1. Read the sentences, then listen and underline the correct word.

1   Rare plant and human / animal species are disappearing.

2   The trees are being cut / chopped down for paper or to make room for cattle farms.

3   Birds and animals lose / miss their homes.

4   Factories are polluting our rivers and lakes with dangerous oils / chemicals.

5   Sea life is threatened with extinction / loss.

6   Cars and factories are giving off dangerous waste / fumes.

7   We can plant trees and adopt / adapt animals.

Answer & Audioscript

1 animal   2 cut   3 lose   4 chemicals   5 extinction

6 fumes   7 adopt


      We have spent thousands of years fighting for our survival. Yet now we have discovered that our planet is under threat and, to make matters worse, it’s all our fault.

      The rainforests are dying, rare plant and animal species are disappearing, rivers and seas are being contaminated, crops are failing to grow, people are dying of hunger and the air is being polluted. It’s time we woke up to these problems and started repairing the damage.

      One of the major problems is the destruction of the rainforests in South America. They are home to half the world’s species and to millions of people. Moreover, the rainforests clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. The trees are being cut down for paper or to make room for cattle farms. As a result, birds and animals lose their homes and die. This destruction is also bringing about changes in the climate, air pollution, flooding, drought and famine. If we continue to burn and cut down the rainforests as we are doing now, the earth will never be the same again.

      Another big problem is water pollution. Do you like swimming in the sea or drinking a cool glass of water on a hot day? These simple pleasures may soon become a thing of the past. Factories are polluting our rivers and lakes with dangerous chemicals. Oil tankers are releasing thick, black oil into our oceans. Tons and tons of industrial and domestic waste are poured into our seas. Consequently, sea life is threatened with extinction.

      Air pollution is another important issue. The cars and factories in and around our cities are giving off dangerous fumes. In the past few years, more and more people than ever before have developed allergies and breathing problems. If we don’t do something now, our cities will become impossible to live in.

      Fortunately, it is not too late to solve these problems. We have the time, the money and even the technology to prepare the way for a better, cleaner and safer future. We can plant trees and adopt animals. We can create parks for endangered species. We can put pressure on those in power to take action. Together we can save our planet. All we need to do is open our eyes and act immediately.

2. Read the table, then listen and fill in the missing information.

litter lack of education streets are (1)…………….., people catch diseases
air pollution factories and (2)…………….. pollute the air cause serious (3)…………….. problems, trees and (4)…………….. are damaged
water pollution factories dump waste into (5)…………….., sea is polluted with (6)…………….. from tankers people suffer from (7)…………….. problems, fish are killed, rivers are contaminated
destruction of forests people cut down or (8)…………….. forests animals and plants lose their (9)…………….., animals may even become extinct, people have less (10)…………….. to breath
Answer & Audioscript

1 dirty   2 cars   3 health   4 plants   5 rivers   6 oil

7 stomach   8 burn   9 homes   10 oxygen


Teacher:   Good morning, everyone … As I mentioned yesterday, our school is planning to get involved in an environmental protection project, and I’d like to discuss which issues you consider the most important. Now, litter is something we can see all around us. Why do you think there’s so much litter. Penny?

Girl 1:   I think it’s because of lack of education. Lots of people just don’t know that it’s wrong to drop litter.

Teacher:   Right. And what problems does litter cause? Yes, David?

Boy 1:   Well, the streets are dirty of course – and if litter is left too long people can even catch diseases from it.

Teacher:   Exactly. What other environmental problems can you think of? Deborah?

Girl 2:   Air pollution is a really serious problem. Factories and cars pollute the air, and it’s ready bad for people.

Teacher:   Yes, it can cause serious health problems. And it doesn’t only effect people. Trees and plants are damaged by air pollution as well. Yes, Penny?

Girl 1:   Isn’t water pollution a serious problem too? I know that factories dump waste into rivers and the sea is polluted with oil from tankers.

Teacher:   Yes, you’re right. And what effects does that have? David?

Boy 1:   For one thing, people suffer from stomach problems if they drink polluted water. Another thing is that fish are killed, and rivers are contaminated so that nothing can live in them.

Teacher:   And what about the destruction of forests? How does this come about? Deborah?

Girl 2:   People cut down or burn forests, usually because they want to use the land for farming or building.

Teacher:   That’s right. And what effects does this have? Yes, Mike?

Boy 2:   Animals and plants lose their homes, for one thing, and then they may even become extinct. Another problem it causes is that people have less oxygen to breath because it’s trees that produce oxygen.

Teacher:   Yes, that’s right. Now, which of these problems do you think you’d like …

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