Exercise 1

1. David and Lana are planning a birthday picnic for their friend Pia. Listen and tick (✓) the things they have already got.

Things for Pia’s Picnic

– pizzas              – crisps

– apples             – water

– fruit juice


– cake                 – blanket

– lemonade       – presents!

2. Listen again. Look at the list in Exercise 1. How much of each food and drink have they got or do they want?

Answer & Audioscript

1   They have already got pizzas, crisps, apples and a blanket. (David has got her present but Lana hasn’t yet.)

2    pizzas – 3 = 24 slices

      crisps – 4 big bags

      apples – 1.5 kilos

      lemonade – 3 litres

      fruit juice – 2 litres

      water – 1 litre


Lana:   Hi, David.

David:   Hi, Lana.

Lana:   Are we ready for Pia’s picnic tomorrow?

David:   I think so. I’ve already got four big bags of crisps and some apples.

Lana:   How many apples did you get?

David:   About a kilo and a half.

Lana:   Perfect. Have you bought the pizzas yet?

David:   Yes, I’ve got three pizzas, that’s twenty-four slices. Have you already done everything on your list?

Lana:   Almost. I haven’t got the drink yet.

David:   Maybe my dad can take us to the supermarket this morning to get some. I’ll ask him. How much are we going to get?

Lana:   Well, we need a variety of drinks, don’t we? How about two litres of lemonade and the same of fruit juice?

David:   Perhaps we need a bit more lemonade.

Lana:   OK, let’s get three litres of that. And we need some water too. I’ll get a litre.

David:   Fine. What are we going to sit on? Have you got a blanket?

Lana:   Good point! My dad’s got an old blanket. It’s about one metre by two metres. I’m sure I can use it.

David:   Perfect!

Lana:   I can text everyone who’s coming, if you like, and ask them to bring blankets, too. Right. Is that all?

David:   Except for the cake! I’ll get a €5 one tomorrow.

Lana:   OK. What present have you bought for Pia?

David:   I’ve got her a necklace from the market.

Lana:   Great idea! I’m going to get her a pair of sunglasses.

David:   Cool! Let me know about the supermarket.

Lana:   Hey, just a minute, we forgot about …

Exercise 2

1. Listen to Marie and Harry talking about a shopping trip. Tick (✓) the things you hear in the conversation.

 a plan for Saturday

 directions to a sports shop

 information about things they have both bought

 a price

 an invitation

 a phone number

 a shopping list

2. Listen again and write one or two words or a number for each answer.

1   Harry bought a pair of ……………… .

2   Harry bought them in a ……………… .

3   Harry spent ……………… euros.

4   Harry’s money was from his ……………… .

5   Marie goes to football matches every ……………… .

6   Marie goes to football matches with her ……………… .

7   Harry has ……………… watched a football match with Marie. 

Answer & Audioscript

1   A, C, D, E

2   1 trainers   2 department store   3 25 / twenty-five

     4 grandad   5 month   6 brother   7 never / not


Marie:   Hey, Harry. So how was your shopping trip last weekend?

Harry:   It was great thanks, Marie. It’s a shame you couldn’t come.

Marie:   Yes, I know. Did you get the jeans that you wanted?

Harry:   Well, I looked in hundreds of shops but I couldn’t find any nice ones, so I bought some trainers instead.

Marie:   Right. Did you get them at that sports shop you always go to?

Harry:   They didn’t have my size, so I got them at that department store.

Marie:   What, that one by the river?

Harry:   Yes, Marley’s. The trainers I got were quite cheap there, too. Only 25 euros. Most of the other trainers in the shop were 50 euros or more.

Marie:   That’s good. Did you buy them with your pocket money from your parents?

Harry:   Actually, it was money that my grandad gave me – I’ve cleaned his car three times this month and he paid me for doing it.

Marie:   Well done, Harry! I wanted to go shopping today, but I haven’t got any money – I’ve spent it all.

Harry:   Oh? What have you bought?

Marie:   A ticket for the football match on Saturday.

Harry:   Oh great. Have you been to a match before?

Marie:   Of course! I go about once a month with my brother.

Harry:   OK! I didn’t know you liked football. We’ve never talked about it before.

Marie:   I like it. Have you ever been, Harry?

Harry:   Never. And I’ve got no money now, so I can’t go this week.

Marie:   Perhaps you can do some more jobs for your grandad and then come with us next time?

Harry:   Yeah, I’d like to.

Exercise 3

1. Listen to Alice talking to her friend Dan about a market in London. Which part of the market did she like most?

2. Listen again. Are these statements right (✓) or wrong (✗)?

 Alice went to Camden Lock Market last Saturday.

 Camden Lock Market is very big.

 You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables in the market.

 Alice ate pizza in the market.

 Alice bought three T-shirts and a handbag.

 Alice’s friend Lisa likes Justin Bieber.

Answer & Audioscript

1   the clothes stalls

2   1 ✗   2 ✓   3 ✗   4 ✗   5 ✓   6


Dan:   Hi Alice. How was your trip to London?

Alice:   Hi Dan. We had a great time. We saw Buckingham Palace and went to the Science Museum on Saturday, but the best part was when we went to Camden Lock Market on Sunday.

Dan:   Oh yeah, that’s famous, isn’t it?

Alice:   Yes, there were hundreds of stalls and shops. In fact, I think there are more than 1,000 because there’s a big market building and then other places in the streets around it.

Dan:   Wow, that’s enormous! What do they sell there?

Alice:   Well, it isn’t like a typical fruit and vegetable market, you know. There aren’t stalls selling food to take home to cook, just food stalls selling dishes to eat there, like hot dogs, hamburgers or pizzas. We had Mexican food for lunch. It was delicious! There are some shops that famous people, like rock stars, have opened, which are really cool. There’s music everywhere.

Dan:   So what did you like best in the market?

Alice:   The clothes stalls! You know I love shopping for clothes, so that was great. I found really cheap T-shirts, and I bought three. I’ve got one for you! And I found a really cool green handbag. I’ll show it to you. There were antique stalls as well, selling jewellery. I got a ring for my sister’s birthday present and a lovely necklace for me.

Dan:   So you spent a lot of money!

Alice:   Well, I only had five pounds left at the end of that day and I bought a poster with that. I went into a music shop where there was fantastic music and they had posters of bands and singers. I bought one of Justin Bieber. I’m going to give it to my friend Lisa because he’s her favourite singer.

Dan:   I think Justin Bieber is amazing, too!

Alice:   Anyway, why don’t you come to my house after school and I can give you your T-shirt?

Dan:   Great!

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