football

b   music


d   old buildings

2. Listen again and choose the correct answers.

0   In Liverpool, there are two cathedrals / is one cathedral.

1   Ross likes the idea of the long / short boat trip.

2   You can visit Liverpool Football Club from 10.00 / 10.30 in the morning.

3   The woman says The Beatles were fantastic / famous.

4   Tate Liverpool has modern art / art from every century.

5   The assistant gives Ross information about transport / theatres.

Answer & Audioscript

1   1 d   2 a   3 b   4 c

2   1 short   2 10.00   3 famous   4 modern art   5 theatres


Assistant:   Hello, there. Can I help you?

Ross:   Hi. I’m here in Liverpool with my parents and my sister for three days. I’d like to get some information about things to do for all of us.

Assistant:   OK. Let’s see … do any of you like looking at old buildings?

Ross:   Hmm, Dad doesn’t enjoy doing that, but Mum loves it.

Assistant:   She’ll be happy then. There are two amazing cathedrals to visit.

Ross:   Oh, great.

Assistant:   Just a minute, I’ll give you a map so you can find them. Here you are. And what about going on the river on a boat? That’s fun. You can go on a short trip around Liverpool for 50 minutes or on a long one to Manchester. But that takes six hours.

Ross:   A short boat trip’s a really good idea.

Assistant:   And what about football? Liverpool’s football club is very famous, of course.

Ross:   Oh yes. My sister Jessica’s a big fan.

Assistant:   Great. You can go and have a tour between 10 and 3, every day of the week.

Ross:   She’ll like that.

Assistant:   Oh, good! And do you like music?

Ross:   I love it!

Assistant:   Do you know The Beatles? They were a very famous group from Liverpool from the 1960s. You can find out all about them at a special place called The Beatles Story.

Ross:   Sounds great! Are there any places to look at art in Liverpool? My dad loves looking at paintings.

Assistant:   Yes, there certainly are. For modern art, there’s Tate Liverpool, and for art from every century, there’s the Walker Gallery. But I can give you a list of the others, too. Here you are.

Ross:   Thanks! Dad’ll love this. Thanks very much for your help.

Assistant:   That’s all right. Oh, and by the way, there are some great shows on at the theatres tonight. Here’s some information about them, too.

Ross:   Thanks!

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