Exercise 1

1   Listen and circle the correct answer.

 This is an interview for a job / a course of study.

 The young woman wants to be a cleaner / an au pair.

 The older woman is explaining her duties to her / inviting her to stay.

2   Listen again and check (✓) the things the younger woman definitely has to do.

make breakfast

take the children to school

do the cleaning

make the beds

do the laundry

do the ironing

do the grocery shopping

make lunch

do the dishes

make dinner

Answer & Audioscript


1 a job   2 an au pair   3 explaining her duties to her


make breakfast, do the cleaning, make the beds, do the laundry, do the ironing, do the grocery shopping


Maggie   Hello.

Luiza   Hi, I’m Luiza.

Maggie   Hello, Luiza, come in … So you’ve come about the job.

Luiza   That’s right …

Maggie   Have you been an au pair before?

Luiza   Well … no, but at home I take care of my little brother and sister a lot. I’m sure I can do the job.

Maggie   Okay … well, it’s a pretty hard job. You have to get up early and make the kids’ breakfast …

Luiza   Oh, that’s okay. I like to cook. Do I have to take them to school?

Maggie   No, you don’t. My husband takes them … then you need to make the beds and do the cleaning …

Luiza   What about the laundry and the ironing?

Maggie   Well, not every day, but yes, maybe twice a week you could do the laundry and ironing …, and then I’d like you to do the grocery shopping and take care of the baby till I get home.

Luiza   Well, that sounds all right. Can I take the baby out?

Maggie   Yes, of course. You can take her to the park, but you shouldn’t stay out too long … she gets cold … you can take her grocery shopping with you, too.

Luiza   Is it okay if I smoke?

Maggie   I’m sorry … you can’t smoke in the house … you can smoke outside if you want to …

Luiza   No, that’s okay … So when do I start? …

Exercise 2

1   Listen to the announcements. Where would you expect to hear each one? Write TS for train/station or PA for plane/airport next to each number.







2   Here is a list of alternative ways of making the announcements you just heard. Listen again and number them in the order in which you hear them.

1   People mustn’t stand near the doors.

2   You mustn’t get on this train.

3   In an emergency, passengers should use their oxygen masks.

4   All passengers must fasten their seat belts.

5   Passengers must go immediately to the departure gate.

6   All passengers must change trains.

Answer & Audioscript


1 PA   2 TS   3 PA   4 PA   5 TS   6 TS


1 5   2 6   3 3   4 1   5 4   6 2


1   Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts as we are about to take off. Put your seats in the upright position. Do not use electronic devices.

2   This train terminates here. Change trains, please. Change trains.

3   In the unlikely event of an emergency, there is an oxygen mask above each seat. Put your mask on first, and then put on your children’s masks. Hold the oxygen mask to your face and breathe deeply.

4   Flight JL360 to Lima is about to depart. All passengers must go to Gate 37 immediately. Flight JL360 passengers to Gate 37, please.

5   The train is now ready to leave. Stand clear of the doors, please. Stand clear of the doors.

6   The next train on platform 6 is not in service. Please do not board this train. Do not board this train. Please take the train which will arrive in five minutes. Next train in five minutes.

Exercise 3

1   Listen to two people producing their own mission statement. Write the ages the suggest:

What age people …

1   have to start school?

2   can leave school?

3   can start work?

4   can drink alcohol at home or in public?

5   are allowed to drive?

6   can vote?

7   are allowed to buy tobacco?

8   retire?

2   Listen again and note down the reasons they give about:

1   starting school

2   driving

3   voting

4   retiring

Answer & Audioscript


1 5   2 16   3 16   4 18   5 16   6 14   7 18   8 50


1   kids are ready to make more friends and do more academic work

2   it encourages people to be more independent

3   it makes people more responsible and think more about what’s going on in the world

4   everyone can enjoy their retirement when they’re still young


Man   Okay, what do you think about this then? When should children start school?

Woman   Well, I think five or six is good … say five. At that age, most kids are ready to make more friends and do more academic work.

Man   How about leaving school?

Woman   Well, I think people should stay in school as long as possible … but you can’t force them … I’d say 16 … and also 16 for starting work.

Man   Yeah, I agree. 16 for leaving school and starting work. How about smoking, drinking, and driving?

Woman   Not all at the same time, I hope! What do you think?

Man   Well, smoking’s not good at any age, is it, but I guess 18 … yes 18, and the same for drinking.

Woman   What? Drinking at home or in public?

Man   Well, I don’t think you can stop people from drinking at home. People can do what they like at home, but in public, let’s say 18.

Woman   Okay, and driving?

Man   Well, driving’s good – it encourages people to be more independent … maybe 16 for driving.

Woman   Yeah, 16 for driving. What about voting?

Man   I think voting should start younger. It makes people more responsible and think more about what’s going on in the world. How about 14?

Woman   14? That’s very young … but okay, 14. What about retiring? 50?

Man   Yes, definitely 50. Everyone should retire at 50 and receive a big fat pension. That way they can enjoy their retirement while they are still young!

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