Exercise 1

1. Listen to Maddie talking about her morning routine. Number the photos in the order that you hear them.

2. Can you remember Maddie’s routine? Complete the sentences with the times in the box. You don’t need to use all the times.

6.00      6.30      6.45      6.50      7.00      7.10

7.15      7.30      7.40      8.00      8.10

1   My alarm goes off at …………… .

2   I get up at …………… .

3   I clean my teeth at …………… .

4   I get dressed at …………… .

5   I prepare my school bag at …………… .

6   I put my shoes on and leave home at …………… .

Answer & Audioscript

 A 2   B 7   C 5   D 3   E 8   F 10   G 1   H 6   I 9   J 4

 1 6.30   2 6.45   3 7.00   4 7.15   5 7.30   6 7.40


Maddie:   Hello everyone, it’s me, Maddie! Welcome to another video. Don’t forget to click the ‘like’ button if you enjoy watching it!

Today I’m talking about my morning routine on a school day. OK, so … my alarm goes off really early – at half past six. I wake up and turn on my phone. I always check my messages in the morning. I get up at about a quarter to seven and go downstairs for breakfast. I sometimes have toast and butter, but I’m having cereal and fruit today! It’s healthy and tastes great.

At about seven o’clock, I go upstairs to wash my face and clean my teeth. I don’t usually have a shower in the morning. I prefer to do that in the evening.

Then at about a quarter past seven, I choose my clothes and get dressed. I usually wear my uniform, but I’m not wearing my uniform today. We’ve got a trip this afternoon, so at the moment I’m wearing my favourite T-shirt and a pair of black jeans.

After I get dressed, I brush my hair. Then I tidy my room and check the time. It’s usually about 7.30. Time to prepare my school bag! Today I’m not taking many books with me!

At twenty to eight, I put on my shoes, and I’m ready to go to school. OK, I’m leaving the house now. Bye. See you later!

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the radio show. You will hear a woman asking six students about getting up in the morning. Match each student to the correct tip. There is one tip you do not need.

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3

Student 4

Student 5

Student 6

Tip A

Tip B

Tip C

Tip D

Tip E

Tip F

Tip G

Answer & Audioscript

Student 1 Tip C

Student 2 Tip E

Student 3 Tip G

Student 4 Tip B

Student 5 Tip A

Student 6 Tip F


Alice:   Hello, I’m Alice Brown and you’re listening to Radio Gold. Today we’re talking about getting up in the morning. For some people, it’s really difficult! So, are there ways to make it easier? Well, I’m at Wilson School to find out. With me are some students from class 3B. Now, can I start with you? Tell me about your routine. What’s your tip for a perfect morning?

Girl 1:   Well, my alarm clock goes off at seven and I leave the house at half past. My tip is that when your alarm goes off, get up immediately. Don’t lie in bed checking your messages! Open the curtains and make the room really bright. That will wake you up and make you feel good.

Alice:   Thanks! And what’s your tip?

Boy 1:   Well, before I have my shower or have my breakfast, I do some exercise. I do some star jumps, or maybe a bit of yoga. I never feel tired after that.

Alice:   OK, sounds good. And do you have another tip for us?

Girl 2:   Yes! My favourite tip is to put your alarm clock on the other side of the room. I always do that! If it’s next to me, I switch if off and go back to sleep.

Alice:   Great. And what about you?

Boy 2:   I get up at about seven and have a shower. Then I tidy my room and go downstairs for breakfast. I always have some orange juice and that really helps me to wake up!

Alice:   OK, well that’s easy. And how about you?

Girl 3:   Well, my tip is to have a cold shower in the morning. The first time you do it, it’s quite difficult, but it makes you feel amazing. Then have a good breakfast after your shower and it’s the perfect start to the day.

Alice:   Ooh, I’m not sure about that one! But thank you. OK, we’ve got time for one more. Tell me about your tip.

Boy 3:   Well, when I’m having my breakfast, I always do a puzzle. Sometimes it’s a Sudoku and sometimes a crossword. It makes me think hard and after that, I don’t feel tired any more.

Alice:   That’s a really unusual idea! Well thanks everyone for your excellent tips. And we’d love to hear more from our listeners. Just send a text or email to … [fade]

Exercise 3

1. Listen to the conversation between Jasmine and George. Where are they?


2. Listen again. Who says what? Write ‘J’ (Jasmine) or ‘G’ (George).

1   I’m shopping for my parents.

2   I thought you always play football on Saturday afternoon.

3   There isn’t any football today.

4   Well, actually, I love chips too.

5   I like chocolate, but I don’t eat it often.

6   I never eat chocolate.

3. Listen again and choose the correct answers.

1   Jasmine’s mum is working / on holiday at the moment.

2   The people in the football team are at home / on holiday.

3   George’s sister wants to make eggs / go to university.

4   George’s sister wants to have lunch at 1.15 / 1.30 pm.

5   Jasmine wants to buy biscuits / chocolate.

6   Jasmine’s dad likes / doesn’t like chocolate.

Answer & Audioscript

1   They’re in a shop / supermarket.

2   1 J   2 J   3 G   4 G   5 G   6 J

3   1 working   2 on holiday   3 make eggs   4 1.30   5 chocolate   6 likes


Jasmine:   Hi, George!

George:   Oh, hello, Jasmine! What are you doing here?

Jasmine:   I’m shopping for my parents. They usually go to the supermarket at weekends, but this week my mum is away for work and my dad is too busy.

George:   That’s a pity. Where’s your mum?

Jasmine:   She’s in Canada. She says it’s really cold there. So, why are you here? Don’t you always play football on Saturday afternoon?

George:   There isn’t any football today. Everyone in the team is on holiday.

Jasmine:   Oh, right. So, why are you here? You hate the supermarket!

George:   Yeah, I do. I’m getting some eggs. My sister is home from university and she wants to cook. She wants to make eggs and chips. She loves them! Well, actually, I love chips too.

Jasmine:   And I like eggs! What time does she want to have lunch?

George:   At half past one.

Jasmine:   You haven’t got much time then!

George:   I know. So, what are you buying?

Jasmine:   Oh, lots of things. I’m getting bread, apples, eggs – and some chocolate.

George:   I like chocolate, but I don’t eat it often. I prefer biscuits.

Jasmine:   I never eat chocolate, but my dad eats it every day. Well, I’ve got to go now. I’ve got lots of things to buy.

George:   See you at school on Monday.

Jasmine:   Bye.

Exercise 4

1. Listen to an interview with Martha Dirksen about a Paralympic sport. What sport does she do?

2. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   How old is Martha?

2   Where is the court?

3   What does she want to be in one day?

4   What has her sports hero got?

5   Where is David Wagner from?

6   Does Martha play tennis on Tuesdays?

7   Does Martha rest at weekends?

Answer & Audioscript

1   wheelchair tennis

2   1 11 years old   2 near the/her school   3 the Paralympic Games

      4 he has a lot of medals   5 the United States

      6 no, she doesn’t   7 no, she has competitions


Interviewer:   Welcome back to our show Young Athletes. Today we are talking to eleven-year-old Matha Dirksen. How are you Marth?

Martha:   I’m fine, thanks. It’s nice to be here.

Interviewer:   So Martha, you love playing tennis, right?

Martha:   I do! I practise almost every day. There’s a court near my school.

Interviewer:   Martha is a special tennis player. Martha plays wheelchair tennis, and she dreams of being in the Paralympic Games one day. Isn’t that right, Martha?

Martha:   Yes, that’s right.

Interviewer:   Is it difficult to play wheelchair tennis?

Martha:   Well, I’m used to it but, yes, it is difficult sometimes.

Interviewer:   To play wheelchair tennis, players need to move their wheelchairs quickly on the court and hit the ball too!

Martha:   You do make it sound difficult.

Interviewer:   Do you have any sports heroes, Martha?

Martha:   Yes! I think David Wagner is amazing! He has lots of medals.

Interviewer:   True. David Wagner is from the United States and he is one of the best wheelchair tennis players in the world.

Martha:   He is! He’s a really strong player. He gets up early every day to play tennis.

Interviewer:   How about you? Do you get early every day to play tennis?

Martha:   Well, I get up at half past six to get ready for school. I have breakfast at eight o’clock and then I take the bus to school. After school, I have tennis practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I usually get home at about five o’clock.

Interviewer:   Wow! I get tired just listening to your day! What do you do at weekends?

Martha:   Uhhh … Not much. I have competitions at the weekend.

Interviewer:   Well, let’s hope we see you in the Paralympic Games one day.

Martha:   I hope so!

Interviewer:   That’s all the time we have today. Many thanks for joining us Martha and good luck to you.

Martha:   Thank you.

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