Exercise 1

1   Listen to this conversation about TV sports. Answer the questions.

1   What is the relationship between the speakers?

2   What sport does each speaker want to watch?

2   Listen again. What reasons does each person give for liking their sport?

Answer & Audioscript


1   father and daughter

2   father – golf; daughter – football


father: skillful and precise, exciting especially near the end of a game

daughter: more exciting, faster and more aggressive; she likes some of the players


Kelly   Hi, Dad. What are you watching?

Charlie   Oh, it’s just a soap opera. But a golf game is on in a minute!

Kelly   Golf! I wanted to watch the football game. It’s much better. And, Dad, I can’t believe you’re watching a soap opera!

Charlie   I’m not really watching the soap opera; I’m just waiting for the golf game. And I think golf’s better than football. It’s very skillful and precise. It’s often very exciting, especially near the end of the game.

Kelly   Football’s much more exciting. It’s faster and more aggressive … and I really like some of the players. I hate golf. It’s boring.

Charlie   But I never watch what I want.

Kelly   I don’t either. Maybe you should get me my own TV, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

Charlie   Yeah, great idea. I’ll tell your mother.

Kelly   Wow! Really? Fantastic! Thanks, Dad. Wow – a TV, just for me!

Charlie   Yeah, but don’t think you’re going to watch TV when you should be doing your homework!

Exercise 2

1   Listen to three people talking about sports events. What is the sport in each case?

2   Listen again and complete the table.


Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3




Tiger Woods

Ellen MacArthur






Why was it special?





Where was speaker?





Speaker’s reaction





Other people’s reaction





Answer & Audioscript


Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3




Tiger Woods

Ellen McArthur



Soccer World Cup, 2002: Senegal beat France

Woods won the Masters for the first time, 1997

She became the fastest woman to sail around the world, 2005

Why was it special?


Everyone in Africa wanted Senegal to win, but no one thought they could. A lot of the Senegalese players were playing for the French league.

Because like Woods, she is part Thai, part black American.

Because Ellen is a friend of her cousin’s.

Where was speaker?


An African bar



Speaker’s reaction


Thrilled. He couldn’t believe it.

Excited, moved, proud

Moved. She cried.

Other people’s reaction


Everyone went crazy

Everyone went out into the streets, shouting and honking horns.

Everyone cheered like mad.


The most memorable sporting event for me … it would have to be when Senegal beat France in the World Cup – soccer, I mean … in 2002. It was only the first round, but it was so exciting. I couldn’t believe it. I was watching the game in an African bar and, … when they won, everyone went crazy … I was thrilled. I think everybody in Africa was watching that game, and everyone wanted Senegal to win, but we didn’t think they really could beat France! A lot of the Senegalese players were playing for the French League at the time, so it was just … fantastic … one of the best moments of my life. I’ll never forget it.


Well, I’ll never forget when Tiger Woods won the Masters for the first time … I think it was 1997. I’m not that into golf but … I’m mixed race like him, Thai and black American – plus a few other things, which is really unusual, so … I was staying with my sister in Bangkok and when the news came through, everyone went out into the street, shouting and honking their horns. We were so excited … and … yeah, moved. It was just the greatest feeling … we were really proud. It was a very exciting time to be in Thailand.


Well, it’s quite a personal thing really … it was when Ellen McArthur completed her solo non-stop round the world trip … you know the … sailing … it was February 2005 … I’ll always remember it like it was yesterday. I don’t sail. In fact, I don’t know very much about sailing or boats, but Ellen is a friend of my cousin’s … so we all went down to Cornwall and we were all there … waiting … loads of family and friends … and when she crossed the finishing line in her trimaran, B&Q … and became the fastest woman to sail on her own round the world … everyone cheered like mad. It was so moving I cried. Imagine sailing round the world by yourself.

Exercise 3

Listen to a conversation about booking a badminton court. Circle the correct ending for each statement.

1   The man books a court for … .

a   Thursday afternoon

b   Saturday morning

c   Wednesday evening

2   The man books the court for … .

a   9 p.m.

b   11:15 a.m.

c   8.30 a.m.

3   The badminton court costs … .

a   $35

b   $25

c   $15

4   New Town leisure center is the … .

a   most convenient in the area

b   oldest in the area

c   newest in the area

5   The man books court number … .

a   13

b   3

c   30

6   The man books a … .

a   normal-sized court

b   big court

c   small court

7   The center accepts … .

a   cash and check only

b   cash, check, and debit card

c   cash, check, and credit card

8   The man pays … .

a   by check

b   cash

c   by debit card

Answer & Audioscript

1 b   2 c   3 a   4 c   5 b   6 b   7 b   8 a


A   Good morning.

B   Good morning, I’d like to book a badminton court for Wednesday evening.

A   OK, we have 8 p.m., or 9 p.m.

B   Do you have anything earlier?

A   I’m sorry, we don’t.

B   Well, how about Saturday morning?

A   The earliest is 8:30 a.m. and the latest is 11:15 a.m.

B   8:30 is the best time for me … how much does it cost?

A   For 45 minutes it costs $35.

B   $35!! That’s the most expensive badminton court I’ve ever heard of!

A   Well, sir, New Town is the newest leisure center in this area and we have the most modern equipment and the best facilities.

B   Oh, OK, then. I’ll book it.

A   Well, then you can have court number three – it’s the biggest court. It’s also the nearest to the locker room.

B   Oh, great, thanks very much. How can I pay?

A   You can pay by cash, check, or debit card. I’m afraid we don’t accept credit cards.

B   I’ll pay cash, oh wait, I don’t have any. I’ll pay by check.

A   OK then. Thank you sir.

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