Exercise 1

1   Listen to the conversation. What are they doing?

 Listen again and circle the correct answer.


1   dances slowly / well.

2   sings beautifully / badly.

3   speaks Spanish fast / fluently.

4   speaks Portuguese fluently / badly.

5   drives carefully / fast.

Answer & Audioscript


She is filling out a form to find an e-pal, and he is helping her.


1 well   2 beautifully   3 fluently   4 badly   5 fast


Mandy   Okay, I’m filling out this form to find an e-pal. So what should I put?

Sam   Well, that’s easy. Just give all the information the form asks for.

Mandy   I’ve done most of it … but what should I put for abilities?

Sam   Well, you can dance very well …

Mandy   Okay … dances well … what else?

Sam   Well, your singing’s really good. You sing beautifully …

Mandy   I’m not sure that’s important. Well, yes, I do sing pretty well. I guess that’s an ability. Okay … sings beautifully

Sam   And you should mention your languages … speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently.

Mandy   Well, not quite … speaks Spanish fluently and Portuguese very badly.

Sam   How about a funny one … drives fast?

Mandy   Oh, very funny, Sam. But yes, okay, drives fast …

Exercise 2

Listen to the conversation and answer these questions.

1   Who is speaking?

2   Who are they talking about?

3   Is the impression of this person positive or negative?

Answer & Audioscript

1   two friends (one is called Courtney)

2   Courtney’s sister Jo’s new boyfriend

3   positive


Kel   So what else is going on, Courtney? How’s your sister?

Courtney   Which sister? Jo or Helen?

Kel   Jo … how’s Jo?

Courtney   She’s great … she has a new boyfriend!

Kel   Ooh … a new boyfriend! What’s he like?

Courtney   Well … he’s really nice … very friendly and talkative. I like him.

Kel   And what does he look like?

Courtney   He’s tall … he has dark hair and blue eyes … really good-looking.

Kel   Mm. Lucky Jo!

Courtney   Yeah – he cooks really well too … and plays the guitar fantastically.

Kel   Really? He cooks? And plays the guitar? I hate her?

Courtney   Me too!

Exercise 3

Listen to descriptions of six people. Circle the adjectives that describe each person.

1   Peter

fun     confident     adventurous     friendly      talkative

2   Jane

short     tall     blond hair     blue eyes     green eyes

3   Mark

well-built     tall     muscular     short hair     brown eyes

4   Chloe

talkative     serious     confident     intelligent      easygoing

5   Zoe

friendly     nice     humorous     serious     confident

6   Ella

beautiful     attractive     slim     big green eyes     big blue eyes

Answer & Audioscript

1   fun, adventurous

2   short, blond hair, blue eyes

3   well-built, muscular, short hair, brown eyes

4   serious, intelligent, easygoing

5   friendly, nice

6   attractive, slim, big blue eyes



A   What’s Peter like?

B   He’s great … he’s really fun and loves doing new things – he’s a really adventurous guy.


A   What does Jane look like?

B   She’s not very tall – she’s pretty short really. She has beautiful blond hair and green eyes – no wait, they’re blue, actually.


A   What does Mark look like?

B   He’s quite well-built – he has really muscular arms and legs, and he has short, black hair and dark brown eyes.


A   What’s Chloe like?

B   Well, she’s studying at college and she can be really serious at times. I mean, she’s awfully intelligent and knows lots of things. When she’s relaxed, she’s very easygoing.


A   What’s Zoe like?

B   Zoe? Well, I don’t think she’s really very confident. But she’s a very friendly person … she has time for everyone and she’s incredibly nice as well.


A   What does Ella look like?

B   She’s not exactly beautiful, but she is attractive. I mean she’s really slim and has these amazing big blue eyes.

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